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It is in a great cultural and fun city. There are a lot of big classes and it is very academically competetive. Great school spirit!


It is very diverse in terms of the activities an opportunities available.


The University Bookstore has an enormous, inexpensive selection of nearly every office supply you can imagine. With an entire binder dedicated to binders alone, all of your back-to-school needs can be taken care of in one place!


The UW Credit Union has a lot of benefits for students, such as free ATMS, convenient locations, long hours, and free online banking. They also often sponsor events for students on campus, last year bringing the musical act "Rockapella" to Madison.


So many opportunities. If you want to do something, you can find it on this campus, it's just up to you to seek it out. We have over 60 programs in the top 20 of the nation, meaning that whatever you want to study, is going to most likely be top-notch. School spirit, hard academics, beautiful city, amazing faculty, it's a lot to take in and a lot to live up to, but it's worth it.


My parents went here and it is the best school in Wisconsin. Also, it has a good Creative Writing program, which is my major.


The most unique aspect about my school compared to others was that they were willing to provide me with a full tuition scholarship based on my ethnicity and academic success combined.


Liberal school in my mostly conservative state


We are the only school located between two lakes, we are the epitome of a college town.


It's a beautiful campus and the people are very open-minded. For being racially and ethnically not very diverse, there is still a lot of cultural diversity on campus and opportunity to learn about other cultures/lifestyles. The workload can be tough, but the fun balances it out.


The location to my home town was perfect. Only 1 and 1/2 hours away. Transportation back and forth is a breeze with a bus the state offers. My school has sooooooooo much to offer. I 'm interested in medicine and UW Madison has so much to offer me. I was able to jump right in my Freshman year and I took a class which offered "hands on" in the radiology department of the University Hospital. This has inspired me to pursue a major in Biomedical Engineering. I just applied to the program, wish me luck!


Great scholarships available. Advisors were very helpful and advising me about the various majors available on campus. There are posters about how to be environmentally friendly hung around campus. Most people who attend this school are valedictorians. There are high expectations to do well here.


It is a wonderful campus environment that allows you to create your own niche based on your interests and goals.


Madison is not just a college town. You are right in with the community of Madison so you get to interact with the people who live here and become a part of the city. There are tons of opportunities to do things in other aspects of Madison besides the University. Having the state capitol just a few blocks away makes you realize just how important of a city you are living in.


At the end of the day, the academics are great, but pretty much everything else has sucked completely for me, to put it simply. I feel that I may be more of an exception than a rule, but most of my friends agree with me on my complaints... Take what you will from my description - it's different for everybody.


UW-Madison's size lets me have much more control over social situations. By having so many people around, I'm never stuck with one group of friends, but I can make campus as small as I want it. Another thing its size does is give students an incredible range of available courses. There is something like 4000 available undergrad courses, so I'm never really confined to my discipline.


While we may have winter madness, the four distinct seasons in Madison are amazing. I love its position between two lakes. Another great thing is how amazing the research opportunities are.


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On Wisconsin!!


Best place to goto school in the nation.


I was a little afraid to go to such a large university when I first made my decision. However, I loved the fact that I could walk around campus and run into people I knew, without the campus being so small that I knew everybody I saw. I would consider myself only moderately involved on campus, yet by the time I graduated I was amazed by the number of people I knew and friends I had made. It's incredible how many people I know now that know other friends of mine from completely different circles. I never meant to network - somehow it just happened. :)


GO FOR IT. TAKE THE PLUNGE. UW-Madison will be the best decision of your life if you let it be.


Wisconsin is an absolutely amazing school. This year has easily been the greatest year of my life. I learned so much from people all around the world, was taught by professors leading the research in their field, got exposed to experiences that I never thought would happen, and got to live in one of the most exciting places in the world. The Badgers won the Big Ten conference in basketball, went to the Sweet Sixteen, football made it to the Outback Bowl, hockey was incredible as usual and knocked off #1 Denver in the frozen four, the track team won its 11th or 12th consecutive title, and of course we won the Border Battle with Minnesota(years running now). Aside from sports, I met some of the most amazing friends that I will have for the rest of my life and had some of the best experiences ever. Madison is an eclectic, crazy, vibrant town with a lot to offer for anyone who wants to explore the world. Good luck to you in your college search, and On Wisconsin!


the spirit of wisconsin madison can best be summed up in the fifth quarter. in a tradition that was started decades ago, every saturday after a football game, we in the band come back out onto the field and perform a final time. We play songs like the chicken dance, the beer barrel polka, steve miller's swing town, and if you want to be a badger. One of the most amazing things about this, is that over half of the people in the stadium stay and sing and dance along with us. Win or lose, we always perform this time honored tradition. Amazingly, when we perform at road games such as Michigan and Ohio state, badger fans that have made the trek with us still stay in the stands and sing! This is what madison is about. Going that extra mile, being that strong, close knit community that we are, and as always, celebrating our school and what it means to be a badger just by having fun!


"They will ask me where I went to college and I will say 'Wisconsin.' Their excited expression will turn to shame and all they will manage to get out is 'oh' because instantly they will know no story they can tell will top what I have done. I will not need to say a thing, they will just understand. They know that their wildest night of college was just a regular Thursday for us. We Wisconsin kids are a special breed. And trust me, everyone else is jealous."


I have no regrets coming here. The classes are great, the people are great and the city is better.


I love Madison, but the weather sucks!


Great school, very big but you get used to it. People love to party and drink but you don't have too and people aren't stupid about it. Love being here, even from far away. On Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




There is a lot of talk about the “Coastie”/”Sconnie” divide. I never heard these words before I actually came to school, but since I have gotten here, it is one of the most frequently joked about topics. Pretty much, “Coasties” are people who are from the East and West coasts, mostly from the suburbs of large cities such as LA, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Miami, and Philadelphia. These people often life in ‘private dorms’, with a prime location on State Street. The main difference between the public and private dorms themselves is that the private dorm lifestyle features suites of 2-4 people sharing a bathroom, with larger bedrooms and conveniently located dining halls in the basements and gyms located in the building. This lifestyle, as opposed to the public life of shared bathrooms, dining halls, and gyms with the rest of the university, costs a great amount more money, which the private residents clearly have due to their greatly inflated tuition costs that are equal to the family incomes of many “Sconnie” families. As a result, the “Coastie” lifestyle is frequently subjected to gossip, both positive and negative. “Coasties” are often criticized as being extremely materialistic, and that they wish to have zero interaction with “Sconnies.” However, there are many flaws in this system of Sconnies vs. Coasties. Most distinctly, many of the residents of the private dorms are from Chicago, or Minneapolis suburbs, and even the occasional Milwaukee suburb, which are all very much part of the mid-west. Second, I have a large amount of friends that live in public dorms, refuting the opinion that we hate “Sconnies.” Let’s be real, why would anyone choose to go to school where they supposedly ‘hate’ the locals. Third, of the 6 people from my high school graduating class who came to UW-Madison, 4 live in private dorms, and 2 live in public. That’s right, 2 Scarsdale, New Yorkers in public dorms. Read it and weep! Us “Coasties” picked UW-Madison for a reason, and we love it just as much as you “Sconnies” do. Maybe we were not raised watching Badger football games, or eating cheese curds, but we love sipping on Spotted Cow (the local brew) just as much as you do, so get over it.


GO BADGERS!!!!! I love University of Wisconsin!!!!


When you enter the University of Wisconsin as a freshman, you must make a pivotal choice that will help shape the rest of your social life at school. You must decide whether to live in a private or public dorm. The private dorms are much more expensive, but provide incredible amenities and comfort, and are made up of a majority of out-of-state students. The public dorms mostly represent students from the state of Wisconsin, and many of the dorms are in decrepit condition. I am from Massachusetts, and I wanted to be part of the Wisconsin culture and lifestyle, but when I lived in the private dorms, I was placed in an environment that was eerily similar to the schools that I passed on attending back home. The segregation between in-state and out-of-state students is a major problem, and real stereotypes such as “Sconnie” and “Coastie” has emerged. This has created a fragmented campus, which is a real shame.


On Wisconsin!


Organic chemistry sucks balls.


wisconsin fucking rules!!!




most amazing school. is beyond beautiful. wonderful environment. liberal. fun.


Best Party School in the Nation