University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


While I'm not one for bragging, I always make sure to mention how close my residence hall is to the delicious ice cream served at Dejope.


UW Madison is a place of Academic Excellence where you can realise yourself in over than 160 majors. One of the top universities of academic resources, where you can explore new ideas, collaborate on new projects, experiment with cutting-edge technology or debate latest world news. UW Madison is the best place to live, as Madison Wisconsin has been named one of America's top ten cities to live in. A very friendly community with a lot of possibilities to connect with other students thru one of 800 student organizations. Home of Badgers, and home of 30 club sports.


Only three schools awarded more degrees to Fortune 500 CEOs than UW-Madison: Harvard University (58), Columbia University (21) and University of Pennsylvania (20) And the lakes are beautiful. We have great lakeside trails.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a very popular school in the Wisconsin university system. It is a big ten school. It is famous for its sports such as basketball and football. It is an awesome school and looks good on resumes!


The campus offers some of the most school pride that I have ever seen; I think the thing that most impresses me is the alumni and their continued support and love of the Wisconsin Badgers. It is unlike any other.


I think that the name "UW-Madison" speaks for itself. The University has made such a name for itself that most people are simply impressed that I graduated from such an esteemed university. Other than that, I usually brag about my theater experience which tends to be a point of interest.


I tell my friends that UW Madison is a school of education, opportunities, and most importantly, fun. There are over hundreds of courses and clubs offered here. Anyone can find their perfect fit here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


The school spirit, football game days, the culture of 'work hard play hard', the city of madison


academics, Madison, football tailgating, US News ranking, affordability, being able to walk everywhere, the lake, the professors, having both small and big classes.


I tell my friends about the beauty of the campus, which is located on Lake Mendota. I also talk about how there is always something to do either on or nearby campus on just about every night of the week - there is never a lack of things going on. This university not only is a great place to study, but it's also a very fun place to live.


I love the spirit of Madison. Everyone I know at the university has fallen in love with it. It is a very fun place to be and there is always something going on. If students are not attending classes, they are walking around campus with their friends, eating at the delicious restaurants and dining halls on campus, or engaging in one of the various student organizations. Madison provides an environment in which to flourish by attending to everyone's unique interests and talents.


School Spirit Sports Teams especially Football and Basketball Professors School Organizations Interesting Classes or things I've learned Events happening around Campus


That I'm a UW Badger! It is a big honor to attend this school, as it is the best in the state and one of the best in the nation. It is a division 1 school and part of the Big 10 Conference.


The weekend opportunities, and the main street that is on campus.


I love UW-Madison's campus--it's gorgeous. We have some really new, architecturally interesting buildings like Grainger Hall, but we also have several really old, historically significant ones like Science Hall. My favorite building is probably Sterling Hall though, because one side is covered in vines. It's especially pretty in the Fall when the vines change colors. But my favorite room to have a lecture in is definitely the big one in Bascom Hall, because the giant windows are so nice on sunny days.


The school spirit. Wisoconsin recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of our school song, "On, Wisconsin!" and I have never felt prouder to be part of the university. There really is no other place like UW-Madison - it offers so many opportunites for learning - formally and informally. It's impossible to describe to friends that don't go here, but they are able to get a small taste of what it feels like to be a badger when they go to a football or hockey game, etc. That experience is very unique to this university because of its history and traditions.


I brag most about everything from our varsity athletic teams to the parties on weekends, especially the major ones such as FreakFest (Halloween) and the Mifflin Street Block Party. I'm so proud of all aspects of my school that it is hard to just brag about one thing in particular all the time. Go Badgers!


The best thing about my school is the real commitment of the professors to their subjects. Every teacher I have had so far has been genuinely interested in both teaching their subject and learning more about it. They do not simply teach because they have to in order to keep their jobs. Instead they try to instill their love for the subjects in their students.


Going there means that I am smarter than them.


I absolutely love the fact that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has such a great reputation. This university is known for being a great, competitive school. I also love knowing that if you really utilize your experience at this school, everyone has a great chance of being successful in whatever they choose to do. For example, I like to point out the fact that the most CEOs have come out of this university (tied with Harvard) than any other university in the nation.


When promoting UW-Madison I often mention how it is one of the most highly accredited universities in the nation for a variety of academic programs. Besides academics, I rave about the campus' beautiful setting with Madison's state capital straight down the charming State Street to the top of historic Bascom Hill. Not to mention that the Memorial Union's terrace overlooks Lake Mendota with a lakeshore path encircling the lake. Also, the big ten atmosphere provides a wealth of activities. Madison is scenic, filled with history, and lots of culture which makes it an invigorating place for learning.


UW-Madison has provided me with a liberal education that has opened my eyes to a bigger picture comprised of everyone in the world and their feelings, needs, and beliefs. I have learned to be tolerant and accepting of everyone which will make me a better person in the long run. I feel so fortunate to be part of the Badger family filled with love, encouragement, knowledge, school spirit, diversity, and team values.


My residence hall is one of the newest buildings built. and I love it. The rooms are half the size bigger, share bathrooms with 4 other people, open kitchen on every floor, and plenty of studying space with a great environment. There is also a music room and a computer lab with all huge Apple computers. Newell?s Caf? is on main floor serving something different every day, even Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes/waffles topped with whipped cream). Our ice cream and milk is the best because it is from our very own loving cows on campus.


When I tell others about my school the one thing that I like to point out is the large, beautiful campus which stretches across the Madison area. There is so much space to walk and places to go right on the campus and it definitely is a major point of attraction for anyone considering the school. The university I attend is also recognized nationwide as one of the top and toughest universities academically, and it gives me great pride to let others know that I am one of the many students deemed qualified enough to further my education here.


The fact that there is so much to do and experience in Madison and that I have so many opportunities available to me.


Something that I brag about most to my friends is how many amazing people I have met being here. Going to a new school you know that you are going to met new people, but at UW-Madison almost everyone that I have met has turned into a good friend. And that is something that I love so much about college.


I brag about our school spirit. We are great in both football and basketball and everybody loves to go to the games and watch our teams do well.


The University I go to is well known and highly acclaimed.


There is no pride like Badger pride. From orientation all the way through graduation, a UW student is keenly aware that he or she belongs to something. That 'something' isn't easily defined... it's an amalgamation of 5th quarter football, Halloween on State Street, autumn mornings on Bascom Hill and the way alumni smile when you tell them you're a Badger. Whatever it is, knowing that you're part of a college experience only a fraction of American students get to have is something I'll always brag about!


UW-Madison has the MOST AMAZING sense of campus pride! The campus culture is exciting and motivating! There is a such a sense of community that it pushes you to be an actively engaged academic and extracurricular student! I am so incredibly proud to have been a part of UW! I have made the most amazing friendships, recieved an amazing education, and so many doors opened for me post-graduation because of the connections I made through UW!


Our campus environment is very large and diverse. We have the capitol and busy city on the east side, Lake Monona on the north side, peaceful surroundings on the west side, and a residential are on the south side. Our school is really well known for it's research, and we have made many breakthroughs in the past 10 years. We have over 800 clubs that you can join for free, and the students are VERY welcoming to all! UW-Madison is a big college town with a lot to offer, from sports to religious life. ON WISCONSIN!


I brag about all of the things that there are to do in Madison. No matter what time it is or the day, you can always find something to do. There are 24 hour libraries for studying, lots of parties, and lots of times and places to have clean, good fun. Football, Hockey, and Basketball are big. The Hoofers outing club offers many opportunies to get out into the outdoors for a minimal price. Also there are plenty of job and volunteer opportunities. There is always something to do in Madison, WI!


There definitely is an aspect of fun and craziness at Madison but it is a place where when its time to work, students do not ignore their studies. I telll my friends that the students in Madison play hard but work even harder. I love it here because it is such a friendly and exciting environment. I am a person who is always on the go and here I am able to continue to challenge myself and discover new and interesting opportunities.


It's fun and exciting.


I usually tell my friends how big the school is and how there is so much to do. There is always something fun going on and nobody ever wants to leave. We can't wait to get back to school after our vacations are over.


There are always fun activities to do, and famous and/or accomplished lecturers and conferences that are very interesting. Most students and professors are very nice, and it's big enough where you can meet a huge number of people, but you can also do things by yourself.


I like to tell others about the knowledge of my professors and the things that I have learned about. The professors are ethnically diverse and offer a lot of differnet points of view within each individual major..


Quality of education, things to do on and near campus.


Great social life on campus, very good selection of restaurants, and i love the weather.


I mostly brag about how interesting and specific my classes are and the religious organization that I belong to.


That UW-Madison is an excellent school for not only academic but social and spiritual growth. Also that Madison is a great city to live in.




Social Life


It is the ultimate college school; it cannot be beat. Strong academics, strong athletics, strong social scene, well-known worldwide. When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all!


College at the University of Wisconsin was a great chance to not only get a great, reasonably affordable education, but it also has an enormous amount of opportunities to network and meet new friends while taking part in a number of opportunities and social events. I can say with near 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} certainty that when you dream of a college experience, it is very much like what happens at UW. Great academics, plenty of organizations, fantastic athletics, in a great college atmosphere. On Wisconsin!


What I brag about most about his school is the acedemics and the social atmosphere. There is a lot to do around the campus, and there are so many things to get involved with. It is a really great school, and I've had the best time of my life attending this school. I know that I'm getting a good education here, and I don't have any doubt that I will get a great career from attending University of Wisconsin- Madison.


academics and sports


Great social scene, a college expericne that differs from my childhood.


I brag most about how liberal it is. Not because I believe being liberal is the only way to be, but because being surrounded by such a largly liberal community allows for a college student to open up their mind to new ideas, cultures, religions and political views. Madison has the ability to be so liberal, because the community makes you feel you can safely express your unique views.


The high level of academic caliber, and sports.