University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for pioneering the Wisconsin Idea, the concept that the work of the University should empower every citizen of the state. Much of the research and professional activity here impacts the larger Madison and Wisconsin community. It's fun and an honor to contribute to that larger mission as a student.


My school is very well-known for lots of things such as parties, good sports teams, and good facilities. I would say the thing we are most known for is our school spirit though. The students that attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison are loud and proud about attending this school, and the alumni are proud to associate themselves with the university and often come back to celebrate various accomplishments of the University.


We party hard, study hard, and produce leaders. We have a lot of wild campus-wide parties like Haloween and Miflin Street Block Party. We also have a lot of libraries that are amazing and open at all hours. Students spend a lot of time studying. Seventeen chief executive officers of Fortune 500 companies hold degrees from University of Wisconsin-Madison, making the Badgers one of the largest producers of today's corporate leaders.


Football, hockey, and basketball. Madison is also a great research school and has some of the top programs in the nation.


before coming to UW-Madison I knew that Wisconsin was known for being one of the top universities in the US, having well-qualified faculty, a beautiful campus and loyal students that were proud to be badgers.


The academic research labs


Madison is best know for all the fun, FREE events it holds. There is always lots to do and a great group of people who help you to stay focussed. The FREE services that are offered are excellent and truly help you to fall in love with the campus everyday.


The school is probably best known for its academics and also its parties (when I applied, I did not know it was a party school but apparently everyone else did). The professors do their own research and are usually really well known and experienced professionals.


UW-Madison is an excellent public institution that provides a world class education in several fields of study including Biology, Agriculture, Political Science, Economics, Geoscience, Mathematics, History, and many other areas of study.


The series of waves at Camp Randall Stadium on saturdays in the Fall are AMAZING. The slow one, the fast one, the double criss-cross. It's amazing. And, of course, JUMP AROUND.


On the top of Bascom Hill, we have a statue of Abraham Lincoln seated in a chair. Two really great traditions that we have at our school have to do with Abe. The first, every semester on the first day of your finals, you are supposed to rub Abe's foot for good luck. I am convinced that this works. Just wait until you get here and try it! Second, on the day of your graduation from this great university, you are supposed to climb up into Abe's lap and whisper all of your hopes and dreams for the future into his ear. Less seriously and more fun, my absolute favorite tradition in which I have participated thus far is the Southeast vs. Lakeshore Snowball Fight. Every time that there's a snow day (and let's be real, this is Wisconsin so it happens pretty much once a year), UW students head out to Bascom Hill in their designated color (either red or black, depending on which side you're supporting) and let the snow fly. It's chaos at its finest and everyone goes home soaking wet, but it's a great time.


My university is best known for its party environment; there are plenty of parties that take place all throughout campus. Students can enjoy themselves literally every night of their university career, although they should still use moderation. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is also the home of the Badger Herald, the nation's largest student-run, financially independent newspaper. It's an excellent way to get information about what's going on in the campus.


The University of Wisconsin Madison is best known for its quality of education. Although it is a large university and class sizes are often large; one-on-one help can be easily accessed and helps clarify uncertainties and to understand the material.


My school is best known for it's school spirit (GO Badgers!) and it's party-scene reputation. In the career realm, I would say that UW is well-known for it's ability to provide CEO's for important companies and educating it's students to be the best in their desired fields.


Big 10 athletics and parties


The business school is one of the best in the nation. THe univserity is also very big in agriculture, law, medicine, and education


UW-Madison is known for a few things. We are known for having one of the best football and basketball teams. We're also known for having the biggest Halloween parties out of all the other universities that have parties for Halloween and the biggest block party that takes place on Miflin Street.


UW-Madison is known for strong academic competition, leading biological research, school spirit and of course, beer.


I would have to say research. There are so many opportunities to assist a professor in his or her own research as well as funding for one's own research or thesis. I had a friend that studied fruit flies and their behavior for a year, which simply amazed me. I go to a univeristy that can offer such experience to engage what one has learned and challenge one to apply it to real situations and real research. Not only that, but UW-Madison has some of the best researchers in the nation if not world - incredible.


UW-Madison is best known for its outstanding curriculm in many different academic paths, such as math, pharmacy, and engineering. The university offers many challenging courses along with countless resources to help students along the journey towards becoming successsful. The university also offers a very friendly yet professional environment with staff so students feel more comfortable asking for assistance in any area that may be needed. It is also known for the great programs that assist graduates of the university in finding jobs after completing their studies.


Madison is known for its academic excellence and great research facilities. It has always been known as one of the best state schools and carries a lot of prestige with its name.


The University of Wisconsin is a school full of excitement and pride. I was so excited the day I got my acceptance letter in the mail and became a Badger. Sporting events are unlike anything I've ever witnessed. Everybody is so legitimately happy to be a part of this campus.


The University of Wisconsin Madison is known for many things, the majority of them positive. There are many libraries on campus, many of which are open 24/7. Madison is known for its prominent engineering and sciences programs. The students here are very liberal and politically involved. There is little discrimination to be found. And there are many police on campus, making Madison a very save school as well. Madison is also known for it's State Street, which is constantly bustling with visitors, shoppers, bar-goers, football fanatics, and of course, students.


Honestly, UW-Madison is most well-known for how big of a party school is and the pride that Badgers take in consuming large amount of alcohol, even though our rank is dropping in that category. However, it is also a very highly regarded college for reasearch and academics in general. I would like to express that there truely is a place for everyone on this campus (even the non-drinkers such as myself).


UW-Madison is known for a variety of different aspects from the lovable Badger mascot to being a renowned research university to its history from the 60s. I personally appreciate hearing about the events that took place within Madison during the 60s with the protesters against the Dow Chemical recruitment company and the later resulting Sterling Hall bombing. The anti-war movement on the UW-Madison campus was crucial to the movement happening nationwide and also gave Madison it's infamous liberal status. I believe this is the most unique of UW-Madison's well known features.


As a Big Ten school, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is known around the country for its rigorous academics and research facilities. It offers a very diverse range of classes and research opportunities. Administrators and professors hold their academic standards high and expect students to work hard and excel. As a result, students not only gain a rewarding education, but they also learn very valuable life lessons, such as hardwork and determination.


Research in the natural sciences, diversity of academics


UW-Madison is internationally known for providing its students with a top-notch education tailored to their specific career goals and path they wish to follow in life. We are known for ourlschool spirit, culturally diverse student and faculty population, and world recognized researchers in all fields of study. UW-Madison is a friendly, welcoming, and accepting university focused on making each individual feel part of the Badger community and family regardless of age, race, gender, upbringing, or socioeconomic status.


My school is best known for their high academic standards and fun sports environment.


My school is best known for its cutting edge research and innovative solutions to make the world more environmentally friendly. This gives students the opportunity to work in which ever area they choose and get hands on experiences in the field.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is unique because it?s a culturally rich, Big Ten school drawing students from all over the world. Every enrolled student is proud to be a badger. It distinguishes itself for its array of academic majors, study abroad programs, and exemplary faculty that include world-renowned researchers and scientists. The University of Wisconsin-Madison ranked number 14 in a national ranking of the best values among public universities in Kiplinger?s Personal Finance magazine in 2009, and is adjacent to the State?s Capitol within the heart of a thriving metropolian city.


Madison is world reknowned in its research as well as the high caliber of students who attend this university. The academics are known to be difficult however the variety of choices for prospective majors and courses makes it a very enlightening and enjoyable experience. The numerous extracurricular activities ranging from juggling to boating, basketball, rowing, and ultimate frisbee definitely makes this college an interesting time. Most of the residents around campus are students, which allows for getting to know other students easy. Last but not least, attending badger games is one of the highlights of Madison as well.


Academically it is known for high quality and lots of research but commonly it is known for partying.


Binge drinking, football, and scientific research. The students at Wisconsin party hard, but it's an excellent academic institution and the classes are very competetive.


University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the top ten schools in the country. The students here are very school-spirited and academically focused. It is the biggest University in Wisconsin, and feels like a community of its own.


My college is best known for being a well-respected school in a great, medium-sized town. There are four lakes that allow you to do sports year-round on, and they surround the campus. The school is also known for its athletics; everyone, students, faculty, staff, and residents alike, take part in all the sports fun that's to be had!


Unfortunately, Madison is mostly known as a party school. There is so much more to the campus than that, the volunteer options are endless as well as the amount of clubs.


It use to be known for being a "party school" but the "party" name has moved on to other schools. It is known for it's research (like stem cell research) and known for the Wisconsin BADGERS!!! football team. It also has one of the best college marching bands.


My school is best known for the research done here. UW-Madison is one of the leading research institutions in the country, and brilliant minds are hard at work in labs all over campus. UW is also well known for our spirited students, who are always eager to support our teams at football, hockey, and basketball games. My school is also known for the extreme liberal views that are held by a majority of the people that live here.


My school is best known for being the epitome of what is typically thought of as the American college experience. At Madison there exists a strong emphasis on academic success and an undeniable bounty of school spirit. Socializing is made a top priority by many and it is hard to recognize the quaint city as anything but beautiful. With a legendary football stadium, candy hued chairs at the union, heavily populated libraries [and bars], busy State St. , and the breathtaking capital building all set in America's heartland, it is difficult to imagine anything more symbolic of an American college.


Among the students, partying, but among the academics, we are best known for having amazing research opportunities.


To students that do not attend Madison, the school is known for partying but attending this university showed me that it is so much more, like an amazingly beautiful campus with incomparable academics and life opportunities you can find no where else.


My sport is best known for being hard working and having a lot of school spirit. iIbelieve this school has a very positive vibe and a great reputation. This school is known for success and bring the best out of students.


Sports and being very liberal.


My school is best known for its partying, but also for its academics. The phrase most often used is "work hard, play hard" when describing my school.




Badger Football, College Library, Working hard and playing harder.


I think it's best known for it's top-notch research facilities, along with it's "work hard/play hard" philosophy among the student body.


Partying and stellar academics!


People tend to associate the school with the state of Wisconsin, so people think of cows, cheese and beer. That's not entirely true, though cheese and beer are very prevalent in Madison. People who have been to Madison know it as a great city with one of the best nightlifes in the Midwest.