University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my university is that currently there is a lot of construction being done and it can be an eye sore.


Nothing at this school frustrats me.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of peer pressure there is to drink. This, I assume, is not just a UW-La Crosse issue. I am aware that I am under the legal drinking age as are many student at my college. This, however, does not stop students from constantly pressuring and encouraging their peers to consume alcohol. I know how to have a good time while staying sober and not breaking the law, but it is frustrating to see how many people do not feel the same way as me.


The most frustrating thing about my school is trying to register for classes.


Our meal plan provider has been sub-par. The amount of healthy options to eat in the on campus facilities is limited. There is rarely good fresh fruit and veggies. However, we are switching dining service prociders next year, so that's exciting.


The most frusterating thing is the food options. I am a healthy eater and what the school offers is not very nutrious. I wish that they could offer a more vegetable and fruit based diet to the food courts.


The most frustrating thing about UW-L is probably the lack of inclusive on campus clubs. Most are for specific degree tracks or ethinicities. There are alot of volunteer clubs but other than that not much. Also it lacks on campus job opportunites or easy access to off campus jobs for students without cars.


I am a new student to this school as a junior, so the most frustrating part is feeling overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to find information about anything and everything.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity, both culturally and creatively. Culturally, the multi-cultural organizations here are strong, yet could improve to reach out to the community to spread diversity. Creatively, the school does not encourage students to be individuals. Everyone blends in with eachother. It is hard to be a freethinker if everyone around you is afraid to speak his/her own opinions, even though we all feel the same way.


The most frustrating thing about our university is the food they serve us, not becasue of the quality but of the variations one has to choose from all year long.


One thing that is frustrating is that I was raised on a farm in a conservative household and was raised differently that many people who attend this college. I am an avid hunter and generally get wierd looks when I wear something with camoflauge. Don't get me wrong, there are a handful of people that are similar to me here and I do have friends with different views it is just hard to feel normal in the large scale setting compared to most of the student population.


Scheduling is the most frustrating. They accept too many and do not have the room for everyone in the classrooms. Labs fill up fast, and small lectures as well. You have to email many professors and deans to try and get into a class.


The online schooling website has been on and off the past year. There have constantly been problems with the site being extremely slow or just completely down. It is sometimes hard to get on the site and this can get very frustrating since more and more work is being done at the school's site.


The most frustrating thing about is school, isn't anything specifically dealing with the school. It is the adjusts that me as a person need to make in order to becoming a better student. I have finally gotten ahold of all the homework and exams, and I am really seeing the difference between High School and College.


The most frustrating thing about LAX is the choice of meal plans. A freshman's only two choices are the 14 meals/week plan and the 19/week plan. The 19 plan is only $20 dollars more than the 14 plan for the whole year, so most people go for the 19 just because it makes sense. However, most people don't use near 19 meals a week, and there is no option for freshman that is less expensive. I feel like I'm wasting a lot of money on my meal plan.


The most frustrating thing that I've encountered thus far would have to be registering for classes. Very rarely as a freshman do you get your first choice of classses which is very frustrating, escpecially when you need certain classes for pre-reqs for others. You just have to be patient, and be open for adjustments to your original plan.


The University of La Crosse is a very challenging school, you have to put a lot of time and effort into your school work. Students have to make a commitment to school before anything else on campus.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is the dining options. There are alot of options but there isn't much of a variety all the time. For being at a school for four months at a time, it gets a bit old eating alot of the same stuff all the time.


The most frustraiting thing about UW-L is all of the drunk people that tend to wander around campus. I don't care if someone wants to go out and get drunk, just do start screaming outside of my dorm window!


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse has exceeded all of my expectations and I have not been frustrating by anything while attending this school.


Some of the teachers for the same course teach very differently, especially in general education courses. It can be unfair because the grade you receive may have been impacted greatly by what teacher you have and what their standards are.


Something that frustrated me about UW - La Crosse was how they approched their incoming freshman. I am currently a freshman, and I personally would have liked for someone to sit down and talk with me about what I was to expect before going to college. Realistically, someone cannot comprehend the college lifestyle until it has been experienced. Having a big buddy representative to help me through my college journey would have been ideal.


The most frustrating thing about my school is it's location and how far away it is from my home town. I love it's location and I enjoy being far away from home, it just makes getting back and forth difficult.


The most frustrating thing about my university would have to be the lack of school spirit at the football games. The football games could be one of the highlights of the fall semester but instead they are quite dull. Many people do not attend and those that do go do not participate in the full crowd cheers. These games would be fun if more people came and it would add to the fun that already takes place on the weekends here. It would also be a good way to meet more people during the start of the new school year.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the professors. Often times there are foreign professors who are hard to understand during lectures. Also, it is often unclear what a professor expects from their students, making it harder to get good grades in that class. Finally, professors are allowed to have different grading scales from one another, and some make them too high to be attainable.


The lack of culural diversity is the must frustrating thing about my school.


There is a processing fee to pay tuition online.


The most frustrating thing about UW-La Crosse is the lack of information given to the students. Many times programs and classes change due to state regulations, and the professors are extremely vague when explaining those changes to students. As a result, students do not understand what they are supposed to be taking in the future, and they become very frustrated. I wish faculty would clarify students' pressing questions, and then come up with a system that would allow for ongoing communication.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the cold weather in the winter. Sometimes we have to walk to class in -20 degree weather. Another frustrating thing is the wind. Because the campus is surrounded by bluffs we can get wind gusts above thirty miles an hour. These are not really things that can be changed but I think it is definately the most frustrating part of going to school here.


There is nothing very frustrating about this school other than in my experience the politics that come into play with college sports. It was frustrating for me to deal with a coach that doesn't deserve or should be in a position he is in. This was a consensus of the majority of the team.


Same with every school. Some tests can be bundled together from other classes.


Grading is very, very challenging... Professors don't just test hard knowledge, they test critical thinking and applications of knowledge.


lack of diversity.