University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Its cool


UW-L is a nice school in a really scenic area of Wisconsin. It's relatively small compared with other UW-campuses such as Madison, Whitewater, or Eau Claire, but students have smaller class sizes are more than likely going to get to know their professors personally. Top majors here are biology, pre-physical therapy (pre-anything medical, really), and teaching, although there are plenty of other majors personally. School spirit is definitely lacking-- although pretty much all students are athletic (i.e. club sports, itramurals, working out at the REC), being a Division III school, competitive athletics are not a big deal here. For nature lovers, La Crosse has plenty of trees, lots of trails and parks, and of course, the bluffs. Downtown La Crosse has lots to see and do-- the Rivoli Theatre plays movies at a very low cost, the Pearl ice cream shop is not to be missed, and the Root Note coffee shop is a great place to listen to jazz or just be a college hipster in general.