University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think there are very few people who should not attend this school. There are a variety of majors that are accredited in their field. This campus also includes a variety of people so most are likely to find others they connect and relate to.


I do not see any type of student who should not consider UW- La Crosse. La Crosse is very accepting of every single person. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved and participate in something. Everyone on campus is very nice as well. I love it here and I love the people too.


Anyone who hasn't committed to a certain career path and college plan is probably better off going to a community college and getting their generals done first.


I strongly suggest that anyone who dislikes extreme cold weather in winter should not attend this school. Mornings where you have to walk to class in negative thirty degrees? Definitely not fun. Unless you are immune to the cold, beware. Also, the students in this university are extremely active. If you are not an active person, maybe this isn't the university for you. Everyone is usually out and about, whether it be running, rock wall climbing, involvement in intramurals, or sports.


Anyone who wants to attend this school should be athletic and going for either premed or biology.


if you have a hard time with friends i would not recomend this school.


I don't know if any type of person "shouldn't" attend this school. There are many differnet options for many different people. If you are someone who is looking for a city with many opportunities or many activities LaCrosse might not be for you. It's only a middle sized school.


You should not attend this school if you are looking to live in a larger city, or if you prefer a huge campus. Also, you should not attend if you don't appreciate cold winters.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind that has no motive to grow as a a person. College should be for people who intend to expand his/her knowledge in order to gain a sense of self achievement to help others. In order to help others, one must be motivated to use his/her education to jump further in life.


This school seems to be open to all kinds of people, but if I had to choose one kind of person not to attend I would choose non athletic students that don't seem to have a major decided. Although those students will fit into this University just fine, they will find it a bit more difficult than others.


An unadventerous person should not attend the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. The student body here is always on the move - hiking Granddad's Bluff, running, spending time with friends, and, of course, doing schoolwork. Regardless of what we're doing, we are always up for a challenge. Someone uninterested in forming bonds with professors and classmates, exploring the beautiful city of La Crosse, Wisconsin, or broadening their minds wouldn't fit at UWL. The kind of person who isnt looking to have the time of their life these next four years definitely should not attend this school.


I wouldn't ever tell students to not attend my university. My university has a lot of flaws, but so do all the other universities in the United States. I have a lot of pride in my university because they at least try to be inclusive through the different programs that they implement and different national ideas that they adopt. If I really have to inform someone not to attend this university, it would have to be someone who's against embracing diversity and closed-minded about inclusive excellence and affirmitive action.


Honestly, this school accepts so many different types of people- if you love meeting people and are easy-going, then this school is for you!


A person who expresses a solitary and negative attitude will effect not only the individual but also one's surrounding peers. A negative attitude of one person can impact the welcoming energy that UW- LaCrosse has to offer. One who does not find a purpose to onself will not grow as a person.


Someone who wants a great Science program or Arts. The Science building is old with limited lab space. It is hard each semester to get into the classes you need and many times have to apply for an override. These overrides are limited and many do not get what they need for their program and have to stay another semster for it.


Prospective students looking for a big campus shouldn't attend LAX. While it is not really that small, it does have a small school feel, and there are a few students in multiple classes of mine. I like that a lot about LAX, but I know some people don't. Otherwise, LAX has something for everyone, and it is a very active campus.


Students who prefer big college campus shouldn't attend UWL. As well as those who wish to attend a non-diverse college. Also people who dislike cold winter shouldn't add UWL to their college list.


If you are the type of person who would fit well in a bigger school and city, UW- La Crosse would not be the best choice for you. The school/town offers fun things to do, but there are not many opportunities involving greek life or other organizations. UW- La Crosse is also very focused on fitness and health, and tends to have a greater population of students focused on that.


I dont believe a specific "type" of person should attend this school, because what makes the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse is the different "types" of people. With this being one of the harder schools to be accepted into in Wisconsin, you find many different kinds of intelligent people, due to the diversity and different fields of study available at this school. You can find anywhere between the "physics nerds" to the "smart jocks" at this university. The school together may educate many intellingent, and hardworking students, but individually, each is viewed as their own "type".


i don't think there is any kind of person that shouldn't attend this school. The school is well-rounded and providing a large variety of opportunities to satisfy anyone. This school does encourage involvement, but it's always a personal choice of what you do.


If you are not prepared to be engaged in the learning process, then don't plan to succeed at UW-L. To do well in your classes you need to not only attend class on a regular basis but participate often. If you plan on coming here for the social scene, you need to realize that there are consequences to your actions which can affect you academically and hurt your future career plans. Students who do not take their education seriously do not belong at UW-La Crosse.


I think the school is more enjoyable for someone who likes being apart of a smaller community. Students who like the city life and being downtown with a lot of people should not choose La Crosse for their school. Also, I feel that La Crosse is meant for people who love the outdoors and being active in nature. The bluffs and the rivers offer so many activities to participate in. People who do not care for being that active would be better off somewhere else. The classes are also really small, so those who like larger classes should consider that.


Students used to the big city, fast life, and ritzy clothes wouldn't really fit in. People are much more laid back here.


Since this college is located in a somewhat rural area those that enjoy a bigger city with alot of cultural events may not enjoy this university.


If someone doesn't want to be active they should not attend this school. There is always stuff going on no matter what season, and everyone has plenty of oppurtunities to participate.


Those who do not work hard and expect easy courses


UW La Crosse is a campus for all types of people. I feel that everyone is accepted and acknowledged at the university. If I had to pick a type of person that should not attend this college, I would say someone who is lazy and does not want to get involved. I would say that because UW La Crosse is an extremely outgoing and active campus. Everyone works hard and is involved in an organization or in some way.


One thing that drew me towards attending University of Wisconsin La Crosse was that even after one visit I could feel in the atmosphere that the school was filled with driven students. If one is not a driven student I would not tell them that they would not fit in because, I think my school is powerfull enough to give some one drive and passion towards life. I think that any kind of person who is open to change and ready to work would be a perfect fit to La Crosse.


A person who is not dedicated to their academics, and who is not willing to make new friends.


A person that is not willing to work or move forward in their life. This school is very competitive. Also, most programs are difficult to get into without good grades and a large amount of experience. So I would not come to this school if you intend to spend most of your time partying and worrying about your social life.


I have no right to decide who should not attend the University, because everyone should have the opprotunity further their education regardless of where people come from. If people start deciding who should and shouldn't attend a University, we could be denying the next Albert Einstein. Since I attend a public University, it has a wide variety of students which gives the University its diversity.


One who shouln't attend UW La Crosse would be somone who doesn't like to get involved in extra curricular activities. Also, students are generally very active and fit on campus so if working out or recreational activities are not enjoyable to you, you may want to consider a different campus. UW La Crosse is a very highly ranked in academics so if you are not willing to work hard and keep up with school work to get a quality education then do not come to UWL. And finally, do not come here in search of a large campus.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is very shy and someone who is not very active. LaCrosse is an extremely active campus and community with so many opportunities to switch up a boring workout routine. Also at LaCrosse, people are very friendly and willing to speak up about how they feel. A student is who is not willing to put themselves out there and put all their effort in to succeed, will not succeed at UW-LaCrosse.


People who are not willing to work towards their education should not attend this university.


I feel like there aren't that many artistic dressing people on campus who really stand out...they might feel out of place, but I would personally love more people like that on campus.


Someone who wants to attend a huge school shouldn't attend.


People that are use to urban settings. This is a rural area. There are a lot of outdoor activities that people can take place in but very few urban activities.


There realy isn't a person who can't attend this college for at least 1 or 2 years. There is a wide variety of majors offered and if someone can't achieve the degree they want in La Crosse, they can still start just about any degree. The school is very accepting of all beliefs and the environment is just very friendly.


I'm not quite sure. I think anyone can find a comfy place here on this campus. You can always find a club or sport to join, and many students here are supre friendly. It's a nice environment to be in! You just really want to do well in whatever you choose. I suppose, if you're not a very school-ly person, then this may not be the place for you. You'd be bored all the time!


I would say people who are not willing to really work for a degree. The programs are challenging and you have to be up to the challange to keep up!


A person who isn't willing to dedicate their time to school definitely shouldn't attend here. Also if you enjoy large cities this isn't the place


People who are looking for a big D1 sports school or perhaps more arts oriented should look elsewhere. If you're looking for a solid education though, UW-Lacrosse is a fantastic place to get that along with some other great experiences.