University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about attending the University of Green Bay was having to meet their eligibility requirements after having been out of high school for five years. I had no intention of returning to college while in high school and therefore earned enough math or science credits; I had to go to NWTC to complete the general education requirements before I could attend UWGB.


The most frustrating part about UWGB is that it is all by itself. If you need to get ot the store you can't walk you have to drive. This is a hassle for someone who doesn't have a car because getting places if kind of difficult, unless you take the bus


Once again, the fact that you have to drive to get anywhere because it is so secluded. We are trying to be a green campus, so it's frustrating that students have to drive to do anything "off campus."


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they don't have a Track/Field, Football, or Baseball program. The three sports that I participated in in high school are not part of this school. It's depressing, especially when I could have used either three of those sports to help pay for school. Also, I feel like our school could use a little more school spirit, and these programs would definitely expose more oppotunities for school spirit.


The university is located in an isolated area. There are not many activities to do near campus.


The only problem I have with UW-Green Bayis that its removed from the city of Green Bay. Most stores, resturants, and entertainment it far from it.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how everybody is required to have an interdisciplinary major or minor, forcing some students to adopt a double major or minor that do not particularly want.


There's really nothing wrong with my school. I guess it would be that I didn't know about an underground tunnel to get to buildings till my sophmore year.


I have had one professor four times in the last two semesters. I don't like the way he teaches and my grades reflect that.


It is far from shopping centers or restaurants... it's kind of in the woods, which is nice for walks but hard for grocery or supply shopping if you don't have a car.


Distance from town


academic advising


It is so far away from stores or anything fun to do so you need a car to get anywhere.


The cost of food is very high on campus.


That people go home every weekend


Its hard to get to know people sometimes, since everyone is self concience. Also, the registering for classes for spring term is quite frustrating.