University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The small class sizes and how much the professors truly care about us as students. There are many times when my friends and I are exchanging stories and I refer to my professor with their first name and then some of my friends don't even know what their professor looks like because the TA always teaches the class. I absolutely love that our classes are small enough where the professors can actually get to know you by your name and even beyond.


When talking about UW-La Crosse, I love how there are so many activities to partake in on and off campus. The scenery of the bluffs and historic downtown make for a great experience. The professors are friendly, along with the students on campus.


I brag about the numerous activities avaiable on campus to allow students to be involved such as the various clubs and student organizations.


I always like to tell my friends about the beautiful campus I live on because of the location near the bluffs. I also talk about the fun and intelligent people on my campus. There is never a dull moment with all of the people you can meet. Most importantly, I tell them about the great faculty and opportunities given to my by the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. They truly want their students to flourish and prepare themselves for a career ahead.


Whenever I tell my friends about my school I always brag about how amazing our professors are. I have the ability to walk around campus and be recognized by each and every professor that I have been taught by. It really makes me feel like I am part of a larger family that watches out for my every need. It's amazing!


There is always somthing to do on campus or close to campus. guest speakers hiking partying


I absoultely love the size of the campus at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. There number of students is a little bit below 10,000. I love that I see people I know everywhere I go on campus and often in the community. But I also really like that I do not recognize everyone so I am still able to meet new people frequently. The actual physical size of the campus is a perk as well. It is possible to walk all the way across campus in 7-8 minutes.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has small class sizes that allow my professors and I to get to know each other personally.


I love that UW La Crosse is such a small, welcoming campus situated in a beautiful area with surrounding bluffs that you can hike. From one end of campus to another is only a ten minute walk at most, and the class sizes are small and the professors truly want to help you in any way they can! There are so many different opportunities to become involved here, and the students in general are extremely friendly! It is truly an amazing school!


Help is always available. The faculty constantly reminds students of their office hours and free time where students are available to not only ask questions, but also connect with their professors. Many students also view tutoring as something that makes them feel stupid, but having someone who is always available to work with every day of the week can be very helpful whenever students feel as if they are failing or even achieving. Tutoring is offered in multiple places on-campus, is always being advertised, and is a benefit for all students.


I really love La Crosse because it is a prestigious school and it really is the best bang for your buck. UW-La Crosse is full of compassionate staff and advisors that really truly care about you and get to know you on a personal level to help you get on the right path for you. Also, if you find that UW- La Crosse is not right for you we do not try to keep you here, our staff is interested in what is best for you even if it is not at UW-L.


When I tell my friends about school, I brag about what a healthy campus we are. Once the weather warms up, you cannot go outside without seeing people exercising, playing sports, or jogging around campus. Our campus is alive and active. We have a great workout facility, and our students are healthy and athletic.


The campus is very beautiful, and the campus is small enough so that you can walk everywhere.


I brag most about my accomplishments in academics and on the UW-La Crosse cross country team. When it comes to academics, I talk about how well my first semester of college went. I earned a 3.76 gpa while taking 15 credits and competing on the cross country team. I also like to talk about the 45.5 hours of studying I put in, in five days for finals week. For cross country, the first thing I bring up is the fact that our UW-La Crosse team finished in third place at the national meet.


I brag most about the atmosphere of the campus. It is located right in the middle of a beautiful area where there are bluffs and the Mississippi River. The people on campus are genuinely nice and helpful. Not only are my peers welcoming, but so are the staff. One great thing is that every Professor teaches their own class so there are no teaching assistants. This is wonderful because the proffessors truly want to help each student to fulfill their dreams. All of these things contribute to the spectacular atmosphere of my school.


I tell everyone how beautiful it is in La Crosse and how wonderful the people are.


The campus is an energetic one. Students are very active and engage in outdoor activity. The campus and city are both beautiful. The school is just the right size because it is not too big or not too little. People around campus tend to be very friendly and helpful. As a freshman there were many events and opportunities to meet people and help freshmen get aquainted.


How beautiful the campus is, and how I love that it only takes ten minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other. I also talk about how awesome my teachers are, and how I've learned so much already.


When talking to my friends, I brag most about our school's national academic standings. The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is one of the best public schools in the nation in regards to academics. The last few years, we have been rated either number two in the nation and we have made the top ten list consistently.


I tell all my friends that the UW-LaCrosse enviornment is one of the best in the world. It makes everyone feel accepted and is an overall beautiful place to be to start the rest of my life.


The activities are one of the main "brag factors" of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. There is so much going on and off campus and everyone is always up for something. There are big beautiful bluffs less than a mile down the road where students always go on bluff hikes together and volleyball, soccer and football games constantly going on outside everyday. This is a very active campus and the students focus hard on school but also focus hard on having fun!


When telling my friends about this school, I brag about the Biology program and the overall campus. After a long day of studying, it's nice to go up to the bluffs and get some fresh air. The biology program is also great because there is such a variety of classes to take that pertain to biology if one should be interested.


I boast that my professors are always readily available and there are never teacher aids teaching their classes. Also, I admire that the campus is quite large and the town still manages to accommodate the feeling of a small town. Also we offer many clubs on campus which is really great for meeting new people and really gives a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. It also doesn't hurt that we are conveniently located right between the Mississippi River and the bluffs, which makes for a great day over all.


When bragging to friends, probably about class size. Many of my friends go to big schools with classes with 300+ kids. This sounds HORRID to me, and i love having such small classes and more one on one learning. It makes talking to the professor easier and getting help when needed more convenient.


The University of Wisconsin in La Crosse is located on a beautiful campus. The school is a perfect size and everyone is very nice. There are plenty of different options for students to become involved in. Everyone on campus is very active. The professors at the University are great; they are very helpful and easy to talk to if a student needs help.


Th campus for UW-L is very small in comparison to Universities such as UW Madison. This helps to make the campus feel safer and more like your own community. Since we all live so close to one another and aren't separated by busy city streets, it is easy to get around campus and see each other. It is also a very intimate environment in which you see alost everyone at one point in time, and you get to know the majority of the other students, which gives us all a certain closeness.


The entire local area is very committed to staying healthy and exercising; this motivates everyone to pursue active lifestyles.


The Night and weekend life.


It has just about every major, with great proffesors, and is just a beautiful town.


My professors and the help they are willing to give to their students.


When I talk to my friends I brag mostly about the theater department and the amazing theater buildings we have, and the awesome scenery around La Crosse


just the right size, great variety of classes, awesome professors