University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What do students complain about most?


Well from what i hear, students complain the most about either the cold weather or the fact that they ran out of badger hats at the bookstore. (Those hats are really cute and sell out quickly)


Right now, finals are right around the corner so I'm hearing a lot of the same things from people who are stressed out more than they have been all semester (or at least since the last round of midterms). There are a lot of complaints that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. I hear a lot of, "I'm pretty sure my professor thinks I'm only taking his [or her] class" as my friends try to frantically finish everything that they need to do for one class before moving onto another before moving onto actual studying. The only way to combat these issues is to get good at time-management. A lot of professors will give you their syllabi before the class starts and it absolutely does not make you a nerd if you get started on things early. Save yourself stress in the long run by getting ahead and staying ahead for as long as possible so finals don't come around and bite you in the rear.


Students most complain about the amount of work that they have to do. Admittedly, I'm guilty of this too. While it might be hard to keep up with the demanding course work, it's what we all signed up for and if you manage your time well enough it's far from impossible to do well. Other than that, the cold is a popular topic for whining. As soon as it hits 35 Facebook is flooded with statuses about how terrible the weather is/"why did I ever come to Wisconsin!?!" ...... but it's not like you didn't know that coming in.... Grab a good coat.... bring layers.... stop whining.

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