University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

Do you feel like you changed a lot?


Yes and no. I feel like I have held onto the core values that I brought to college with me from my upbringing. However, I experienced a lot of things that challenged my beliefs and made me investigate the things that I cared about further to really nail down why I thought what I did or why certain things in my life were important to me. I think that college, no matter where you go, is about personal growth as much as academic growth. I have learned not to take myself so seriously. I have seen my personal skills develop. Where I used to be shy talking to some of my older family members, I see myself now having thoughtful and engaging discussions with them. I like to think of my college experience as "the selfish years." Before you get here, your choices are more or less mandated by your teachers, mentors, and parents. After you leave here, you get a real job and much of what you do with your time is dictated by your boss. In college, you choose what to prioritize. You can entirely remake your lifestyle if that's something you're interested. It seems to me that a lot of people change a lot in college because they have the freedom to do so if they want to. It's an amazing opportunity that you will never really have again.


Perhaps at bit.

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