University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There is no ‘most popular’ group on campus. The athletes are clearly worshiped by all, because they give us the many titles we earn each year. The school has two newspapers, The Badger Herald and The Daily Cardinal; both respected and frequently read all over the city. For people who were high school athletes, there are many club and intramural sports on campus that people get involved in. There are clubs for pretty much everything. From business, to photography, to Habitat for Humanity, pretty much everything is covered on campus. And clearly, if it is not here already, you can bring it here. My sorority, as of right now, is what I am most involved in on campus. We meet at least once a week, and are extremely involved both on and off campus. Each Greek organization has a philanthropy, or charitable event that they do annually. We have three. First, we have a fashion show that benefits the Make a Wish foundation. We have even gotten to help film a commercial for the foundation with a child whose wish it was to be in a commercial! Also, each Friday, we visit local Madison public elementary schools and read with students who are below their expected reading levels. Finally, we have an event called Celebration for Shona, in which we spend time in local pediatric units of hospitals. Besides these philanthropic events, we have socials with other groups across campus; participate in the competitions of homecoming week, and much more. However, I do have to say that being Greek on campus, I am actually a minority. While Wisconsin is a huge school, it is different from most schools in that Greek life here is lacking as compared to most other large schools. While going Greek is certainly fun, it is not at all necessary to enjoy your time here. It is actually more like the University is all of our fraternities, and Chi Omega is just my smaller group within that larger Frat. Games are a must. Season tickets are the most amazing thing that have ever happened to me. However, my best friend here hates sports, so it is definitely not a requirement. But really? Go to games, freak. I have personally been to many guest speakers and shows across campus, but I know that most people do not. I have been to a step show performance but the multi-cultural sororities and fraternities on campus, I saw Barack Obama speak twice, Chelsea Clinton once, Hilary Clinton once, a show called “the race show” on prejudice, the Ying Yang Twins, the DJ GirlTalk, Rockapella, and much more, all at the student union literally 3 blocks away from my dorm. And it is not just famous people – there are many student-run events and performances across campus as well. A lot of people do not take advantage of everything available here on campus, because it is nearly impossible to do so, but take in as much as you can – it is worth it. I met my closest friends in my dorm. Of my two best friends at school, one is my neighbor, and one went to high school with a different neighbor. My dorm is extremely friendly, and my door is always open. There are constantly people stopping by to say hello, hang out for a while, and talk about anything really. However, once your door is closed, everyone is aware that your privacy is needed.


the cool kids leave their doors open, the ones that are looking for friends, walk in! that's why the door is open


A lot of students my freshman year were involved with the Hoofers club because they do a lot of out doors skiing trips, etc. Sororities and Fraternities are popular if you want them to be, but if you are not in that seen you are fine as well. You definitely do not have to be in one in order to go to this school which is something that drew me to it when I was an incoming Freshman. Football and Basketball are huge events throughout the year and lots of students go to those games. Most students go out on the weekends to bars or house parties. Lots of beer drinking! However, if you do not drink there are other things going on in Madison you can do within the community as well.


The sports at the University are amazing. I am a sports junkie, and I have been blessed to witness some unbelievable sports while I have been a Wisconsin Badger. In 2006, the men and women’s hockey team won the national title. In 2007 the basketball team secured its first #1 ranking in the country, and the football team has been extremely successful as well. The spirit felt in Camp Randall and the Kohl Center is unbelievable especially when we play a big ten rival. University of Wisconsin has broken out on to the same level as UNC, Texas, and Florida, and arguably the premier overall sports department in the entire Midwest. Having a successful sports program is not essential to a quality college education, but it makes writing a paper much less stressful after storming the basketball court when winning the Big Ten regular season title. I have participated in MADPAC (America-Israel Political group), History Association, Roosevelt Institution (Political think tank), and College Democrats. Also I have participated in other classes that are not sponsored by the university. I was able to learn boxing in a grungy boxing gym in the middle of Madison, and also learn how to write a screenplay. Thousands of students are active, but you have to have the motivation. Many students just drink beer, but on the whole it is a positive mix.


A lot of people participate in intermural/club sports here at Wisconsin. I played co-ed intermural soccer in the fall and it was actually competitive. I am a member of a sorority on campus. Greek life is deffinately present on campus, but it is deffinately not overwhelming at all. Athletic events are extremely popular. Saturdays in the fall are all about Wisconsin football. Men's hockey and basketball are also really big. We actually just won Big Ten men's basketball, which is really exciting. My closest friends are from my sorority, but a lot of people hang out with the people in their dorms. If I am awake at 2am on Tuesday, I am deffinately studying. Halloween weekend is huge here. Thousands of people come from all over, and they recently started selling tickets just to get onto state stree. This year is was sponsored by Mountain Dew and Lifehouse came to perform. The mifflin block party is also huge in April. People party a lot here. I have friends who go out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There are always a ton of parties. The campus is huge and so many people live in houses and appartments so there is always so much going on. There are tons of clubs so theres always a drinking alternative.


All sports, club anything-really what ever your interested in-so are other people. I have been so grateful to my sorority and i really would love to see more people get involved with the greek system. I have met almost all of my closest friends through it, and college would not have been the same with out it. yes dorms are very friendly. Very popular-on game days EVERY one wears red. if teachers give extra credit, but usually yes anyways. I think a lot of ppl date and a lot dont. Definitely not as many as at a private school. The women here are builing their own careers, they don't go to college to find a mate. Either at a bar or studying. Mifflin Street Block party is ridiculous, Halloween is fantastic. All summer is unbelievable (great weather, great lake, no lines at bars) I would say 3-4 a week. Important to those not in them-not so much (except for charities that we help out throughout the year). People in them-priceless. hmmm. study, watch a movie, go to the terrace and play card (weather permitting) or see any of the live music, theres a comedy club, etc. Went out. Go to Target, grocery or clothing shopping. thats about it!


1. men's football, hockey, and basketball 2. Hillel 3. in Statesider, yes; Towers, no. Not sure about other dorms 4. very popular--athletic events, especially men's football, basketball, and hockey; guest speakers--if it's a good on; never been to the theater 5. lots of guys and girls to choose from, whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual 6. sorority, dorms 7. watching tv, on my computer, or sleeping 8. Halloween, Mifflin Street Block Party, homecoming 9. at least 3 nights/week 10. not very important 11. went out (drank) and watched a movie at home one night 12. smoke, movies 13. movies, shop, eat


The athletic events are very popular. People party a lot. Tuesdays, thursday, friday, and saturday are common days to party. I am in a frat and it is a very big part of my life. On a friday/sat. there isn't much to do if you aren't drinking. The union sometimes has events and you can rent a movie or something, but the majority of people go out.


The sports teams (esp. football, basketball, hockey and crew) are incredibly popular, as is the marching band, but the Greek community is also burgeoning (the last three fall recruitments have all successively had the biggest turnout ever). I'm involved in the mock trial program, as well as the Delta Delta sorority; Tri Delta is amazing in that we not only have fun together as a group socially, but we also give back to the community through community service, and every girl is involved in at least one other campus activity. Depending on the dorm and floor you live in, the door policy differs [on my floor in my dorm last year, we were open-door]. Sports are huge on campus - people wait outside, overnight for days to get hockey/basketball tickets with their friends, and football ticket sales online sold out in under three days last year. Guest speakers are somewhat popular, but not hugely. Theatre is somewhat popular on campus - but there is also some student interest when shows come to the Overture Center. Dating scene on campus has a healthy mix of couples and singles (this isn't a huge M.R.S. degree school, and most studetns are married). I met many of my close friends through the dorms last year, a few from Choral Union[a UW choir], and several through Tri Delta. If I'm awake at 2am on Tuesday, I'm probably doing homework or studying for an exam. Major transitions on campus include football to hockey/basketball, fall to spring semester. Major events include Homecoming, Greek Week, Humorology [the largest philanthropy on campus, the Greeks put on student-written musical comedies with the proceeds going to Camp Heartland and the Chris Farley Foundation], Halloween, St. Patrick's Day. People can be found partying most often Thursday through Saturday nights. Greek life on campus greatly contributes to the community, but by no means is it so pervasive that it's a necessary thing to be part of (Greeks make up a bit more than 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus). Last weekend my sorority had a social and I spent a fair bit of time at the library working on a partner midterm. I don't drink, so I know Saturdays can still be fun without alcohol - whether it's going to a friend's appartment, having a social or staying in for movie night, it's all good. I don't do much off campus at Madison, I don't have a car.


I'm in the greek system. Not the biggest community, but fun.


Wisconsin has a decent bar scene for a city of its size, which isn't surprising given the hordes of young folks with disposable income and fake IDs. The bars up by the capitol tend to be a little more low-key than the very typical college bars around State Street. I found that either people cherish Wisconsin football and go to every game or really couldn't care less. And even though the football-goers make themselves seen and heard, I wouldn't necessarily assume its the majority of people. One thing I would recommend is the Distinguished Lecture Series, which brings in great speakers and is free for students.


first we pre game before going to the pre bar, then its time for the bars, then we go somewhere to A-Bar, before going to bed and doing it all over.


Ghey. I nevAr get la3d.


---football and hockey are the biggest things


All intramural sports are popular. The greek system is popular but you do not need to be a part of it to have fun. In my dorm everyone's door is always open. The dating scene is great... there are places to meet people with alcohol and without (college library was rated the number one place to meet people without alcohol). Met my closest friends through the dorms and greek life. If I am awake at 2 on Tuesday I am either at a bar that has a 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} off special on Tuesdays or being with friends in the dorm. Every year: Mifflin block party, polar plunge, Humorology, FOOTBALL, sports, and welcome week (AMAZING!). People can party any day of the week they want. Most people average between two to three nights a week. Last weekend: Naughty school girl/bad school boy social with a sorority, our fraternity threw a white out party on friday (over 600 people) and on sat had a keg in our room. During the day studying and watched a movie. On a saturday night can go to a club, watch a movie in a dorm room, go to the union. Off campus: bars, restaurants, and the one club nearby and sometimes house parties. Dont have a car so its difficult to do that much off campus.


Alpha Epsilon Pi is the frat to be in.


I'm in a Fraternity. Greek Life is not huge here but its a lot of fun. Lately a lot of politicians have been coming to Madison because of the Primaries and there is usually always a concert each weekend.


There are hundreds of clubs on campus. They are all very popular. Intramural sports is very popular also. I am part of the Associated Students of Madison Legislative Affairs committee. We do a lot of work. From voter registration, to lobbying at the capital. Students in dorms always have their doors open. Everyone here is so nice. Athletics are very popular. The stadiums are always packed. There is live music somewhere on campus every night. I met my closest friends randomly last year when I got put on the same dorm floor as them. 20 of us from all over the country, wound up together, and had the times of our lives and became best friends. Some seniors would be partying of course, but others would be studying for an exam, and talking with friends. There are so many annual events and traditions that occur each year. People party on average 2 or 3 times a week. Some go out Wednesday thru Saturday, others just go out on the weekends. Fraternities are sororities are 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the campus. If you live in one, it is important part, otherwise it is not. I went to my friends parties and hung out with friends at the union. There are always events such as movies, shows, and lots of other things available to do on Saturday night. Everything anyone could ever want or need is on campus, so I don't venture off campus that much.


Sports are a huge part of the UW campus, especially football and basketball. There are a LOT of sports fans, even lots of alumni and parents get in on the games. There are also tons of organizations on campus--- no matter what you like to do, there is something for you. I've been involved with an organization promoting women in fields of business that got me in touch with many alumni and also allowed me to have a better look at careers in business-related fields from a unique perspective. Students in the dorms don't generally leave their doors open because of theft problems, but by the same token I have met most of my close friends through the dorms--- that is probably the easiest way to make friends if you are not huge on the extracurricular scene. People party a lot and the bars are hopping. Truthfully, on the weekends I either go to the bar or watch movies/sometimes go to movies, but that is the extent of my off-campus activities.


If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it is because I am studying or hanging out with other people in my dorm. People party a lot. Sometimes it is hard to find social events that don't involve drinking.


There is not really a "most popular" group. It all depends on what you are intereseted in. There is a group for everyone. I am involved in Associated Students of Madison (ASM), which is the student government on campus, and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), which is a business student organization on campus. I like both of these orgs. for very different reasons. With ASM, I am the Campus Safety Chair, so I get to help the community and make my campus safer. With SIFE, I am a project leader for a group that works on a simulation for high school students, so I get to teach them about the finances they will encounter after high school. The dorms are a great experience. I lived in them for two years and you meet so many people. For the most part, whoever is on your floor will be your best friends for the next four years. You go out together, study together, eat together, and learn to live on your own together. Athletic events are very popular since school spirit is so prevalent here. The most popular sports are mens football, mens basktetball, and mens hockey. I would definitely recommend getting football tickets (the price it totally worth every penny). The social scene really exists. At least someone on campus will be going out every night of the week. There is never a shortage of things to do. I am still wondering how I am going to fit everything I want to do into four years and it is coming down to crutch time. Every year, Halloween and the Mifflin Street Block Party are the two main events that go on in Madison. For the most party these are just two huge parties that take place on two different streets in Madison (State Street and Mifflin). Basically, everyone is just drinking and having a good time being with their friends.