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UW Madison is unique because despite being such a big school and big campus, the sense of community and belonging is definitely present.


There is always something to do, people to see, activites to participate in. The campus is absolutely full of events and opportunities. Also I came here because of the lake. The lake is my absolute favorite part about the campus.


It's not just a school, but an experience.


The University of Wisconsin had a type of energy to it. When you walk around, you feel as though people are happy. The campus is awesome! There are tons of restuarants, bars, some lakes, and green space. It is the perfect college town that is actually within a city.


A unique thing about UW-Madison compared to other schools I considered is the atmosphere. Students at Wisconsin love and are proud to be Badgers and represent this school. Another thing that is unique is football gamedays. The whole campus is a sea of red and everyone is out in the nice fall weather having fun and showing their school spirit. The Big 10 atmosphere of this school is unlike any other. Also what is unique is the academic prestige that the other schools I looked at lacked. This school is challenging and that's what makes it so great.


Madison is still in a big city, but the campus is slightly set apart. Madison also has a wide variety of majors, which is great if you are undecided. I also like that Madison is right by the lakes; it makes for wonderful walks in the spring, summer, and fall.


My school has a phenomenal social atmosphere and a unique involvement in politics as it is located in the capital of Florida.


The atmosphere surrounding Madison is unique. The palpable excitement at any sporting event, the academic rigor, and the ideal college town with various ways to fight the freshmen fifteen are all components in order to help make Madison a perfect college for me.


I feel that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is unique in that it offers an outstanding show of the balancing of academics and social life. The students here are extremely driven academically but still seem to find time to make the university the extremely exciting and fun place that it is.


There's always something for all different types of people to do. Concerts, movies, speakers, volunteer opportunities, parties--there's something for everyone.


I would say Wisconsin prepares me for the real world because the people I sit next to in lecture, are the same ones I may be working with in the future. My school breaks the social norm of races hanging out only with their race. On campus, you can see all races hanging out with one another, simply because they want to, not because they have to.


Madison offers high-quality education at a great price. It is well-known as a research school and is consistently ranked with the top schools in the country. It is located between two beautiful lakes and the campus is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. The people are friendly and the Badgers football team is great!


Most of the other universities that I considered were able to offer some of the features that I was looking for in a college, but only Madison contains everything that defines the perfect college for me. Not only does Madison have outstanding academics, but also great school spirit and athletics, open-minded and hard working students, dedicated faculty, and a beautiful lakefront campus. Additionally, the social scene on campus is fun, responsible, and everyone can easily find a place where they belong. Madison is unique because it is absolutely perfect.


UW-Madison is one of the largest schools in Wisconsin, therefore offering a huge variety of people to meet, places to go, and things to get involved in. There are so many things unique to Madison, such as Bascom Hill, a popular spot for tons of people. State Street is also awesome having interesting shops and restaurants. The Memorial Union is a great place to watch movies or hang out as well. Academically, I am most proud of Madison's research achievements and the opportunities to become involved. There are great professors and an amazing variety of classes and majors.


The friendly and open attitudes of the students distinguished UW-Madison from other universities of its size and calibre. Students are smiling and accessible, and always ready to help out a fellow Badger by passing along their lecture notes or helping someone that slipped on the treacherous Bascom Hill.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison makes diversity a top priority for its campus, and the students definitely benefit from it. There are students from all across the country, from California to New York, and there are international students. There are many different cultures on campus, and there are even dormatory halls specifically to integrate different people and cultures. The effort UW-Madison takes to integrate their students with as many different people as possible reflects the love of diversity and willingness to share experiences. Such diversity becomes part of the norm and reflects how the real world truly is.


The atmosphere at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is like no where else in the world. You will find ever type of person you can image here and all living together in a peaceful and friendly manor.


There is always something to do. Whether it be a party, a band, a snow ball fight, a speaker, a sporting events or just chilling by the terrace. If you're not doing you homework, you should never be bored.


Madison is a great school at a great price. It doesn't advertise itself well, but it's in fact awesome.


It has the best of both worlds. Academically challenging while providing a amazing social life.


This school is uniquely diverse both in population and class content. You can find some very specific and rare classes here in almost anything that interests you. Most of the professors are very experienced and good at what they do. The art and music scene is very prominent here. Also this school is on a beautiful campus right between two lakes. It offers both scenic, natural areas and a culturally diverse city.


Something that sets apart the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the school pride that is found there. On football game day, you can see the crowds flocking to the stadium in a sea of red apparrel. People are prideful in being, and having been Badgers, and that forms a comraderie which last for a lifetime.


My school is unique because it is located in a large city and yet still has a small town feel to it.


This school is more like a small city within a city. The campus is pretty much the entire downtown area of Madison. This school is very challenging yet at the same time extremely social.


I had applied to three Big Ten schools; Purdue, Univeristy of Minnesota-Twin Cities and University of Wisconsin-Madison. I choose UW Madison over the other universities because it suited me best. UW Madison had a lot to offer as it was more affordable and closer to home. Madison also has academic prestige that very few schools surpass. It was a tough decision to make, but what really pushed me to choose Madison was my campus visit and tour. The instant I walked around campus, I knew Madison was the place for me.


The most unique thing about the University of Wisconsin-Madison is that it uniquely blends into the city of Madison in a way that I have not seen from other colleges and universities. It is a strange feeling, knowing that it is a college campus, yet it is also just part of a city. Yet it is a balanced mixture. Other universities in urban environments either feel like a protected campus that happens to be in a city, or a massive city that happens to have a campus in it. The University of Wisconsin-Madison perfectly meshes the two environments.


UW-Madison has a very strong sense of community and school spirit. The city itself is largely centered around the school and its students, and students are united in their Badger pride, whether it is in excellent academics, exciting athletic events, or record-breaking snowball fights. Although UW-Madison is indeed a large school, this atmosphere gives students a sense of belonging and common ground and attracts top students who want to have a great college experience at one of the nation's best universities. One is not a "number" at this school; one is a Badger.


We have several all campus events that any one can do if they wish, such as a snow ball fight involving more that 300 people. You also come in contact with a lot of people of different social classes (upper through lower).


Although I attend a university of more than 40,000 students, many schools are located within the university. This is great because you can get the big campus feel with a smaller group of professors and peers in your area of study. I really like my university because I get the best of both worlds.


It has wonderful research opportunities. The professors here are very knowledgable and also find time to do research. A lot of the research is changing the lives of others and is therefore important. I'm doing research in cognitive development with one of my professors and the goal is to improve teaching methods for math which I feel is very beneficial.


It has two different parts of campus, one is more laid back with nature trails and more green space and the other is more city like and where most of the partying takes place. There are a lot of concerts, events, and speakers that come to campus and off campus, and everything is relatively easy to walk or take a bus to.


comfort zone


UW Madison offers a world class education close to home for a relatively resonable price.


Madison is extremely diverse and open to many opinions. There are many opportunities to meet people from all over the country and even the world. Madison is also very liberal and everyone here has great pride in the university.


Madison has an energy to it that just gets you excited- for what you're learning, for discovering new things, for living life- it's inspiring. I'm getting all emotional and excited just trying to find the words that fit to discribe Madison. UW-Madison is a place where you are really able to discover who you are, it gives you an opportunity to be learn and grow in an lively and stimulating environment. I love it here, and can't imagine that I would have had nearly the same, or as fulfilling experience anywhere else. GO BADGERS!


It is a big school so there are lots of opportunities, which can be especially important for people who don't exactly know what they want to do right when they start school.


My primary reason for attending college was to obtain an engineering degree, and that was my main criterion in choosing a university-its ability to give me the best possible education available. Madison offered me a world-class chemical engineering program, consistent of brilliant professors, challenging courses, and an abundance of knowledge to be gained. But, what truly set it apart was its mix of demanding academics with the diverse conglomeration of everything else. The students, their backgrounds, the activites, and the new experiences and views to which I would be exposed is what set Madison apart from the others.


Madison so insanely liberal and has the hugest school spirit alive. No one can be a student and not have this huge pride.


The surrounding community and the campus itself play off each other and create a really unique enviroment.


It is so diverse. It is located in a beautiful liberal city of Madison and is a world class research facility.


Madison is an extremely open and welcoming campus. There are so many opportunities to excel and there is a place for everyone to purse their interests. My favorite part of the school is how politically active and environmentally conscious most of the students are. It is very rewarding to be a part of such a active community, especially during one of the most infamous elections in United States history. I am very proud to be a Badger and I could not picture myself attending any other school.


This is the biggest school of the other schools to which I was accepted. The other schools were in smaller towns and did not have a very large focus on drinking and sports. Most of the other schools I considered were specialty schools and were out of state. Most of them were private schools.


The school is huge, but at the same time I never found it overwhelming as I orgionally anticipated. You have the option to surround yourself in a more natural setting or in city life (medium sized city). While Madison has a reputation for its sports and drinking culture and most students drink quite a bit, there is so much else it has to offer from the second largest sailing club in the country to mountaineering, skiing, sky and scuba diving, martial arts and array of club sports many of which I never heard of before.


The UW has it's problems, but there is a lot of work going on to make these things better.


Madison has so much school spirit, you can't help but get sucked in. Regardless of what your favourite thing to do is, there are so many diverse people that you're sure to find people who you share things in common with.


There is nothing really unique, but everything that we have is exceptional. Our faculty, staff and students I feel are among the best in the country. School spirit is rampant and everyone loves it here.


The campus and the city surrounding campus.


Nothing really. I choce this school for cost vs credibility.


Nothing. It is exactly the same as every other big campus.


I feel that UW-Madison is the best public school in the state, so no matter what my major is, I feel like I'm getting a good education.