University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The size of UW-La Crosse is perfect. Its big enough that the campus is diverse but small enough that you actually get to know your professors by name which can make a big difference in harder classes.


The best thing about my school is the amount of opportunities there are to get involved. There are so many clubs for varieties of preferences. This is a great way to form a sense of community and create friendships especially as a first year college student. These clubs do not typically entail any specific skills or requirements to be met. It simply is based around student’s interests. Along with this, students can also create their own clubs which allows for an expenditure of interests and possibilities.


All the different active people who are willing to work hard for their grades.


UW-La Crosse is extremely inviting. It's professors are great, and will help you as much as they can. They take the time to learn about you, as a person and student so when your research paper, test or other graded assignment comes across their desk they understand where your answers came from, so they can point YOU in the right direction. They understand each student is different, and need different alternatives to learn the same thing. While everyone is graded equally, teachers know each students strengths and weaknesses. You are not a number


The best thing about UW- La Crosse is how many possibilities you can discover yourself. There are a number of majors and clubs to help you find out what you want out of life.


The best part about the University of Wisconsin La Crosse is that campus felt like home to me, even the first time I toured. I abosutley adore the bluffs and the town of La Crosse, but campus is really where it's at. Campus living is wonderful and the campus itself is gorgeous. Also, the people here are so wonderful and friendly. It just has a great atmosphere that you have to visit to understand.


I love the atmosphere at UW-La Crosse. Everyone is so willing to help with any problem. I've never been afraid to approach anyone of higher authority to ask questions. There are so many resources that you can utilize to get help if you need it. There are also a plethora of activities that one could choose to be involved in. If the university doesn't already have the club or activity you're looking for, then you can even start up one of your choosing!


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is the wide variety of experiences available to students. Everyone on campus can find their niche. We are a campus rich with nature, deeply concerned with social justice issues, hard-working and devoted to our studies and our futures, and open-minded to any and all walks of life. There is a strong sense of community among the student body that allows all people to feel supported as they chase after what they love and achieve their dreams.


To me the best part about going to UWL is how active the campus. The Recreational Center is a high quality facility that allows students and staff to work out, take classes like Zumba, cycling, yoga, etc. and is also a great place to find employment or do internships. The area around campus also offers many opportunities to be active because there are bluffs to hike, running/walking trails, and a marsh to explore.


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse are the people. Students are so motivated and active (both physically and socially) that it creates an amazing atmosphere for learning and living in general. Professors are really dedicated to both their coursework and helping students to succeed. Even the community members are extremely supportive of the college and its students.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has a plethora of positive attributes that it provides to its students. I'd have to say the best thing my school offers is numerous opportunities to explore my field of study and to gain volunteer experience in the said field. I am currently studying to become a physical therapist and in my first semester alone I have been a part of experimental studies, volunteered at numerous athletic events, and have been offered many chances to work with the disabled and handicapped people of my community.


The best thing about school is learning new things everyday. I love expanding my knowledge and learning new material because it helps me not only to become a much better person overall, but to see the world in a different perspective. I enjoy attending class everyday because everyday is an adventure into something new.


I love UW-La Crosse because it is a healthy atmosphere to be apart of. Often, college students gain weight when they move away to college, but I feel that is difficult when I am at UW-L. People are always wanting to exercise in someway whether it be hitting up the awesome rec center, hiking the bluffs, or going for a jog. The people I'm surrounded by inspire me to be a healthier person and that is what I love most.


The best thing about Uw-La Crosse is the atmosphere. I have fell in love with the kind people, the amazing views of the bluffs, and the great professors. I love waking up every morning and going to the rec, where I at least say "HI!" to five people on my journey there. At the end of summer I was very scared to leave all my friends and family, but now I am proud to say that La Crosse is and always will be my home.


It's a small but not too small college campus, it's also away from home but not too far. The classrooms are in the right size where professor could remember every students' name. It is also a very diverse university. I made friends from all over the world there. All the professor are patient to answer any questions students might have.


My school is in an amazing environment, surrounded by bluffs, the Mississippi River, and fresh air! This gives us students a great opportunity for fun and healthy exercise and adventures aside from studying.


The best thing about my school is the textbook rental system. We pay to rent our textbooks for the semester, return them at the end, and our bookstore will buy back any other materials you had to buy additionally. This rental system is substantially cheaper than buying textbooks nowadays, plus you do not have to worry about what to do with all your old textbooks after the class ends!


Small class size, you can met with your adviser when ever you need some help. Very helpfull staffs


The best thing about UW-La Crosse is probably the sense of community on campus. Our campus is very friendly and outgoing which welcomes visitors with open arms and helps its students grow. If you are in need of a helping hand, many students and faculty would be more than willing to assist with any problem, beit school-related, emotional, or physical. La Crosse is a wonderful school and I feel very at home because of the warm community in which I live.


The best thing about UWL is the people. Specifically, it is their willingness to live and do life together! This is special because many places in the world are not filled with a community that embraces diversity, variety, and collaboration. I absolutely love the vibrant relationship web that is formed at a University like this!


The best thing about UW-L is its affordability. Textbook Rental allowed me to take a trip to England over Spring Break because of all the money that it saved me. If you want an amazing education for the most reasonable price, UW-L is the place to go!


I think our community in general is extremely friendly, approachable, and cares a great deal for all its members. This is truly reflected on campus through faculty and students.


The people make UW- La Crosse a great school because the students are friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The staff is accomodating and willing to help out students with any questions that they have.


This school is a very active one. There are always people outside playing games, running, sitting around, talking, volleyball, etc. There is never a dull moment. Also, it is the perfect size, and a beautiful campus. Teachers are avaible more than you would need them to be, and the class sizes are great. You really get to know your teachers and your fellow classmates which really makes your learning environment a good one.


I would consider the relatively small size of the campus the best thing about UW-L. The small size allows for more personal interactions with both other students and staff.


The best thing about my school is how nice and helpful all the professors are. They are always willing to help students out of class or go over class material more than once if a student is confused. The professors give the students challenging assignments but only to prepare students for exams. The professors at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse are very friendly, easy to approach, and always willing to help students.


What I like best about the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is the small campus. All the buildings are close together, so it is quick to get to classes, other dorms, and food areas. This is especially nice in the winter so students do not have to be out in the snow and cold as long as many other larger schools. It also makes it hard for students to get lost, it was a very easy campus to get used to. Although the campus is small, there are still plenty of people on it and also plenty of opportunities.


The best thing about UW-L is the size of the campus. About 10,000 students attend UW-L, and the campus is like it's own little community. We have closed roads so it's safe for students to walk around without worrying about getting hit, and we're pretty set back from the rest of the city. It's great because it's not like we are in the middle of nowhere-you can still get the city life five minutes from campus.


My professors and advisors take the time to get to know me. Attending UW La Crosse has been a dream come true for me, and I have enjoyed every minute. It has opened doors for me, and after graduation I will be attending law school. This past summer I was honored with two interships in Washington, D.C. Because of my attendance at UW LaCrosse I believe that helped with my acceptance. Unfortunately, it costs a great deal, and I had to borrow money for the great experience. But it was worth it! UW-LaCrosse it the best!


It is a very athletic enviornment. Very student driven. People are very friendly and helpful. There is always some sort of athletic activity going on here. People also study alot and work hard for their grades. There are just too many good things about my school to talk about. There isn't that big of a drinking scene here. Nobody feels left out and everyone is welcomed.


Everyone is really friendly and its super easy to meet new people.


I knew my professors and they knew me. I could contact my professors at any time (home or office). The campus was easy to navigate. I knew the area. The bars in town are a lot of fun.


It's not too big or too small, it doesnt have many students-around 10,000 and the price is very affordable, around $10,000 also. The reputation is getting very close to University of Wisconsin-Madison is considered as(a very prominent public school).


The people. Everyone is just so friendly and eager to meet new people and help you with anything you may need.


the atmosphere


I consider the friendliness of all the students and faculty to be the best thing about this school. The community is also very welcoming.


The things that most people use to choose a college aren't that important to me--I chose UWL based on the location and price, mostly.


Opportunites to broaden your horizons and learn about the world. I feel that here I have so many chances to learn about other people and cultures. I love it. I am from a small, nearly all white town, so having the option to learn about so many different life styles is important to me.


The best part about my school is there is something for everyone to do that they enjoy.


UW-Lacrosse is a great small campus that is definitely worth the money. The professors are great and you really begin to feel like you're apart of a community after being there for a while.


the campus and students