University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse is a welcoming atmosphere, where there is a plethora of academic and social opportunites for students to find success.


The school is diverse, friendly, and many opportunities are available to students on and off campus.


A very inclusive place where people who work hard will get the reward they deserve.


La Crosse is relatively small four year university with a involved student body along with numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities.


My school allows my to have the opportunity to grow as an individual while I earn a degree from highly-qualified professors for a career of my dreams.


The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse offers awesome opportunities ranging from high-ranking educational programs, countless clubs/organizations, a compact campus, a beautiful view of the bluffs, intramural sports, and a friendly student body.


My school is a very well accredited school and I enjoy is very much.


UW-L is an active , modest, and outdoorsy school.


My school is very welcoming with so many oppotrunities to succeed and be a leader. The professors truely care about me as a person and want to connect with me on a personal level. Whether that be during office hours or tutoring center, they care.


UW-La Crosse is the perfect mix of everything, it is where I belong.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a very diverse school and a campus where you cannot walk anywhere without passing one person you know.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a physically active campus filled with students involved in their community and focused on academics.


My school is among the best. I have many friends, some of them are even Professors. The class sizes are perfect, and allow relationships to develop between students and instructors. I am involved as a hall council member for my dorm, which has allowed me to experience the more technical side of college living. I am in a well maintained and newer dorm that is comfortable, and affordable. The people are the best, the food however, can only be described as mediocre.


The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse has more opportunities than I thought possible.


My school is enchanting, and full of what appears to be endless opportunities.


It's a perfect blend of fun and focus.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a school where students are able to gain a well rounded education that includes: challenging acedmics, social life, healthy and active student body, and a place where students to explore who they really are.


The things that separate the University of Wisconsin La Crosse from other campuses is that the students can be very social and enjoy the the outside environement/fairgrounds when now a days much of that is done over social media with no physical contact while also dedicating your time to studies.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a gorgeous campus filled with a population of active, caring, and friendly students, as well as professors who are very knowledgeable about the subjects which they teach, and focus on the success of their students.


My school is a very diverse school and have really beautiful bluffs surrounding it.


The culture created by the University of Wisconsin La Crosse is one of acceptance and support of any person's future goals and dreams through the use of knowledge, emotional support, and networking resources.


UWL is a school that is very excepting of everyone and all of the professors want the best for their students.


Friendly and beautiful campus with professors and students that are willing to go out of their way to help one another.




My school has two main emphases, fitness and education, and if you were to ask students which one was primary, you would get fifty-fifty results guaranteed.


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is an exciting and welcoming community that not only provides you with an education from a broad range of majors that will give you a solid future, but it also surrounds you with the right opportunities, people and collegues that will impact and change your life long after you graduate from this college.


The community is a very active and outgoing one and very easy to become a part of.


I am a friendly ,goal oriented person, involed in activites like marching band and also have a love for science.


UW-La Crosse is a remarkably beautiful campus filled with friendly students and staff, which provides a "home" feel, as well as a sense of belonging.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is an active campus with a wide range of friendly people who are open to the many diverse opportunities and activities offered to students.


I really enjoy my freshman year at UW-L and all of the campus community clubs and intramural sports activites that are available.


La Crosse is a highly active campus that encourages everyone to, not only do well in class, but get involved in extracurriculars.


UW- Lacrosse is a college that I feel anyone can fit in at!


In one sentence I would describe UWL like this: If you want a cozy, hometown feel while still having "downtown" opportunites than this is the place for you.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse really is a great school for academics, sports, socialization, and the environment and vibe of your peers is the most welcoming feeling I've ever experienced.


The University of La Crosse is absolutely amazing in many ways: the people are welcoming and friendly, the academics are challenging but not impossible, the programs are varied, andthe campus is beautiful.


UW-La Crosse is a school that makes every student feel at home.


UW-L is a fun loving, active, friendly place where you will learn everything you need for yur career...and then some!


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is beautiful and the students are very involved on campus and within the community to make the local area a better place to live.


UW-La Crosse is a great mid-sized school located in Wisconsin with a smaller campus and friendly people.


It is a very fun, physically fit, active campus with lots of things going on.


It is a very well rounded school that focuses on a variety of things such as academics, social life, career path, athletics, recreation, religion, and enjoying yourself.


I absolutely love my school! It is definitely the place for me. There is a strong focus on academics; however, the social life and the activity of students is also important.


My school is a lot of fun people are friendly and the faculty makes it fun to learn. It is also very competitive


It's my favorite place to be. I started out as a Political Science major, and have now added majors in Public Administration and History. I just can't get enough. I have learned more at UW-L than I ever could have imagined.


My school is an outgoing, very friendly enviorment, that has a "just right" feel to it, not too small, but not too big, with fabulous festivales like Oktoberfest, and goregous background of the bluffs, its a great place to go to school.


La Crosse is a community of motivated and healthy young people striving to learn and to grow up to be experts in whatever field each of them desires.


The professors are helpful and the classes are challenging but not too hard.


My school's main focus in education is the physical education and medicine, and mixed in with that is an artistic view on life.


great school for students who want to have the ability to get to know others in their class as well as the professors who teach the courses.