University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Great community and sense of collective pride within the students.


For the most part, I brag to my friends about our football team and the overall prestige that comes with the university's name. The Badger football team has, in the past, been a great football team and one of the school's most popular pasttimes involves going to the games. As for the prestige associated with Madison, it aids many students in being hired by employers that will serve their best interests, such as big companies for Business majors, and well respected labs for Biology majors.


I guess that would be the strong academics and challenges that I am faced with each day. It's a very hard school, however so far I'm doing ok. I got my first "B" ever in my life last semester, but I learned so much that I decided it was ok. Medical schools might not want me now, but I learned so much and know I did my best. I find UW Madison to be quite a challenge, I guess that's what keeps me going.


I tell them about all the different opportunities I have here, whether it be academic opportunities or opportunities outside of the classroom. This includes the many clubs offered on campus and all the volunteer opportunities.


Nightlife, party, social atmosphere, nice people


How amazing the atmosphere is. UW-Madison is such an amazing college town. There is so much to do in the city when looking to take a break from your academics. It was once voted the number one party school in the nation, which means we know how to party and have a good time.


Campus is beautiful. There are a lot of resources available for help. Classmates and Friends are always there for you. You definitely get to learn a lot about yourself here.


The fun that we have! We work hard and play hard, accelerating in mostly everything to do! Madison is a great place for everyone--you fit in here no matter who you are! Everyone at this University loves to have a good time!


our campus is beautiful beyond belief, i love the union and especially sitting at the terrace outside. we have a great nightlife which everyone is jealous of and amazing school spirit. i love going to badger football games both home and away.


The advanced genetics program going on right now at UW-Madison.


I brag about how pretty the campus truly is. Even in weather with a negative wind chill, I can still love being here and walking around campus.


I mostly brag and tell them how much fun I have all the time and that I love it here. Basically, it feels like am supposed to be here. The campus is so diverse you can fit right in.


The interesting cultural classes that I'm enrolled in, example African Storyteller. The social events hosted at school buildings that feature sororities or fraternaties of minority groups that involve dancing. They tend to be fun and bring minority students together. I came from a majority white community so it was a new and exhilirating experience to attend UW-Madison and have a multi-cultural campus to be involved in, even though they are still the minority at Wisconsin. I enjoy being a part of the different social groups and attending the events. It is very educating.

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