University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very eager to learn and have great study habits. In some of my classes I have noticed that if it is a general requirement class these qualities can often be absent. This is because some of these classes do not draw peoples interest or do not relate to their majors.


My classmates are hard-working and care about their grades, but still like to enjoy the college experience.


My classmates are helpful and determined. Each one is hard working for the most part and are willing to help their fellow classmate.


My classmates at UW- La Crosse have proven to be the kindest, most caring, diverse, intelligent, and fun group of people I have ever had the honor of interacting with.


They are all very physically active.


I have not attended any classes yet at UWL, but I have attended tours and orientation. My future classmates are accepting, understanding, and have sympathy that all incoming freshaman are nervous for what is coming in the future.


My classmates are fun-loving, open people with a focused direction for their college careers.


They are really helpful and willing to help.


Each one of the classmates I have met so far at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse have been very driven and friendly.


My classmates seemed to be as focused in their studies as I was. Discussions in class were very productive, with many people participating. With everyone doing their best work, it made for good competition that pushed everyone to become better in their studies.


My classmates are energetic and active in the community.


My classmates are friendly and open to meeting new people, studious and hardworking, and the moajority of people I know are very involved with the activities held on campus.


My classmates care about their education.


They are all nice to me even though I don't know most of them.


My classmates are all driven, with the strong ability to succeed in whatever they set their hearts on.


My fellow classmates are driven and competitive, though many of them are kind-hearted and have good natured hearts which is similar to myself and my friends.


I would generally describe my classmates as academically driven, passionate about their chosen field and motivated to make a difference.


With the diversity at my current school my classmates are all driven and ambitous students. We push eachother to excel and do well in every aspect of the college life. We all work together for a common cause, to do well in school and learn from our expirences and time at our school.


Very outgoing, happy, and always willing to chill with you and be your friend.


Hard working ,goal orientated people that are easy to become friends, study with, and hang out with outside of class with.


My classmates are extremely focused with their studies, I always see students either in the library studying or in study group working together. My fellow students also know how to relax. We have a Recreational Center where you can join different athletic groups or go to the Cartwright Center to pick out one of the many clubs we have to join. The students here are good to their community whether its volunteering to pick up litter or Trick or Treating for cans at Halloween. My classmates are extremely diverse in their cultures and they share different celebrations with each other.


All of the people that I have had the priviledge of sitting next to in class have been extremely nice and welcoming. They are always willing to help and answer questions or borrow notes to you if you need them. I have never had any problems with my peers being mean or unwilling to help with questions.


The students at UW-L are all very open, outgoing, and friendly toward new people.


My classmates are useful and friendly. Students of all ages and grade levels communicate and work together. Many elective classes like spanish classes have students from all grades. Most students are very willing to form study groups or help you with missed notes and other homework.


My classmates can be described as the rainbow, because students come from all different backgrounds and work ethic; I have had students who do not work at all and decide to party instead of do their work, but I have also seen students who dedicate their whole life to school so in other words there are a wide variety of students, which also shows that the University allows many types of students to attend there, giving all sorts of people the opprotunities the University has to offer.


They're just really cool people. It's not uncommon for a group of us to be hanging out in the study area, or working on projects together.


My classmates are bright but probably have a hard time with motivation.


Every Student here has a unique style. You can walk around campus and everyone can be described with some unique feature. The people are very friendly.


My classmates are both helpful and friendly, and they are always willing to spend a little extra time studying if someone does not understand something.


They are good natured, athletic, smart, helpful, funny, go getting people.


My classmates are sure of who they are, their beliefs and values, but are still willing and open to exploring who they are and who they want to become.


My classmates are usually eager to learn and ready to work for the most part when they come to class. I feel like the majority of my classmates are the same as me when it comes to academic acheivement, learning styles, etc.


My classates help be understand material when I don't understand it and are fun to hang out with.


My classmates are highly motivated and involved in the UW-L and La Crosse community.


loud, but fun


My classmates are my support, my teachers, my students and my friends.


My classmates are willing to help out each other and have a good time together.


They are energetic and responsible, but also like to have a good time.




There is a wide variety among my classmates depending upon what class I am in: if they are in my major courses, then they are very focused people who know what they want to do and work hard to achieve it, but if they are in my general education classes they are not nearly as focused and do not care nearly as much.


Students are pretty athletic, laid-back, like to drink, and liberal.


My classmates are friendly, intelligent, and ready to learn.


Classmates vary depending upon the individual and the class. Sometimes, individuals are very friendly and you meet a new friend to study with, and othertimes, usually during lectures, individuals simply show up to class and do the requied tasks but do not interact more than necessary.