University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


wisconsin is the most amazing place in the world. i haven't talked to anyone who can imagine going anywhere else for their college career. we legit do feel so privileged and it's hard to understand other people's college careers that aren't quite.. as exciting. the school is huge.. but like i said.. it's impossible to not see someone you know. after about the second year it just seems normal to walk down the street and see 6 people you know in a stretch of 3 blocks.. even though there are like 41,000 people at the school! the more you become involved with.. the smaller it becomes. i spend most of my time at the library..surprisingly. the remainder of my time is spend on the terrace, on bascom hill (in the spring and fall), and bouncing from bar to bar or eating place on state street. it's indescribable. plus.. the student body seems to have a pretty similar mindset on school/party balance.. so people wil WANT to go study w/you by the lake before you go out.. or they'll want to go tan on bascom hill just to be worthless. the town is 100% a college town. it's interesting though.. because the futher down state street and closer to the capital you get.. the older the crowd gets. that's where the upperclassmen and graduate students often get internships.. and where a lot of the jobs after graduation are centered. it's a college town.. but there's opportunity for "adult sprawl " WI admimistration is.. there? i think they're about as good as i'd want them to be.. but i'm a pretty independent person. you can always talk to an adviser and they'll tell you what you want to know. there are a ton of resources on campus.. almost so many that if you just look up what you want on the wisc website.. you might find a club/student org directly related to your question and bypass the administration completely. school pride is rediculous. alumni school pride is even more rediculous. i haven't even graduated yet and i'm already a member of the wisconsin alumni group just so i can easily be informed as soon as i do gradutate!!


Sick school, great college town, amazing athletics (best college sports town last year), school pride is rampant, unbelievable location (between two large lakes in the capitol of Wisconsin), one of the best party schools in the nation, and best of all an incredible education that rivals Ivy League schools for the price of public universities. When people hear that I attend Wisconsin I always get a positive response. When you've said Wisconsin, you've said it all!


Wisconsin is awesome! People are easy-going but fun and also very smart. You can find your niche easily and there is so much to do. It's just a great town and everyone has school pride. Sports games are a blast!


The best thing about wisconsins is the college town atmosphere, and the tight knit atmosphere on campus. At many universities i visited, i felt as if students were there simply to get an education and then leave. Not so at the university of madison. Students feel a strong sense of community through activities such as homecoming, badger sports and all campus activities such as mifflin street block party. The college town atmosphere is something that many of wisconsin's peer public universities lack. Madison is the seat of government in the state of wisconsin, but much of the activity and entertainment comes from the university and our students. The tight knit community of students thus produces the tight knit community of madison around it.


The best thing about Wisconsin is the amount of school pride students have. The sports are amazing, people go all out on game days. People here care about each other... if you're a fellow Wisconsin fan, you're a friend, and you're welcome to hang out and have a beer on any porch by Camp Randall during the football season. 65 year old alumni do beer bongs with us and yell "asshole" at the Michigan fans walking down Breese. Basketball is the same, people go crazy with body paint, and it's not strange if you're wearing a red wig that looks like a Troll doll's head... it's so fun. Madison is such a great college town, it's constantly buzzing. The only real complaint I hear from people is how large the campus is. It's very spread out and it takes 45 minutes to walk from one end to the other, but I think the beautiful location makes up for it. Lake Mendota to our north, Lake Menona to our south... it's gorgeous. We're a special breed here, and we know it.


People think Wisconsin is so big, but it's really not overwhelming. It really seems to compartmentalize itself, and there are so many places to find a home - the dorms, extracurriculars, in your department, at your job.


According to one ESPN analyst, Madison is "the best college sports town in America" and I would definitely agree based on my experiences. Home football saturdays are practically religious here (to be fair, they are on most big football campuses), I mean what else would get 30,000 students out of bed at 9am on a saturday. But what makes Madison unique in terms of sporting events is not just our pre-game parties on football saturdays, but the fact that we have many highly-ranked sports teams that compete all year. Our b-ball team has been performing well over the last few years and the Grateful Red bring an energy not found outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium. My favorite sport has to be Men's Hockey just due to the clever student section, where else do you do dance to the Time Warp, watch little kids play at intermission and then scream Sieve at the top of your lungs for minutes! Aside from our sporting events to keep us entertained outside of the classroom, the city is probably the most beautiful city in the country. Campus is sandwiched between two pristine lakes and stellar views abound from many spots on campus. When the weather is nice, the Memorial Union Terrace, overlooking Lake Mendota, is an awesome spot to hang out, listen to music and enjoy a brat and a brew (Our union serves imported German beer on tap!) Being at the heart of an urban center like Madison does have its advantages, you seemingly never run out of things to do from live music venues, multitudes of unique ethnic restaurants , museums and other attractions. The Metro bus system provides an easy way to get around (free bus passes for students!). Being at such a large school does have its advantages. While many small schools try to promote their make your own major or single class programs, chances are Madison already offers what you want (the famous example is underwater basket weaving). Besides, being able to just disappear into the crowd is useful sometime and it means you are more likely to find a group you enjoy hanging with. I could go on and on about the pluses to large state schools, but they all basically fall into the same category: opportunities, opportunities, opportunities.


Whenever I tell people I go to Wisconsin, they say it's an awesome school, they wish they went there, and that they've heard amazing things about Madison. There is a huge amount of school pride - everyone loves Bucky! It's a very large school but it doesn't feel large. It's not an urban setting but it's also not rural, so I wouldn't describe Madison simply by saying it's a college town. It's way more diverse than that and has more to offer. One thing I'll always remember is Badger game days - so much fun!


There are a lot of amazing things about Wisconsin. You can't walk down the street without seeing red. It's a really big school, so it's important to find "your niche". There are a million oppurtunities for that though - Greek life, academic clubs, community service oppurtunities.. the list doesn't end. Lately, there's been a lot of crime on campus which has really been scaring students. But administration is good about keeping students updated, and reminding us constantly about safety tips. Other than that, the worst part about Wisconsin is the snow! And how horrible the plowing system is here..


This is a big college! Find a niche right away, and become social - there's no reason to sit in your apartment/dorm room all by yourself. Even if your hobbies include dressing up like a costume animal and pleasuring yourself to Japanese pop music - you're probably among friends. There's more to do than be a drunken waste on the weekends. Sure, there are certain social groups which are centered around this, and there's nothing wrong with doing it on occasion. But we have so much going on in Madison, there's no reason not to explore the city, exercise (find the SERF right away, there's nothing like a free place to work out that's just filled with hotties), take in the arts, or simply find a cozy place to read. If you can, get out of living in the dorms - it's totally for suckers. (although, if you must live in the dorms, Liz Waters has the best rooms, cafeteria, view and location of them all. Avoid the Southwest dorms, as they're inhumane. Avoid the Lakeshore dorms, because their location is horribly inconvenient). The Bassett neighborhood is TOTALLY safe, even with the recent murder that happened there - shit happens in any large city. Avoid the State St/Langdon area unless you don't want to ever sleep. Listening to drunkards scream all night loses it's charm after a while. The Gorham/Johnson St. corridor is freaking sweet. It's on Lake Mendota, has an awesome park, and a really cool mixture of students and young slackers. Plus, the Caribou is the best fucking thing on this Earth - you'll know what I mean if you come here.


Wisconsin is so amazingly unique and great because it offers the best of all worlds. No matter what you are interested in or looking to do, you will always find something or someone with similar interests. The campus is big enough to allow you to become a real person, actively seeking your own life, but also offers so many communities that you can fall back on when you need support. Plus, the capital is right there at the end of state street! It really allows you to take advantage of everything you are learning in school, to se the city functioning right under your nose.


Amazing college town, urban campus, very large which take some getting used to, coming from a small town. Dorm atmosphere is great, liberal campus, amazing resources and events on campus. Administration is good but they blow at financial decision-making. Very much school pride. Some old academic buildings but a ton of expansion on campus. Geography of the campus is great with the two lakes.


i love the school


The best thing about Wisconsin is you can always find people looking to go out and have fun. One thing I'd change is I'd make all freshmen live in the public dorms so the campus is less divided. School size is good. People either get very excited when they know how much fun wisconsin is or they look at me with a weird look and ask what is there to do in Wisconsin.


I like that walking through the campus you can look around you and see beautiful buildings, the lake, great landscapes and it all seems familier and you get the "this is where I belong" feeling. Recently I've discovered how great the Unions are, particularly the Memorial union with the sunny Langdon on the lakefront room being a great study place. Campus does seem like an island, distant from the city, until you walk up state and see it but you often forget that you are in a capitol and that there are risks for being in a large city. There's a LOT of Wisconsin pride, either for the badgers or for the packers, for example. everyone seems really into sports.


Best thing about Wisconsin is the gorgeous campus. I would change the weather. Just the right size (often a little large but you can make it smaller). Their reaction is...Wisconsin? WHY? and by the end of the debate, they wish they had gone there. I spend most of my time on campus in college library. Wisconsin administration NEEDS TO BE CONSOLIDATED. Too many places to get forms filled out for one thing. Biggest controversy recently on campus - THE STUPID COASTIE/SCONNIE DEBATE. Im sick of it. TONS OF SCHOOL PRIDE. Always remember college football games


The campus and all the opportunities the school has to offer. It has everything you'd want out of a college experience, good academics, strong programs with a diverse number of majors, beautiful campus, big time athletics and an outstanding party scene.


Overall Wisconsin is an awesome university with tons of school pride and great sporting events. The weather sucks during the winter and when all the snow melts in the spring there are gigantic puddles everywhere.


The best thing about Wisconsin is the people. Everyone loves this school. You literally can't walk down the street without seeing Wisconsin gear. The school is big, but I personally like big schools. Although you can feel that you don't exist in lectures. I spend most of my time on campus at class, in the dorms, or at the eating place. It's totally a college town. The football games are the most fun thing you will do first semester. Go to every single one if you can (especially the night games!)


great college atmosphere. state street has everything you could possibly want in a city. sports and school spirit is great. one thing id change is the professors in the business school and econ dept. they are awful. people complain all the time how the advising in the business school sucks too.


The best thing about Wisconsin is harder to decide than picking what college to go to. State Street is one of the cutest, most interesting places I have ever walked around. Coming from New York, the quaint area that the city of Madison is is a great break from the intense, rushed lifestyle we live on the east coast. One think that I might change is more availability to the several shopping areas that may be found about 10 minutes driving away from campus in all directions. We often find ourselves visiting the same 5 places up and down State Street relentlessly, although there is plenty available. UW-Madison is huge. There is no denying it! Almost every lecture of mine has at least 300 people in it, but those classes feature discussion sections which I have never had more than 15 people in. I love that the school is big enough to be constantly, throughout 4 years, keep meeting new people, but my dorm hallway is small enough to feel like you have a home within this huge school. People react differently each time I tell someone I go to Wisconsin. Anyone who knows the school with it’s fabulous and only rising positive reputation is thrilled for me, and half of the time says “go badgers!” (one of my favorite phrases of all time.) That reaction is normally when meeting people throughout the mid-west. However, back home, the reaction is “oh, that’s nice.” In my prestigious town, non-Ivy is somewhat frowned upon, and public schools are even more discouraged. However, again, the popularity of Wisconsin has been only steadily increasing, with 6 people of my 400-person graduating class migrating here this past year. I spend most of my time on State Street – whether grabbing a bite to eat with friends, shopping, or studying in a coffee shop. School pride is not even a question. If you don’t have school pride, DO NOT COME HERE. I would say that I wear a Wisconsin item of clothing at least 2 times a week. On State Street, within 2 blocks of each other are about 5 different novelty stores featuring our red and white coloring. In every lecture hall, about 3 football jerseys can be found, a dozen ‘Bucky’ hats, and about 70 t-shirts featuring something about our school being the amazing place that it is. Again, it is SO hard to pick out a single favorite moment here, but something that really stands out in my mind was my first football game here. Walking out on state street, there is not a color to seen other than red and white. Even people not going to the game sport our school colors. Then the walk down to Camp Randall, our football stadium, is a continuous flood of both students and alumni rushing to watch their beloved Badgers. It is easily the most amazing, exciting experience of my life. And not to mention the wave done at each game, with several rounds including double-time, slow motion, and criss-crossing arms. Most frequently I hear complains about the weather. It is clearly a cold place, but there are freak days that the wind chill is almost unbearable. But honestly, just stay inside as much as you can on these days – get to class, get home, and deal with it! And maybe invest in some long underwear.


the best thing about wisconsin is everything availabe to you outside of your jail cell from restaurants, to work out places, to the lake i'd change the weather, it's so cold, always it seems the school is large, but I like being able to listen to my ipod in a boring lecture, close my eyes, or skip if need be and not be noticed when I say I go to wisconsin they realize the prestige Most of my time is spent in my room, i'd like to say studying, but probably just hanging out the administration did not graduate from madison, therefore they lack at times the biggest controvery is the presdential campaign, one corner yells hillary and the other vote for obama there is a lot of school pride when you're present for function and in the wearing of our colors, but i didn't know until 3 days later that we won the Big 10 I'll always remember meeting two new people on move-in day and going out with them on state street that night wondering if I made 2 new best friends or was going to get myself in trouble being along with them on an unfamiliar street The most frequent complaints are the weather.


The best thing about Wisconsin is the atmosphere around campus. It feels like you are in college but you are also in a city so it is not closed off. I think the size is perfect because you are always meeting knew people, but also see familiar faces. When I tell people I go to Wisconsin they usually say they have a relative or friend who goes there and then we try to figure out if we both know that person. I spend most of my time on State Street, either in coffee shops or things like that. I like the sense of community you feel when walking down state street with other Wisconsin students. There is definitely a sense of Badger pride. I like the history of Bascom Hill and how far back our college goes. When showing guests around it is so great to be able to explain everything that went on here. I love passing things out in Library Mall in the fall and spring and listening to crazy people demonstrating in that area. It is an amazing place when all the kids are hanging out in the nice weather on Library Mall.


State Street is the best part of the UW campus. Countless restaurants and bars are on the street, as well as a combination of hip and hippie. Urban Outfitters, Gap, and Jamba Juice are cool and hoop. But there is also Art Gecko and PipeFitters which gives Madison its hippie feel. State Street is right on campus, and easily accessible to all UW-students. The stores and restaurants would not survive without the university, but there are also thousands of citizens in the city of Madison that would not categorize themselves as a "badger". At Madison, students don't feel lost within a city like Boston University students in Boston, and they also don't feel totally isolated like students at small town university. The city of Madison and the university have an amazing connection, and they work hand in hand.


the best thing about wisconsin...i can't pick just one! the parties are amazing, the sports are great, the campus is beautiful, everyone is smart,people go out no matter the weather , the professors are amazing, there are so many opportunities to get involved. If I could change one thing it would be the hate towards the "coasties." I'm from long island and I don't wear "not pants," big sunglasses, and a huge north face. Dear Sconnies, Quit complaining about my clothes and have a beer with me. People are extremely impressed when I say I go to Wisconsin. It has a really good reputation. We were voted best college town in america multiple times....enough said.


The scenery is gorgeous. There are so many different types of personality on campus it would impossible to meet and befriend great people. I would love better clothing stores. I think the school is a great size- "You can't make a small school big, but you can always make a big school small." I think they are impressed by both my perceived intellect (being such a great school), drinking ability, and extreme school spirit. State street bars, the library, different restaurants and my apartment. Definitely college town! Us winning the big 10 basketball championship! (I guess not really a controversy!) Tons of school pride, No matter what state I am, if someone is wearing WISCONSIN apparel I always talk to them. So many! From pulling all nighters and going straight to exams, or drinking until the wee hours in the morning, and all the great times at the terrace. The campus is big, we walk a lot! Especially when its cold-great excuse to not go to class.


1. Laid back feel 2. I wish the university was better at shoveling the snow and getting rid of the ice on the sidewalks 3. just right 4. jealousy 5. bars, restaurants...oh, and class 6. major college town 7. pretty good 8. the band trip hazing 9. yes! 10. We get LOTS of snow and it's really cold 11. 2004 Halloween--all the people, the riots, and the pepper spray 12. Too cold


The best thing about Wisconsin is the tradition and how the students come together at sporting events. It has tremendous school pride and it has a great campus. I spend most of my time at my dorm, library, and frat house.


One of the best things about Wisconsin is the amazing school spirit that not only unifies the school, but also leads to incredible school pride - we're proud to be Badgers. I would include more of a minor program (the certificate program is quite small with only twenty or so certificates available, a fact that's even more extraordinary considering how there are over 100 majors to be attained here). The school is about the right size for what it is - people don't come to Wisconsin looking for a small school, but there's enough of a community aspect on campus that it feels to large either. People usually react to the news that I go to Madison with "that's a really good school" or "big party school, isn't it?" I spend most of my time on campus at my sorority house (where I live) and at class. Madison is definately a college town in that it's very student-friendly, but it also is wonderful in that the larger community integrates pretty well into the edges of campus (there's no jarring feeling of here you're on campus, here you're off). I don't have a lot to say about Wisconsin's administration (from lack of exposure), but I wish the university would be better about calling snow and cold days BEFORE 3-5pm (it's often colder earlier in the day, and that's when most people have classes). Biggest recent controversy: people getting ready for the Wisconsin primary (especially with all of the candidate and surrogate visits in the week or so before the election). Wisconsin IS school pride in Bucky the Badger form. Wisconsin is unusual in that, even though it's a big state school, the overall community feeling of the campus is such that when you meet a fellow Badger (not on campus), the neutral feeling towards them is goodwill. I will always remember the football games - I might not know the most about football, but that's where the true feeling of Wisconsin spirit can best be known, during a game. Most frequent student complaints: cold in winter? (we're in WI, what do you expect?)


the best thing about wisconsin is the school spirit. it is truly amazing and i love how everyone is so into supporting all the activities going on around campus. i think wisconsin is the perfect size. some may think it is too big, but you always see people you know when you are walking down the street. wisconsin is definitely a college town, more like a college state. everyone loves the badgers!! this year when the weather went crazy and we got over 90 inches of snow the biggest complaint was the sidewalks weren't ever completely shoveled until a week after a storm.


I definitely have pride, but all the science departments suck. Too much money into research, not enough into good teachers.


I think one of the best things about wisonsin are the Badger football games and basketball games. When a great deal of the student body gets together and has a great time it just sends a tingling feeling that you are apart of something much more. The size is just right. One of the greatest places on campus is the Union Terrace. Just sitting on the lake in the spring watching the sail boats, studying, drinking, or just enjoying time with friends - there is no better palace.


Wisconsin is a huge school but in many ways doesn't feel like it. For one, you can't walk down State Street and not run into at least one person you know. Unfortunately more and more chains are popping up, but State Street and downtown Madison as a whole still have a lot of character. One of my favorite things to do on a nice day was to get food from one of the carts on Library Mall and sit out on Bascom Hill or the Terrace. The Willy Street area and the lakes are two other great spots. Madison is definitely a bubble, but one that I was happy to take advantage of for four years.


Wisconsin is awesome. State street is amazing. great sized campus, awesome college town. its just a little chilly


It's close to Ann Arbor.


Best thing about Wisconsin is the town of madison--best college town I've ever been to...I'd make it more competitive to get into--the range of how smart people are, is really diverse. It;s jsut right in size. People are always jealous when I tell them I go here. I spend most of my time in my dorm or my fraternity house.


---best thing: there is always something to do and people are friendly ---worst thing: we only get two breaks. i wish we got more little ones rather than two big ones ---the administration is not bad but its really easy to slip through the cracks if youre not careful. for example, if you need to get into a class but its not open by the time you are able to enroll no one cares. ---i guess the biggest thing on campus is tuition prices ---there is TONS of school pride!!!!!!!!!!


The best thing about Wisconsin, although I am very biased, is the Greek Life. If I could change one thing, it would be the necessity to apply to your program of choice, even after you have been admitted to the university. I believe that if they think you're capable enough to take your families hard earned tuition dollars, they should let you study whatever you want. Being from a coastal town in Southern California, when I tell people that I go to Wisconsin, the overwhelming response is an emphatic "Why?" Most of my time on campus is spent in class, but off campus I divide my time between State Street and the fraternity house. Madison is a great college town, and there is a lot of school pride.


Did not mean to apply here. Did not know anything about it, got into every school I applied and when I visited here I knew this was where I belonged. One thing I would change is better 100 level professors. The campus size is just right. It is big enough where you can pursue anything you want and meet completely new people. It is small enough that it is impossible for me to go to the library and not know anyone. Being from Miami not many people really know about Wisc so they dont understand why I decided to come. Administration is extremely approachable!!! It is a college town that does not only depend on the college but has its own life to. There is A LOT of school pride The mascot, bucky, is considered a hero. I will always remember Humorology. It is a greek-wide original theatre show is amazing!!


There is no "one thing" that is best about Wisconsin. The people are extremely friendly (it is a Midwest thing...), the sports are unbelievable, and the academics are great...supported by a group of fantastic professors and teacher's assistants. I love the fact that Madison is a quintessential college town. It gets really cold (-15 on occasion), but it brings people together. The warm seasons are incredible-you can watch the sunset over Lake Monona while enjoying a pitcher of beer on the Wisconsin Union terrace, or go for a swim in the lake. It is one place where you can look around and say to yourself "I can't believe I go to school here."


The best thing about Wisconsin is the variety and culture. Wisconsin mixes one of the best party scenes in the nation with one of the best sports programs in the nation and one of the best academic programs in the nation. The social, educational, sports mix is what makes Wisconsin the best University in the United States.


Its a great school, a beautiful campus, a great bar scene and fantastic sports teams. Everyone goes nuts on game day and everyone here knows how to drink. We live by the motto "Work Hard, Play Hard"


The best thing of Wisconsin is the everyday Madison atmosphere. There are so many different types of people in Madison. Classes are great, the campus is beautiful, and people are just enjoying their time here. It also has a great social scene, bars, clubs, and restaurants. The Union is amazing. Live bands and the great scene at the Union are one of a kind. Being in Downtown Madison and enjoying state street are truly unique to Madison. I would change the weather, it gets a little too cold at times, but that just makes the student body appreciate the spring, summer and fall so much better. When the first day of nice weather of spring hits, you'd better believe that the entire student body is taking advantage of the weather. People tan all down Bascom Hill, students study outside, and sports are played on every corner of the campus. I think the size is perfect. People react in shock when I tell them I goto the UW. Being from the south, many people don't even know where Wisconsin is! I spend most time on campus either on State street, at the Union, playing Frisbee, hanging out at friends apartments, or on state street. Possibly the best college town in the US. Madison and the UW are combined as one and the experience of living downtown Madison is great. Wisconsin's administration is phenomenal, Nothing to complain about. There was a controversy about some accused racist term used by a Law school professor. But it was all cleared up within a few months. School pride here rivals all big schools in the US. Thousands get out their red for the football games. The streets are lined with red on the way to Camp Randall. People wake up extra early to start tailgating, drinking, and eating before the game. It is unusual that there are so many different people that go to the UW, and thats what makes it great. My entire freshman year was a year long ride I will never forget. I honestly had the time of my life all year long. Most frequent complaints? cold weather during the winter.


The best thing about Wisconsin is the school environment/structure of the campus, with a small school feel at a big school. I would change the excessive amount of binge drinking or curtail it a bit. I like the size. Other people know UW is kind of a wild, fun place but also where lots of smart, academically-oriented people go. This is definitely a "college town"; the campus is right downtown but very contained so there is a definite campus feel. The biggest recent controversy was probably being named #1 drinking school by Princeton Review in 2005. There is tons of school pride, especially at football and other sporting events. Although they are "plagued with alcohol", I really like events like Halloween and Mifflin St. Block Party. It's great to see lots of people coming together to have a good time.


The campus is very big, which is a good thing. Even though it is big, it still feels like a community. There is a lot of school pride - especially at the football games. Whenever I tell people from home that I go to Madison they are always very impressed.


I love Wisconsin. I think students here are proud to be Badgers. The school spirit is insane and undescribable. To be in the student section at a Badger home football game is a great experience. The school is definitely not too large. I think sometimes it could be bigger. I am always running into people I know everywhere I go. Madison is definitely a college town. When you walk around in downtown Madison everyone is usually between the ages of 18 and 25. It is a really great place to live with tons of activities and events going on every night. It is really hard to be bored living in Madison. Also, the scenery is wonderful (the Capital and two lakes...what else could you ask for?). On campus, I spend most of my time at Grainger because I am a business student and that is the building the business school is in. I sometimes think that Grainger is my second home with all of the amenities it offers (library, computer lab, cafeteria, lockers, study rooms). I think the only thing it is missing is my bedroom.