University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There would be a lot of construction on campus in the next few years.


I wish I had known that the weather would be so cold. It doesn't make me regret coming to this university, however had I known that temperatures could reach below zero, I would've packed warmer clothes, invested in Under Armour, and chosen to live in a residence hall that is closer to my classes. The flu weather has definitely hit this campus hard, and a couple days ago I ordered a humidifier online because my roommate and I are suffering from the dry air and illness that is hanging around. Even so, I love La Crosse.


I really wish I would have had a better idea that the atmosphere here was so White Cultured.


Before I attended the Univeristy of Wisconsin - La Crosse, I wish I would have known that making friends in a new place is not something I should have been worrying about. Students on campus are so friendly, and during the first week of classes, everyone is in the same situation. My stress and anxiety levels would have been at a healthier level if I would have realized this earlier.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known that our dining center, Whitney, doesn't really have the best food to eat. Being a freshman, living on campus I have to eat almost every meal there. But the good thing is we are getting a new food provider next year, so hopefully the food will be worth eating and students will enjoy eating their meals at Whitney.


I wish I had known how expensive college can be, as I spent more time in high school playing sports than working at my then part time job at Mcdonalds. Other than that, My college is simply amazing. College is quite an experience.


In high school, there was always a mentality that the students who liked school and worked hard were "nerds" or "geeks." Now that I am in college, I see that people who love their classes, major, or area of study are the lucky, successful students. I wish I had known that being passionate about what you're learning is actually cool in college. If anything, others will be jealous that you are so happy with your life path. You're spending money to study, so find your passion and work hard for it!


I wish I had known how beautiful and how much space the school has for its location. There are quiet study places everywhere on campus in the smallest corners or widest areas. When all hard work is finished and there is time to kill, the university has many different organizations and clubs that have weekly meetings and events; creating your own club is also a short process.


I wish I would have known more about the events that the campus puts on. Each year, an organization called CAB coordinates entertainment-based events on campus. These events can range from anything such as a music artist or a hypnotist show. Going to these events is a great way to meet new people and have a fun time! Most of the events on campus are free to attend, however, some of the bigger name performances require paid tickets.


I wish I would have known that it is so heavily saturated with Biology and Psychology majors; I feel as though I know only a handful of people who aren't studying these subjects. It doesn't change the way I feel about them as friends, but it limits my conversations with them because I am not studying either one of these two subjects.


I wish I would have known that the diversity at this school is reletively low. Diversity is very important to me because I can relate to others in terms of culture and tradition. When I don't have that connection, I feel left out and not part of the campus community because they can't relate to me as much and I can't relate to them either. I also would have liked to know that some professors aren't willing to be inclusive and use different techniques to teach their students.


work load


I wish I would've known if I could afford the school, prior to going there. My finacial aid didn't come through until a month of me going to UWLAX already. If I wasn't covered for financial aid, I wouldn't have been about to go to school this year. I was a nervous wreck!


I wish I would have known exactly how reputable this school actually is. Before attending, I had always looked down upon it as just a state public school, but once I got here I realized how wrong I really was. I also wish I could have learned exactly how many oppurtunities there are to get involved. Whether you want to play a sport (either varsity or intramural), volunteer, do research, play an instrument, be in a play, it is all available here, and I don't think I would have ever known if I didn't choos to go here.


College is a time of discovery and learning. Not only do you learn about subjects such as math and scinece, but you also learn a lot about yourself and what it means to be an adult. If I could go back , I wish I would've known more about the trials and tribulations of being independent. Since I've begun my college career, I have realized and learned to appreciate the challenges of simple aspects ofeveryday life such as transportation, meals, punctuality, and time management once independent.


Before I attended the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse I wish i would have known that the class sizes were much larger than the technical college where I transferred from. Smaller class sizes help students gain a stronger relationship with their instructor because they know who you are versus having 500 people in a lecture hall.


Going into UW La Crosse I wish I would have been better educated about the study abroad program. For people that are serious about studying abroad the program advisors should make them aware of all the work that goes into studying abroad possible. They should also have people start preparing well ahead of time, that way when the time comes people can be more financial situated.


I wish I would have know about more job oprotunitites. I work for the food service, but there are tons of better jobs of campus.


Before I came to school I wish I had learned how to properly do laundry.


I wish I had known more about employment opportunties on campus before getting to campus.


I wish I had a clear vision on what I wanted to do with my future and career before I had come into college.


There are a few things that I wish I would have known before coming to the school. The main wish I would have wanted would be to look into some of the professors that were available to take classes with. Go to!!! One other thing that goes along with this would be to make sure to take as many general education coarses as possible the first semester if you are an undeclaired major coming in as a freshman.


How strange the showering situation is, I didn't think we'd only have curtains inbetween us, I thought there would be actual walls.


Before I came to UW-La Crosse, I wish I would have been aware of the resources available for determining a major. I initally entered into my freshman year as an undelcared major. I was not introduced to the proper resources to declare a major until second semester, and was unable to take the required classes during my first year. As a result, I have taken classes I did not need, and am not on a four year track to graduate.


I wish I would have been more aware of the scholarships offered before starting school here; the available freshman scholarships.


I wish I would have known that it's not as scary as I thought it was. On the first day of classes I really psyked myself out. I was so anxious about not being able to handle the classwork and having really tough professors but when I got to class it was not all that different fron high school. In fact it was better. Sure, professors expected more from me than my teachers in high school but I was ready for that responsibility. I wish I had had that confidence from the beginning.


I wish I had known more about the various career options before I came to school so I would have been able to experience and explore them more in hopes to get a better idea as to what I wanted to do instead of going in completely undecided.


I wish I had asked more questions in regards to student activities and servies, such as inter-library loans, course study tutoring and research opportunities for students prior to enrolling. If I had known more about these offers earlier, I could have maximized the use of each while attending the university.


Something I wish that I had known before attending La Crosse is the variety of services that the school offers. For instance, I didn't realize all the academic advising help that you could get on campus. There is someone in my dorm everyday that does simply that. I also didn't know that there are students from different countries in the office of international education that can help you learn about studying abroad. They are all from different countries and can tell you about it all. Also, the rec center offers many more activities than I expected it to.


I wish I would have known how small the campus was. I only took a virtual tour of the campus, so I wasn't quite sure of the actual size. If a student was looking for a small, compact campus, this would be the place for them.


I wish I would have known that the weather in La Crosse is deceptively cold in the winter time. I can't say I would have wished for much more information about school and the monumental life change that accompanies it, because I believe that it's best for osmeone to learn these things on their own rather than someone telling them. It allows you to form your own, some what, unbiased opinion on the things you encounter.


The sports were not nationally ranked


I wish I would have known that there would be a bed shortage on campus, due to the construction of a new academic building and dorm hall.




Before I came to school I wish I would have known that where you go is not as important as getting a good education. I wanted to go as far away from my hometown as possible without keeping in mine how important my education was. If I would have started out at a smaller school, closer to my hometown, I would have saved a lot of money and I believe that I would have been better off.


How truly amazing it is :)


I wish that I would have known how much harder college would be than high school. I did not realize how much time and effort I would need to put into each class every single day. Going from straight A's in high school to C's in college was a struggle, and I wish someone would have told me to buckle down and make more of an effort my first two semesters of college.


I only wish I would have known how much I would enjoy the university before I had to choose a campus. It would have made the choice much easier. I have no regrets about choosing La Crosse and do not have anything else I wish I had known.


I wish I had known about all of the extra-curricular groups and events that we available for me to be a part of. The campus has so many clubs that I am now a part of that I could have joined earlier. I wish I would have thought to look at the bulletin boards where they post all of the fun events and club meetings the first semester I came. There were academic, athletic, political, religious, volunteering, and many more types of groups and events available that I am glad I am a part of now.


Some things that I wish I would have known before coming to this school was how small the campus feels when you're actually on it. I come from a very small town and a small high school of only 350 people. Going to a school with over 9,000 students seemed very overwhelming, but I thought I could do it. Now on campus, I realize that I can handle it and much more.


I wish I had known that I had a second advisor. Because of my major, I need two advisors, but the academic program can only list one. It would have made some things a little easier to know that I did have a go-to person for them.


I wish I had known that the key to enjoying youself is to get involved. It sounds so cliche, but it's true! My freshmen year I hated it because I didn't get involved. I had a blast once I got involved in my residence hall and haven't looked back on coming here again.


I wish I would have known that at UW-L , they make it virtually impossible to get right into your field and graduate within 4 years. Most programs are turning into 5 year programs. This is making students take many courses that are unneeded, which is costing a whole years tuition + living expenses. I have been told that my program usually takes juniors over sophomores, and then its another 3 years after getting accepted instead of 2. For this reason, I have decided to transfer schools where I have already been accepted into my program.


Yes, I wish I would have known my university wasnt as culturaly diverse as I would have hoped.


I wish I had known more about involvements on campus as a freshman rather than waiting to get involved as a sophomore.


I wish I would have known my major right off the bat. Now I am a first semester sophomore and I am almost done with my general education requirements. The next couple years, my classes will be difficult since I won't have any easy gen eds thrown into the mix. I wish I would have planned better.


I wish I would have known what professors were looking for when writing papers. Also, what areas to focus on when studying for tests. As well as being able to manage my time for academics, athletics and a social life.


People always say get involved, but I didnt right away and I wish I would have. Really get involved right away you will make tons of new friends.


I wished my high school education would have focussed more on sciences such as biology and chemistry. The core requirements in these classes is very demanding and a better background would have been beneficial for me personally.


how cold the winters get