University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


UW-Madison is definitely stereotyped as a party school. Everyone assumes that when you come to Madison the kegs are overflowing into the streets and that people are throwing raging parties every time you turn around. We definitely find our reasons to celebrate on this campus, but drinking is not the only activity that students here engage in on the weekends. We also have a reputation for being relatively outspoken. The school's history is very politically-charged. The Humanities building was even built according to special conditions specifically so that it would be riot-proof. The university was founded the same year that Wisconsin became a state so there is a long history of students on this campus.It's not irregular to see protesting going on on campus. Politically, the belief is that we're all liberals, and while that is not entirely true, the majority of students to tend to lean to the left on most political issues.


Big drinkers, lots of partying, etc.


We drink, We party, We go wild, and still manage to pass classes.


Party school. Liberal. Diverse.


Partying/Drinking a lot.


We study hard and party harder, are a really liberal campus and simply "accepts everything", and that we are rowdy fans when it comes to sports!


That Wisconsin is all farmland and there is nothing to do. Also the stereotypes of a beer drinking, cheese eating population.


Its all cows, hicks, farmland, cheese, and milk.


party school, liberal


Wild party school


They all like cheese


A major stereotype is that Wisconsin is a major party school.




Party school with a lot of drunks. Hicks and farmers.


People think that Wisconsin is a huge party school and that all of the students drink.


There are a few different ones. Coasties, for example, are the rich East Coast Jewish sorority girls, and Sconnies are from WI (obviously). There's some kind of feud going on with that, but I'm not from around here so I don't know why. Other than that, we're known for being hung up on being as smart and talented as an Ivy League school, even though we're not one. We're also known for partying too much, but that's not a stereotype, thats just fact.


everyone calls madison a party school. says the students are drunks and rambunctious. this is... pretty true.. madison kids know how to have fun. BUT the stereotype usually leaves out how well-balanced we are (for the most part).. in that the library is always packed until 2 in the morning. during finals week.. people don't even go home! the achedemics are intense and the party scene is just kind of a well-deserved reward for all we work for


Most prestigous public school in the state, smartest students, most difficult to get into, biggest party school


Coasties and Sconnies


I don't really think that there are any


Stereotypes. Wisconsin students and lewd, crude and uncontrollable. We party hard and all the time, but somehow find the time to study. We all come from farms and are crazy liberals.


There's definitely a stereotype of Wisconsin students being rowdy alcoholics. I would also say there's a stereotype about the large number of Asian Americans who attend school here.


Very liberal, very white, that the students are all from rural areas .


Most of the stereotypes revolve around how we party pretty hard.


Liberal, smart, partyers. There student population of too diverse to really have that many stereotypes - there's coasties, farmers from Wisconsin, students from Illinois and Minnesota.


That there is a division between public dorm "sconnies" and private dorm "coasties". also that we're huge partiers.


There's a large divide between "coasties" and "sconnies" - the coasties are rich, stuck-up and conceited - whereas the "sconnies" are hopelessly naive, overweight and territorial.


That they are all white. That the people who come from out of state are rich, stuck up, "coasties." That the people who come from in-state are farmers/hicks "sconnies."


Stereotypes about UW students from the East or West coast is they are rich, dumb, and obnoxious.


they like to study hard and party harder


The school is very divided between kids from the coasts and kids from Wisconsin. Anoither stereotype is that all kids here work hard and play hard


That basically everyone is from Milwaukee, Madison or the middle of nowhere. That the private dorms are coasties, Jewish and stuck up and the public dorms are more diverse, and more midwest based.


Wisconsin students are very educated students, but when the weekend hits, they definitely know how to have a good time. Come football, basketball and hockey gameday, wisconsin students really know how to bring spirit to the university as well as represent themselves better than any other university!


They drink/party a lot, they are stupid (depends on who you talk to)and they are hicks.


Heavy drinkers and a lot of parties, also known to have lots of stoners.


1.That we party really hard. 2.That there is a lot to do. 3.That it's a pretty campus. 4.The classes are hard and graded hard. 5.It's all about football. 6.Everyone's fat. 7.Winter sucks. 8.Business school is hard to get into. 9.Halloween is crazy. 10. It's diverse.


they are mean. they hate 'coasties' they are called sconnies.


The stereotypes. Everyone knows, in our Big Ten legacy, we love to party! Give us anything, and we'll make an event out of it. February 29th? A Leap Year's "new year" party. Superbowl Sunday? Blue drinks all around! (go giants!) And I need not mention our infamous 3 nights annually celebrating Halloween. But what is there not to celebrate? With some of the best sports teams in the country, along with the praised Business and Journalism programs here at the UW, what is there not to celebrate?


we eat alot of cheese, we know how to party, but that's not a stereotype


People from Wisconsin only drink beer and eat cheese. People from Wisconsin are very sheltered, live in small towns on farms. Wisconsin students drink alcohol and party a lot. Madison is very liberal in political views.


Some people think that Wisconsin comprises a weird mixture of cheeseheads and liberal hippies. Cows, Cheese, and Brett Favre are the only subjects that a native Wisconsin person thinks about, while there is this idea that Madison is a liberal oasis in a conservative state.


Good-looking, smart, non-stop partiers, huge sports fans, athletic, love dairy products, not diverse, lot of asians, coasties and sconnies.


That we drink a ton (which we do), eat a lot of cheese (which we do), it's freezing (true-winter is bad!) and love Brett Farve (only those born and raised WI).


We are a bunch of party animals! But that's ok!!


Many people feel that it is a huge party school. The in-state students are thought of as not as smart as the other students. It is a highly competitive school that has a "work hard, play hard" mentality.


That the school's white (like predominantely white WI)and has a incredibly liberal bent. That we're crazy into Badger sports, one of the top party schools in the country, and drink constantly. That "Coasties" live in the private dorms (usually Towers and Statesider) and wear UGGs, leggings, and North Face. That the Greek community follows the same stereotypes that seem to be pervasive everywhere. That the J-School, School of Ed and Business Schools are near impossible to get into. That we're a "big state school" with all that that entails.


COASTIES, COASTIES AND MORE COASTIES!! A coastie is usually a girl (although some guys can be found and are referred to as moasties) from either coast and sometimes chicago that wears long north face jackets, uggs, leggings as pants, big sunglasses, and are loud and annoying. Coasties travel in packs and are not very smart. Jokes or stories about their idiocy are written weekly in the badger herald shoutouts.


Everyone works hard, but plays harder. Coasties and sconnies.


I think some stereotypes of Wisconsin is that it is just flat out cold, and it is. Others are that it is a huge party school, and there is no doubt that UW students love to party, but everyone I know puts in hours upon hours of studying just to go out on the weekends.


Wisconsin has the reputation of being the country's #1 party school and as a result the idea is that everyone drinks a lot. There are also prevalent stereotypes attached to students who come from the coasts (so-called "coasties"). They are stereotyped as dressing a certain way, sticking together in pack-like groups, and giving off a general sense of entitlement and snobbery. The steotypical coastie has quite the disposable income to wear expensive clothes, go out drinking whenever he or she pleases, and live in the handful of way overpriced apartments in the desirable spots close to campus (although presumably, their parents pay).