University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its athletic programs


Being scenic and active.


I would say my school is best known for their dedication to students. Staff here at UWL is extremely helpful and care about the students they are working with. They want us to be successful and will do everything in their power to help us get there.


The Univeristy of Wisconsin La Crosse is known for being an active campus. Everyone here is involved and very friendly. There are many opportunites to be active not only academically, but also physically.




The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is best known for the drinking and partying. The annual celebration of Oktoberfest to celebrate German culture is more known for a weekend of partying and drinking. There is a negative connotation associated with UWL because of the drinking and partying atmosphere.


University of Wisconsin La Crosse is best known for their athletics. Physical Therapy and Athletic training are two biggest careers people are going for here.


UW La Crosse is well known for his diverse campus with a wide range of activities to get involved in. This school is nationally ranked as the best in the midwest based on the opportunties to succeed that it gives along with reasonable costs. The campus is athletic and surrounded by lush bluffs and marshes. We take pride in who we are and what we stand for. Nothing stands in our way to succeeding but ourseles.


UW-La Crosse is best known for its programs in Physical and Occupational Therapy. It is also very well known for its location overlooking Grandad Bluff and NCAA Division III Champion men's track and field team.


UW-La Crosse is best known for it's active campus. No matter the weather there are always people running or exercising. Once the snow melts and the temperature raises, everyone on campus is outside. People are always playing games like frisbee or football. We are also active in our thoughts and emotions. If someone sees something on campus that they believe reflects our campus poorly, they feel comfortable doing something to stop it. At UW-La Crosse we do not believe in letting live pass you by, we are active and jump right into life.


UW-L has received a multitude of awards for outstanding achievements including the rank of Third Best Public Regional University in the Midwest, among others. Even still, the school is known most for it's outstanding diversity. The University received the 2013 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award for its various clubs and groups that support diversity.




The Athletic Training Program, as well as our wonderful Track and Field program


UW-L is best known for being such an active school. No matter where you go you can find people running, biking, hiking, or engaging in some type of physical activity. It really is one fo the most healthy and engaging schools you could ever go to. The academics and athletics (whether it be on an actual sports team, club, or just intermurals) are both challenging and satisfying. The students who go here are well rounded and really very motivated to become successful people in all aspects of their lives.


My school is best known for people looking to persue a career in the medical field. They have a wide variety of options and help make sure that students find the right career for each person.


UW La Crosse is best known for physical therapy and sports management. These majors bring in many hardworking, smart, athletic students. The mississippi river and the bluffs are two other factors that La Crosse is known for. Overall, the reputation of these two things brought together fun students and fun things to do make for a wonderful campus environment.


It is best known for having great environmental changes that effect the city of La Crosse. The school is really passionate about La Crosse not being dependent on coal as an energy source, so they are trying to help with alternative solutions. They also are adament about recycling and have caused major changes to how La Crosse gets rid of waste.


We are probably best known for the education programs and the Pre-Med/PT/PA programs. Also, we're the second hardest to get into of the UW system schools, right behind Madison


My school is best known for its exercise and sports science programs, physical therapy program, and its division 3 NCAA national championship track team..


My school have both a very strong academic and athletic reputation. Most of our teams compete nationally, and our academics are stellar. This also means that our school is very competitive.


Okoberfest is a huge festival and the campus does a great job to create non-alcoholic activities. The campus is known very well for the friendliness of every single student. Everyone on campus is very helpful.


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse has many strong undergraduate and pre-professional programs to choose from, but the most common are the pre-physical therapy, athletic training, and physical education programs.


UW- La Crosse is best known for the beautiful landscape that surrounds the campus and allows the students to enjoy the outdoors. Though it can be difficult to be surrounded by the beauty when the proffessors challenge us with hard work and intensive papers.


I know we were one of the "fittest" schools in the country a few years ago, but the city of La Crosse has a crazy number of bars-per-capita, and you hear a great deal about the drownings in the Mississippi River. :(


UW -LaCrosse is one of the hardest schools in the State of Wisconsin to get into. I'll never forget, when I received my letter that I was one of the 100 accepted as a transfer student, I just broke down crying. It is such an honor and a priviledge to go there. UW-LaCrosse is known for one of the best accounting programs in the US. Even though that ranks high, I feel every program there is tops!


Business. It is also one of 12 undergraduate schools to offer archaeology.


Athletics, track and field, wrestling, football. Recreation, on campus services, surrounding area, recreation majors. Sciences, atheltic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy.


It's best known for its academics and its recreation. For you need to be a good student to be here. There are a lot of things that allow you to be active around here, and because of the great Athletic-Training and Physical-Therapy Programs here the recreational parts go along with that. It is also known for the small class sizes and the "just right" campus size.