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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

Helen C White/College Library (often called simply "College:) is a major library right next to the Memorial Union. Its an absolutely massive building--seven floors, the first three of which are dedicated solely to studying. There's plenty of tables, although frustratingly there never seems to be enough outlets. There's designated quiet areas, where its absolutely silent, and there's also places for group study, which is nice. There's also a coffee shop within the building on the first floor which I've definitely appreciated when getting things done at 4 am. Caffeine is a lifesaver. The Memorial Union itself is a great place to study. The first floor has plenty of space, from the German Beer Hall-esque Rathskeller to the modern and beautiful Lakefront seating area, where you have a great view of Lake Mendota. Outlets here seem to be more common. Almost every campus building has a place to study, if not an actual library within it. Overall I vote the best place to study is either College Library or The Historical Society, which is aways drop dead silent and has the comfiest chairs on campus.

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There's no right answer to this question. The best place to get word done varies from person to person. Some people like where they live. Some people like the libraries. Some people like spots in certain educational buildings. I tend to like studying in Union Library near the Scandinavian card collection on the second floor. It's nice with good chairs.

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With calm music and a relaxing environment, the State Street Starbucks is an incredible study spot. Built to serve students, the upstairs area has everything from couches to desks, all surrounding an electric fire place!

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