University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are wonderful students who are in situations similiar to myself; we are all trying to figure out what in the world we want to do for the rest of our lives and how we fit in to today's world.


My classmates at UW-Green Bay include both "traditional" and returning adult students, and they are people from a variety of racial, ethnic, economic, cultural, and social backgrounds.


My fellow students at the time I attended my Undergraduate schooling were best described as questioning. There were a few that were talented future professionals. In the art world these future professionals would rise to the top, the rest would wash out quickly in the "real ART world".


Classmates in UWGB are diverse and no two people are alike.


My classmates are very engaged in their schoolwork while still enjoying the college experience.


My classmates here at UW-Green Bay seem to be frustrated because of the tuition costs, and the lack of jobs that await them after graduation.


My classmates are engaging and interested in the topics we study. As I take more upper level courses, the camaraderie between other students and I has become more prevalent. Their input is very important to my studies and has helped to enhance my learning.


My classmates were helpful and friendly. They wer also active in class during disscutions and projects.


The students are mainly middle to upperclass caucasians.


My classmates are silly, crazy when stressed, always stressed, and above all interesting.


My classmates are very hard working, outgoing, and willing to become your friend at the drop of a hat.


My classmates are generally helpful and friendly.


active students.