University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Getting a hands education that prepares you for your career after beyond just a text book. This allows you get experience which will be exptremely valuable when applying for jobs. The faculty who are always available to assist you in guinding and planning your education path. Professors who are willing to help and are there to make sure you succeed. Having professors you are accessible is extremely important because in many courses you need additional help to succeed.


The best thing at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are the wooded trails around campus.


I have two favorite things about my school. First, I love the Green Bay campus. It is very environmentally friendly and it is just overall a beautiful place to live. The other great thing about UWGB is that it has an interdisciplinary approach to learning. This allows me to become more specialized within my field. For instance, for my information science major, I take multiple computer science courses to become more specialized in the field. Also, I am able to do multiple minors to I have chosen to minor in Computer Science and Spanish.


Quality of the education I received.


There are many great things about my school, however I feel that the many opportunities a student has is the best thing about the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay. There are many clubs and activities throughout the school year such as After Hours in the Union, a Gamer's Club where we play games like Magic and Munchkin. There are also many opportunities for majors, ranging from Biology and Chemistry to Theatre and Music. The campus itself also has many opportunities to explore nature and the outdoors through the trails on campus.


The flexibility of the proffessors to help their students.


Flexibility in options for taking on-line courses as well as in classroom courses during the same semester.


Friendly, helpfull and I just always wanted to go there! They are giving me what I need in classes in the least amount of time I need to complete my degree!


The best thing about UWGB is the teacher student relationship. I like how the classrooms are not too big or too small. Most of the time the professor knows who thier students are and helps their students with anything they need.


I think the best thing about my school are the nature trails that surround the campus. They provide a great place to get away from the stress of school and are beautiful during the fall.


I like the campus environment. It is set away from the city and has a wonderful set of walking trails. Its very nature oriented and gives the school a feel of being "green".


That it is in a woodsy area and not too close to a bustling city full of people. The dorms are awesome.


I think that the best thing about my school is that the professors are really open to their students. They care and are willing to help their students when and if they need it.


The campus isn't too far away from my home.


It's big enough to offer several majors and give you the college feeling, but it's small enough so that you don't feel like just a number.


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin Green Bay is that it is a small campus that is outside the city. This is a good quality, becuase students are allowed to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and not be cooped up in a college in the middle of the city. Having the chance to go to a smaller school the professors are able to get to know their students and are always there if anyone has a question. These reasons make going to school in Green Bay a great experience.