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Describe a typical weekend.

Well the best weekends are always the weekends when there is a game on Saturday. Depending on what time the game starts whether it is a day or night game has an impact on what time you get up and start getting ready. If it is a night game, you have all day to work on homework, go out for lunch on state street, or even buy some last minute gear at the bookstore for the game. State Street and the rest of campus will be filled with a sea of people wearing red. Everyone gets into the game day spirit and people are rowdy and excited from the time you wake up until game time. If you go out saturday night it sometimes depends on if the badgers won the game that day or not. The spirit and energy around campus is either extremely high or low and everyone feels it. Saturday night is a great night to hit up some of the local bars around state street, if you are 21+ of course. Many of the bars do a great job of keeping out underaged students who are using false identification. The streets are usually packed with students and locals. After saturday night, sunday is usually a library day or study day. It is when most students do their work and spend hours in the various libraries, coffee houses and unions around campus.

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Lots of partying for the party-goers and studying for the people who have projects due during the week. Weekends are also a time to kick back and enjoy, what I call "sober fun," with friends. Walk on state street (our down town Mecca), go to a bar if you're of age, or just kick it in your dorm floor common room and watch a movie.

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