University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

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It was close to home so I could still work my full time job. I didn't have to worry about moving and having to find a new job.


My college is just far enough away from home, so that I'm not going home every weekend. It's far enough away to get some distance from my family. An actual feature my college has is a heated tunnel system. The tunnels come in handy for unpredictable weather.


The personal attention and smaller class size was most useful to me.


Green Bay is a fairly big city, but the campus here has a country feel to it. There are so many trees and wildlife that it feels like it's a forest.


The class size is generally very small so professors teach more directly to individual students. Also it was much cheaper overall than most other schools.


It's Green, and most of the campus has a clean, organized feel to it. The campus itself is gorgeous, and the atmosphere is confident and collected.


... it's in the woods. There are bathrooms in the dorms.


My school is in just outside a city with a metropolitan area of 250,000 people, but it is not reflected in the campus. The campus is filled with nature, and the bay can be seen from the trails or higher floors of certain buildings. Also, we are very environmentally responsible, and have one of the cleanest campuses around. There are many bins for recycling in the hallways and we are even encouraged to use the blow-dryers in the restrooms to save on paper towels. We also have underground tunnels between our buildings, so it's great in winter.


class selection


This school was close to home, I got to keep my jobs and stay at home my first semester.


There are bathrooms in all of the dorm rooms


The relationship between professors, staff, and students is very different than other schools. Other schools you feel like a number and no one cares if you do well or not. At UW-Green Bay, my professors take the time to get to know me and what options fit me the best and correspond with what I want to do with my future. Whether it is the Bursar's office, the Dean of Students, Advising, or your professors; they all care about you as an individual, not a number.


Our school is a very green campus that offers great living arrangements for students, tunnels to all acedemic buildings, and great nature paths surrounding the entire campus.


UWGB has a better overall program compared to other schools. I'm learning so many more angles of my major that I couldn't get else where.