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What is the stereotype of students at University of Wisconsin-Madison?


UW-Madison is definitely stereotyped as a party school. Everyone assumes that when you come to Madison the kegs are overflowing into the streets and that people are throwing raging parties every time you turn around. We definitely find our reasons to celebrate on this campus, but drinking is not the only activity that students here engage in on the weekends. We also have a reputation for being relatively outspoken. The school's history is very politically-charged. The Humanities building was even built according to special conditions specifically so that it would be riot-proof. The university was founded the same year that Wisconsin became a state so there is a long history of students on this campus.It's not irregular to see protesting going on on campus. Politically, the belief is that we're all liberals, and while that is not entirely true, the majority of students to tend to lean to the left on most political issues.


Big drinkers, lots of partying, etc.


We drink, We party, We go wild, and still manage to pass classes.


Party school. Liberal. Diverse.


Partying/Drinking a lot.


We study hard and party harder, are a really liberal campus and simply "accepts everything", and that we are rowdy fans when it comes to sports!


That Wisconsin is all farmland and there is nothing to do. Also the stereotypes of a beer drinking, cheese eating population.


Its all cows, hicks, farmland, cheese, and milk.


party school, liberal


Wild party school