University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


They vary depending on their neighborhood. Southeast: Partying and social. Lakesore: Academic and quiet.


I lived in the Lakeshore dorms my freshman year and met my current friends and roommates. My dorm was three floors, alternating guys and girls by floor. I now live with five of the guys from the second floor and 2 girls from my floor. I could not have a better experience in the dorms. The Lakeshore dorms are a little more secluded and old compared to the Southeast dorms, which are located close to the center of campus. There are also suite dorms that are larger, more expensive and come with a few more perks. Personally, I loved the classic, old dorms by the lake and everyone in my dorm loved it too.


The dorms on our campus are really different from building-to-building as well as depending on what side of campus you're on. The Lakeshore dorms are older, smaller, and are more historical-looking. The rooms are generally larger than the Southeast dorms, but they're also farther away from the center of campus. The Southeast dorms have more occupants per building, are relatively newer, and are more modern-looking. There are close to 15 different dorm buildings on campus. Most of them are double rooms but there are options for singles as well as some suite-style layouts. There are specific dorm options for substance-free, multicultural, and other interest-groups. More than anything, where you live freshman year sets the stage for the kind of experiences that you're going to have your first year of college. If you don't like where you're living, you're probably not going to get as much enjoyment out of your year as someone that does. Do your research, ask questions, and even come to campus and ask to see the rooms in any dorm you're considering. Dorm-life is a great experience and I think it's essential to the college experience, even though it's not required here.

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