University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


360 degrees of learning, an education that is all around worth it. Becoming a critical thinker and creative problem solver by looking at problems from multiple perspectives. Applying classroom and online learning through internships, research and independent study. Follow your personal path to a great career. Engaging with exceptional faculty and internationally recognized scholars who care about your college and career path.


Being environmentally safe, enviromental science, unique blend of professors, men's and women's basketball program




My school is best known for its beautiful, green campus. The setting is so relaxed and calm. It's so peaceful and quiet, and there's so much green space. The school is also environmentally friendly in many ways. Some of the floors are made from recycled materials.


Our womens basket ball program.


UWGB is known for its environmental science and business programs as well as its relation to the communities surrounding the school. The arboretum surrounds the school and is a great place to realize how close to nature you actually are, as well as all the buildings now have wireless internet. Our campus housing is also know throughout the UW system as the only that has bathrooms in all the rooms, and our tunnels between the academic buildings, which are very nice in the WI weather!


the environment


My school is best known for its D1 sports teams. I am not big into sports, so it frustrates me because I am here for the education, not sport games. Our school is also known for elite and well knowledged professors who have great connections in their field of study. Communications, Businesss, Psychology and Education are among the top majors that students come here for, so that is definitely on the top.




My school is best known for it's men's and women's basketball teams. Both our teams are really good and talented. The community also takes a big role in going to see the games which is cool because the teams are not just campus based.