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University of Wisconsin-Madison

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When you step off campus what do you see?

"State Street Brats" is a bar right in the heart of State Street that is so historic and adored in downtown Madison that it has actually recently been declared a state landmark. With both the NFL Network and the Big Ten Network, as well as some of the best finger-foods around, Brats is sure to show you a great game-day experience!

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When you step off campus, you see the greater city of Madison. Don't forget that Madison is a busy, semi-metropolitan place all in itself. The city is home to a large, professional community, and don't forget that Madison, being the capitol, is the control center for the entire state of Wisconsin.

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Ian's Pizza is known for it's wide variety of creative slices. From "Steak and Fries" to "Mac n' Cheese," Ian's lets customers get creative with their pizza. Whether for lunch or late-night snacking, Ian's is a UW favorite!

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