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Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.

The social scene can be very divided between greek life and non greek life. Sororities and fraternities are constantly having parties around campus and invite everyone so most of the time even if you are not in a sorority or fraternity, you can attend these various parties. Sometimes however you cannot and therefore there are many other bars and clubs around campus. Some clubs also allow people who are 18+ which is great for those who are not of the legal drinking age yet still want to go out and have a great time. The bars are very strict and the bouncers at the front know what a fake ID looks like and are not afraid to take it away from you or to have the police raid the bars and give out tickets. it is important to be smart when you go out and go to places that you are allowed to go and not try to sneak in illegally. Freshman year there were always parties within the dorms as well so you really have free will to decide what you want to do on the weekends.

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