University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone and anyone is accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. There are so many groups that anyone can join and you are guarantteed to make friends. I don't believe that any kind of persoon shouldn't attend this University.


Those who do not like a smaller community and class size or those who do not like the cold as winter in Wisconsin can be daunting. Those who prefer to have extensive social interaction on-campus, most students are commute.


I can not see anyone that wouldn't love this school, but I suppose someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't appreciate the environment or nature's beauty.


A person should not attend this school if they are looking to live in a big city or close to town. UWGB is a more secluded school and isn't near the inner parts of the actual city. Green Bay is not a large city either.


People who should not go are the people who are unwilling and expect it to be a party for four years. College is an amazing experience but some people do not see how special their time at the unversity is. I feel poeple that think college is just something that is expected of them or if they just think their is nothing else, should re-think before going to school. College is a personal decision and should be taken seriously, others who do not see it that way should not attend this school.


UW-Green Bay is a beautiful campus; however, someone looking for nightlife and parties may be disappointed. Unlike, UW-Eau Claire, this campus does not have multiple bars within walking distance from campus.


Someone who does not believe in doing assigned readings and working in groups should not attend this school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is a student who does not hold the drive, passion and determination to accomplish the goals they have set out for themselves. You need to be extremely organized and learn how to manage your time well. Being attentive and actively prepared for lecture and discussion is a crucial part of the learning experience, here at my school.


One that likes to party.


Anyone who doesn't want to have a good future, money wise, or anyone who has a better knowledge and would do better elsewhere