University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wants a sense of community, but still wants to experiece a small city should attend this college.


Students wishing to receive a well-rounded liberal arts education from some of the best professors around, who enjoy a campus surrounded by beautiful nature settings, should definetly attend UW-Green Bay!


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who love science. UWGB is a science school and is also known for it's nursing program. So anything that is related to the medical feild is a strong point at UWGB. Also someone who likes to have a medium size school that is kinda of secluded and not in the middle of the city.


Anyone who is looking for a career and is determined to get an education would go great at UWGB. The school is very welcoming and offers a wide variety of majors and minors. Many people who want to be at a university should attend this school. You have to want to put time into your work and expand your comfort zone because college comes with a lot of new experiences. Open minded students usually adapt to the school better and really get a lot out of it.


Someone who wants to better their education should attend UW-GB. They have excellent programs and an excellent campus. They also work well with the community so a student who wants to work with the community has a great chance of doing this while attending UW-GB. Any type of person can attend UW-GB because there is a spot for everyone there.


The person should be dedicated to their education. They should become social with other students, but avoid any social functions which would interfere with their studying. They should also be open-minded, helpful, honest and willing to work with others.


I don't think there is a specific type of person that should attend this school. I think anybody with a readiness to learn and willing to meet new people who may be friends for a lifetime can succeed at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.


Someone who prefers a genuine, community feel to a big party school. UW Green Bay isn't much for a party scene, but you'll meet great people who are intelligent, friendly, and fun to talk to.


A positive and open-minded person that is willing to do a little more to get the work done should attend UWGB.


A social person who values academics as much as their social life.


anyone who wants to


Anyone who is looking for a transition school or is afraid of the large university living. It's great for incoming freshman and for people who do not like large groups of people. Also those who like a variety in activities available. Those who are unsure of which major they prefer would also benefit from UWGB.


The type of person who should attend college at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay is one who doesn't mind a quiet campus on the weekend, enjoys being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and who can stand the cold and snow that comes in the winter. This college is also good for someone who wants to receive a quality education , and doesn't mind studying and reading to achieve their goal. This is a fantastic school where most people will fit right in. :)