University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school is self-motivated, disciplined, and extroverted.


Every person that has ambition to study hard, Every person that call himself a hardworker, Every person that voulunteer to others, like sport, art. Every person that wants to contribute in society and community.


A person that likes the city. They also have to be culturally competent, as there are a number of different cultures apparent at this school. They also have to be academically driven, because the courses are rigorous here. However, they also have to know how to have a good time, as Badgers tend to "Work Hard and Play Hard." This person should be open to experiencing and trying new things, as well as independent.


Anyone can attend this university. The variety of organizations, classes, clubs, etc. offer opportunities for anyone and everyone. It is near impossible to not find your niche at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


An outgoing, focused person should attend this school.


Students that would like to attend the UW should be hard working, driven, and enthusiastic individuals who posses leadership qualities. Madison is a very large university with thousands of different classes and organizations. Through these, the university provides opportunites for many different types of people with a wide span of interests. Socially, students should be prepared to be surrounded by many people with a lot of school spirit.


Every person can attend this school, although many liberal people attend. The school is very open to new ideas and beliefs and is in a very liberal part of Wisconsin. I just happen to also be liberal, so this fits with my personality and beliefs.


Because it offers so many opportunities, UW-Madison helps students discover their dreams, goals and ambitions. It is a school best suited for the inquisitive, energetic and spirited student; adventure awaits every Badger willing to find it. Wisconsin has a wild reputation, and the football aficionado will surely flourish on campus. But the stereotype tells only part of the story; everyone can find camaraderie at Wisconsin. Strolling through campus in the crisp autumn air, admiring the changing leaves and glimmering Lake Mendota, the aspiring author, scientist or environmentalist will sense that deep, peaceful feeling that says, “You’re home.”


People who are very outgoing (extraverted) are encouraged to attend this school because the school culture is encouraging people to have fun during the school year and collaborated with each other for that purpose. However, even if you are not extraverted (meaning, if you're very shy), you should still consider UW-Madison because there are so much opportunities to get involved in so many things such as fencing and other recreational clubs, student government, ethnic clubs and other clubs based on your major / school. You will NEVER have an experience like the "Wisconsin Experience" and find learning exciting.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is driven and wants to be in an environment that will push them to succeed. UW-Madison students are open-minded, creative, and excited to learn. There are multiple venues with which to try out different or foreign activities and challenge anyone who comes to this school. The kind of person who should attend UW-Madison is the kind of person who is willing and loves to work hard and then play hard when it's done.


Some with lots of school spirit and enthusiasm.


Realistically, anyone could find a place to fit in at UW Madison. There are hundreds of student groups, interest groups, organizations, clubs, and other activites to get involved with, it is nearly impossible not to find a special niche. The professors, acadedemic advisors, and staff at UW are fantastic, and there is an amazing balance between academics and social life at the school. A person best fit for this school, however, should be open minded, academically driven, socially outgoing, and motivated to succeed.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is independent, social and hard working.


I would say someone who is looking to get a great education in a very diverse city that presents a fantastic environment for both socializing and academics. The UW Madison is a pretty large school and here you will find people of many different backgrounds, and as well as the resources available to pursue what you wish to do in life. The people here are extremely friendly, and while UW Madison may be known for its party scene, sport culture, political scene, and more, everyone will be able to find their niche, as long as they can survive winter.


A person who is versatile, as in they can be a social butterfly but also focus on their work. A person who wants to be part of a big community and have high aspirations and a creative mind.


those looking for school spirit. must TRY to broaden horizons


Students who have a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves! Madison is a learning environment that pushes you to excel in the world of academia! They are on the cusp of research and advancements in technology in every school in the university! If you need a lot of assistance, Madison is not the place for you! It is a school that thrives on individual and collective creativity and they want you to push yourself, not hold your hand! If you love school, want to push yourself, and want to be a part of something amazing-GOUW!


Someone who is driven and self motivated. Professors will not hold your hand or remind you of due dates. If you don't hand in something on time there are not many opportunities to make the work up.


The kind of person who should attend UW Madison is the type of person with a strong will. This university is hard and stressful at time. The person with a goal they want to reach will suceed because they will drive for it. There are a lot of other people going after what you want and you have to be strong. They will try to break you and make you give up but the person needs to know not to give up. They will need to strive for it.


Hard working and smart.


focused, career driven, research oriented


One who likes diversity and challenges. One who can be individual but work with groups. One who loves to learn and learn from others.


A person who is confident, out-going, ambitious, and open-minded should attend UW-Madison.


anybody...but be careful; if you have no self-discipline, you might get caught up in the fun


A person who likes a a town that is a cross between a suburb and a city, likes a large school located in a college town, is interested in college sports (football, basketball, hockey), is academically motivated but still socially active, wants to get involved with the greater community, doesn't mind large lectures, would like to do internships or research, and who is open to new ides and thinking.


Someone who is motivated, intelligent, hard working, easy going, independent, outgoing, adaptable, fun, and social.


Smart, responsible, eco-conscious people looking for a well rounded education. Particularly those interested in business, engineering, agriculture, alternative energy, and political science.


Anyone with an open mind.


Likes crowds, building off other's energy, competitive, liberal minded


A student who wants to attend a liberal, friendly, large school with a lot of school spirit and the epitomy of a Big 10 environment. A person who is independent and loves to meet new people and try new things.


Some who is willing to work hard but also likes to try new activities and meet new people should attend this school.


Someone who is confident, midwestern in ethos, very smart but not pushy about it, someone who doesn't dislike alcohol, interested in the world around them, able to be responsible and operate independently from others (students, parents, teachers, friends) but who is engaging and social and openminded and progressive., someone who can multi-task and balance school, work, and a busy social life.


A person who is willing to dedicate their time during the week to schoolwork and is willing to party on the weekends. The person should also not be shy because it is a large campus and meeting people is hard if you dont have take the initiative. they should also be laid back and ready to go with the flow.


A person that wants to take advantage of a lot of opportunities and not just sit around and waste there college experience by not getting involved in some way. Any person whether or not they have a plan for their career can benefit from the vastness of opportunites that are present at the University of Wisconsin. I guess another attribute of a person who should attend this school is someone who wants to be part of a great tradition and is proud of what they do.


Social, friendly person


Dedicated hard-working career oriented individuals.


Coasties. -Huge coastie population here, people that are motivated, driven, confident


Anyone who is looking for the best college environment around. Madison is a great place to get the full colleg experience. Also, this person should like a large environment. Madison is a big school, with a lot of really great people.


The kind of person who should attend Madison should be open-minded. He or she should be motivated and ambitious and excited about life and learning. He or she should have a sense of school spirit and pride. It helps for this person to be confident and aware of his or her abilities. He or she should be up for challenges and enjoy meeting new and different people. Someone who attends Madison should want to explore all that the campus has to offer, to get the most out of the amazing college expereince Madison has to offer.


Fun, yet hard working. Anyone interested in business or engineering. People from wisconsin or minnesota because of a great tuition deal.


This school tends to draw people from a broad range of talents and abilities. A person who is committed to excellence and holds great pride in the things they accomplish would be an excellant fit for UW-Madison. With such a wide variety of opportunities present on campus, just about anyone can find something they enjoy and can get involved with.


Someone who is very open to meeting lots of new and different people. They should have an appreciation for music and fine arts. Its a great place for those who like the small town influence but bigger city feel. Being a sports fan isn't necessary, but the football games are hard to avoid. Anyone who loves the outdoors and outdoor activities (biking, hiking, canoeing, boating etcc.). Also, they should have a love and/or appreciation for dairy, especially cheese, and Wisconsin brewed beer.


Someone who likes a big school. Wants to feel really connected to the college. Wants to be social, enjoys parties. Someone who can multi-task and get school work done.


Someone who is self motivated and wants to learn.


Mostly motivated and dedicated students who are not afraid to meet new people and interact in a large environment. There is ample opportunity to get involved and get help with academics, it is up to the student to do the rest.


one looking for good academic school wiht lots of fun people


A person who is strongly motivated, goal oriented and in search for a job after college should definitely research this university.


Someone who likes to be active both academically and socially. This is DEFINITELY a school that lives by the motto WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER.


Someone that wants to drink a lot, know a lot of people, can deal with a wide range of personalities.


The person must be strong academically because it is a very difficult school and very competitive. They must also be a liberal person who is both goal-oriented and driven. While the university does a lot to try and make the community smaller, students who go here must be willing to take these oppurtunities and join clubs, sports, or just get involved in some way. There is a lot of independence on a campus this large.