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What's the Greek scene like?

The greek scene is great! i am a member of a sorority on campus and living in the house as a sophomore was probably the best year of school for me. There are so many different sororities and fraternities all that cater to everyone and allow you to connect to so many different people as well. Sororities and Fraternities mingle with one another and also have huge parties and mixers were everyone is invited. Although the greek life is great, it does not have to take over your whole life and you really are free to participate in events you want to or not participate in certain events as well. Also there is a whole social scene that is not greek and if you decide not to rush and that greek life isn't for you, you have alternative options. You find what is the best for you and you do not necessarily need to rush but i think it was one of the best experiences for me was to join a sorority.

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The greek scene here is prominent but small. I'm involved and enjoy it, but the majority of people still have a great time even without it.

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