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University of Wisconsin-Madison

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What are some hot-button issues on campus?

Because we live so close to the capitol building, there is a lot of political activity that goes on on this campus. One of the biggest issues on this campus that people are very vocal about right now is the budget. Tuition is expensive and it is a major concern for everyone who goes here. The Associated Students of Madison (basically college Student Council) deals with the people in power to fight for the students on this issue. They also relay information back to students about the hottest issues on campus through frequent e-mails. If you're really involved in politics, ASM is probably something you should look into. Also, our campus is very concerned with the environmental situation that the earth is currently in. There has been a widespread initiative across campus to get people to go green, or at least greener. We're doing things like composting in the dining halls and making facilities more energy-efficient. The environment is not something that we joke around about here on campus. Big Red, Go Green has an interesting mission and we as students try to do all that we can to help the earth.

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