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University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.

A day at campus that i will never forget is the day that we beat the #1 ranked football team ohio state. I was a Junior then, sitting in the stadium watching the game. We were all so nervous because this was a big game and it determined whether or not we would make it to the rose bowl. We ended up winning the game and students were rushing onto the field to celebrate with their beloved badgers. The stadium was going CRAZY and everybody was so happy, yelling and screaming together It was a day that i would never forget. Throughout the streets people were cheering and just everybody was so happy. It created a great atmosphere among campus for the rest of the weeks up until the rose bowl

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Welcome week, day 7. It was the opening football game against UNLV. Tailgates and streets covered in red ALL day. Music playing. Frat parties. Block parties. Dorms blasting music. Pure game-time insanity. I love Wisconsin sports!

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