University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who's open minded and ready to work hard for the betterment of themselves and others.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has a very active campus. A student who did sports in high school and enjoys staying fit should really consider this school. The recreational center for weight lifting, basketball, and rock climbing is always in use. This university also has outstanding academics. Students who are looking for a high quality education should go here. The teachers are great which makes it one of the best public universities in the Midwest.


The type of people that should attend UW La Crosse are hard working, motivated students who aim to be successful in the future. UWL is a very prestigious school, and if you attend and work hard, you are bound to do well in your future. Be prepared to give it your all but also have a great time!


I think this school is great for anyone. UW La Crosse has a very friendly environment and the professors are ready to help whenever needed. If you want to be successful in college I believe this school is the one you should attend. There are tons of activities for one to get involved and be an active student here on campus.


I hard-working, intelligent student who has career aspirations in the medical field.


Atheltic people that are outgoing, fun, like to go out socially, and already have a direction of where to go in terms of a major.


There is no one type of person that should attend this school. I believe that people who want to learn and make new friends while also living in a beauiful and active city would love this school.


UW LaCrosse is an unique untiversity of its own, whose students share that very uniquness with the campus. A person with life-long goals and an accepting attitude to the world one lives in would fit right in to the UW LaCrosse community. People attending UW LaCrosse have a certain charisma of kindness that truly sends a welcoming feeling to anyone.


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is best suited for students who want the typical college experience. La Crosse overs a great variety of activities and classes while also letting you get the full college experience. I would recommend the school to students who want a middle sized school with some level of anonymity, yet somewhere with enough friendly faces around campus.


I would recommend UWL to anyone, hands down. The only thing I have to say is that if you're the type of person that loves big cities and lots of people, this school probably isn't for you. We don't have a very large campus, but, because I came from a small school, it feels just right to me.


Someone who is outgoing, interested in getting involved, active, educationally motivated, and looking for a place to consider their second home would love and fit in well at this beautiful campus.


This school allows for a student to grow more than any other place I have been to in my lifetime. It is complicated to answer what type of person should go to La Crosse because any person would be able to find a place on where they fit into at La Crosse. Our capus has a wide variety of activities and people who will expose you to things you may not have experienced before in order to open your mind up and help create a fantastic experience. The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is a great fit for anyone.


As long as you are an accepting and friendly individual, there are no other real limitations as to whom should attend the University of Wisconsin La Crosse because the students there are all so unique and everyone blends into the community, filling in a needed niche of diversity.


University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a great school for those students who want an education similar to larger schools, but with a small school feel. The atmosphere of the campus feels more like a community than a college. The smaller size also means that relationships with teachers are much stronger than at larger schools. Professors really care about their students, and it you can feel very comfortable talking to each of them.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is well-rounded. This means that not only is academic excellence very important, but volunteer work as well as being involved and active on campus is necessary. For someone to succeed in the real world, he or she must have many attributes. So a person that attends this school is a well-rounded person because those are the people who end up succeeding after school.


Out going, likes to enjoy yourself, and enjoys learning


This university is very athletic so the student should enjoy exercising and being active. There are many places and opportunities in order to do so. Also, La Crosse is a trendy city and there are many things to do to be involved in the city. The student should be outgoing and willing to try new things.


Some body who willing to work hard and making a different in the community


There really is no "kind" of person who should attend UWL. UWL is a very friendly and welcoming university which helps anyone to fit in and get a great education! But, just like any education after high school, an inner drive to succeed and do well is very important. Anybody can succeed and feel welcome at UWL if they work hard and are open to new experiences.


Passionate, purpose-driven people that enjoy integrating themselves in a dynamic and thriving community of young adults! This college campus is very friendly to most people and provides sustainable social, academic, physical, and spirtual opportunities. I highly recommend UWL to anyone looking at a college in the Midwest portion of the United States. Give it a shot, because you will likely not regret it one bit!


The ideal UW - La Crosse student that should attend this school needs to be willing to try. Willing to try to make themselves better and willing to make the people around them better. This campus is about bringing people together in a positive way and enforcing teamwork and cooperation. My campus at UW-La Crosse could be for any particular person that wants to achieve their goals and are willing to work for them.


I think that the environment and vibe that this school would appeal to is the athletic and outgoing type. If one enjoys being physically active and meeting new people this is definitely a school to consider.




This school is great for students who love the outdoors or want to become more athletic. There are mountains to climb, hills to run and the Mississippi River to boat in. I would also recommend this school for someone who can handle the cold because it gets extremely cold here. This school is a middle sized school, so this school is good for students who wants to meet new people from around the country and world. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is great because there are so many opportunities and activities to choose from. The academics are really good too.


Anyone who loves nature, enjoys smaller classes and enjoys meeting new people


Someone who likes a smaller school, but still in an area with a lot of fun things to do. Also anyone who likes to exercise and be physically active. I loved this school and I think a wide range of people would fit in at LaCrosse. Athletics is very popular here.


Someone who wants to get involved and in willing to learn more than what is expected of a university.


If you are a student interested in further your education and pursuing a career UW-La crosse will definately prepare you. It's also a great place to meet people from all walks of life and have a really good time.


people who like a smaller school, evveryone is super friendly, lots of people enjoy intermural sports so anyone who likes to get involved and meet new people.


Someone looking to find themselves


nice, into meeting people and serious about studying


Anyone who wants the best education for their money in a midwestern college town deserves to attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


dont know


A person who enjoys a small to midsize campus and a small town atmosphere. If you love the outdoors, La Crosse is a great place to experience it all--hiking trails, biking trails, canoing, kayaking, fishing, hunting, etc.


A person should attend La Crosse because it is a great community located in a beautiful area of Wisconsin. It is not a large campus, but it is a tough school and each students learns a lot.


Someone that works hard and likes to be active and have fun