University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not self disciplined and not focused on academics may find it challenging to succeed at UW Madison. It is definitely a fun environment with plenty of fun things to do, however, if you are not focused, your academics will quickly slip and you will find yourself unable to maintain enrollment.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not accepting of the diversity of the school, doesn't put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of themself into their studies, and doesn't enjoy the community atmosphere that Madison brings to the students. This kind of student would not do well in my University becasue diversity, education, and community are three big factors that seperate the University of Wisconsin-Madison from other universities.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard probably shouldn't be attending UW-Madison. The courses ae rigorous and meant to challenge the studnets in a way that they haven't faced before. They want students that are going to make a difference and shape the future.


People afraid of big schools and who aren't good with meeting new people.


This university has something for everyone, but I believe people who don't like to be active and interact with others should not attend this university. This university has many student organizations to fit everyones interests. Like I said, people who don't want to be involved and active in everyday campus life should not attend this school.


The only type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not motivated. Getting good grades at this school is definitely hard work and takes the right type of person. That is not to say that the work is not worth it though.


I believe that students who are not willing to study for long hours and students who don’t have a passion for learning should not attend this school. This school does have a lot of harder classes than high school. Therefore, people that didn’t really care about what their grades were in high school probably will have a hard time adjusting to the fast pace curriculum at UW-Madison.


The kind of person who hates noise and big, overpopulated cities.


I don't think there is a type of person that shouldn't attend this school. The campus is so variable that any type of person would be able to fit in; there are are regions within the campus that accommodate all different kinds of people with all different sorts of personalities and interests. The selection of courses is so vast that anybody, even people who enter the university with no idea what they want to do with their lives, will be able to find something interesting to pursue.


I don't see why any student wouldn't or shouldn't attend UW-Madison. It is a rather spaced out campus with many different people, but there are also opportunities to creat a close knit family or friends on campus. This could mean attending hall get-togethers, or becoming involved in one of the many student organizations on campus. There is even a Quiddich Team on campus! Anyone and everyone can be integrated into this wonderful school of fantastic opportunities to broaden your education and life experiences!


anyone who feels the need for small classrooms, much personal attention, or has a hard time being self directed. Because UW Madison is a large college, you must be able to seek out help and not rely on professors to seek you out. Also, anyone who feels lost in the big city life would not do well at uw Madison.


Madison students are out going, diverse, and spirited. Students who are very conservative, who are not open minded, or do not like/appreciate diversity should not come to Madison. Students who have no interest in extra curricular activities, meeting new students, or participating in social events, also would probably not enjoy going to Madison. This school is academically challenging, students who do not take there education seriously and don't have career goals should not go here.


Anyone who doesn't like big cities or big campuses.


Though the University of Wisconsin-Madison prides itself on embracing diversity, it has become increasingly clear that only liberal attitudes are seen as acceptable. Conservative views are rarely spoken, and when they are, those people are highly judged and their views face much opposition and scrutiny. Unless you are able to continuously defend your position against the many people who will disagree with your right-wing thoughts and opinions, it might be wise to attend a different university. A strong personality is needed to fight and advocate for your academic successes in general, among more than 40,000 other students.


Someone who is not openminded and has lived a very conservative life would have quite a shock when comming to this highly diverse school. Someone who is not used to working hard at school might have a difficult time adjusting to the work load. Skipping classes is not an option here. Someone who is strongly against drinking would have a hard time finding a group of freinds to spend time with on the weekend. Many students here drink while hanging out.


Someone who gets overwhelmed with numbers and wants especially small classes. If you are committed to having conversations one-on-one with your professors and teaching assistants, it's easy to do because they are committed to teaching you all you want to know. It is just as easy, however to feel lost in a crowd especially when taking general education requirements where the students number in the hundreds. A student at UW-Madison should have a good head on their shoulders when it comes to standing up for themselves and seeking the attention they want or need.


Really, any type of personality can fit into this school. It is so large that there are activites and options for every student. However, people that need a lot of individualized attention will find it difficult to develop a relationship with all of their professors because it is such a large school. People that attend UW-Madison need to be somewhat independent so they can motivate themselves and take the initiative to go talk to professors.


A person seeking a great education should attend this college. From previous encounters of individuals who graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, I have noticed that when someone states that they graduated from here, they automatically get respect. This university has a great name for itself and with it comes the greatest opportunity to succeed. This is a great place to earn a degree and it definitely has a high recommendation from myself and many others.


A person who is not dedicated to their own self improvement and does not have an internal locus of control should not attend any college.


Any person not prepared to expirence a drinking culture.


I believe that only students who are not prepared to take on the challenge of higher education should not attend the University of Wisconsin- Madison. The multitude of choices the university offers is amazing and enormous compared to many other universities in the nation. Any student that is accepted to the great school should take pride in their enrollment and strive to achieve all that they can.


People who dislike large class sizes and those who are not willing to work hard. Also people who are easily distracted with a wide array of social events.


In order to attend the University of WIsconsin-Madison, a strong work ethic and desire to succeed are crucial. With this in mind, I would not recommend this school to one who is unmovtivated or who is dependent on others to achieve their goals. and dreams. This school gives you many resources to help you in becoming a successful student, however it is entirely up to the student to seek out and use these valuable assets and use them effectively. If you are not willing to put some work into enhancing your education, this isn't the school for you.


While it is possible to have one on one conversations with professors, most intro level classes take place in large lecture halls with smaller disscussion groups led by a Teaching Assistant meeting at different times. For people who like one on one interaction with their teachers, UW Madison is not the undergraduate school for them.


If you are not into the party scene, this may not be the best school for you. Most students drink and party Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the school offers little for students to besides go out and drink. The majority of the city is bars so there is not much else to do on the weekends besides getting wasted and partying. It is also extremely competitive and challenging, so this school is not for the slackers. There is a lot of work and exams are extremely challenging.


Anyone that isn't serious about studying and just wants to party shouldn't go to this school because the classes are a lot of work and require an intense amount of work outside of class.


A person that is not motivated should not attend this school. A person who is not focused should not attend this school.


Anyone who's looking for a school where all the students are 'exactly like me' would be better off elsewhere. UW-Madison is nothing if not diverse. Among the 40,000+ Badgers you'll find Bahranian exchange students, small-town Midwesterners, wordly New Yorkers, sports fans, music heads, tech geeks, artists, activists and more. There is no one 'type' of student, and those who seek an easily defined, comfortably familiar atmosphere shouldn't attend the University of Wisconsin.


someone who liked cliques in high school should go to a small school, not UW-Madison


Someone who is only comfortable in smaller academic settings, or who isn't ready or willing to challenge themselves with difficult classes that require a lot of work or with social situations they have not yet experienced.


People that aren't ready to branch out and leave home, Madison has so many opportunities to become your own person and can be a big place for people who still aren't ready to leave home. Madison is the perfect opportunity to discover new avenues of expression for yourself and aspects of your life, that it might be intimidating to some.


This University is for everyone. Although known as a party school we learn fast that it is indeed an extremely challenging University and you need to be committed to do well. Because of it's size every type of person will have a great time and make lasting friends.


People who are not willing to be open to trying new things should not attend this school. People who are not willing to branch out in the academic and social lives should not attend. Finally, people who do not want to to work in order to receive high marks should not come to this school. Be prepared to work hard and to have fun.


Someone who is able to balance school and fun. Someone who is mature enough to make independent and smart decisions. Someone who not necessarily knows what they want but are actively looking for it. Someone who wants a great college experience.


If you don't like large class sizes then the UW isn't for you.


an anti-social person, a person that hates cold weather


If you are not motivated to do well, you shouldn't attend UW-Madison. Students who attend this university have a drive to do something great in their lives and strive for excellence. Also, if you don't like big schools, or exercise, you shouldn't come either. We have around 40,000 people on this campus and we're probably the most fit campus around because we have a lot of hills. And parking is hard to find and expensive, so don't bring a car your first year, or at all really.


I feel that a person that isn't self-motivated shouldn't attend this school. UW-Madison is mainly for students that are independent and hard working.


Someone who always wants to party. Someone who may struggle with a big campus and large class sizes.


A person who is overwhelmed by large amount of people. It is a very large university so if you are not an outgoing person it is easy to be lost in the crowd. Also, the classes are very large, so a timid, shy person wouldn't fit in because you have to speak up in lecture to get the most out of the education, that means showing your opinion in front of up to 500 people.


Someone who enjoys football games, socializing and the big campus feel.


Conservative non-partiers; people who don't like winter.


a person who needs a lot of individualized attention to learn


Someone needing a small, country-type environment, and probably very conservative.


A conservative student who wishes to be in a small school setting that has mostly individual attention. This school is large and students need to take intiative to do things on their own. This school also has a festive social scene and if you are uncomfortable with drinking, etc., this may not be the school for you.


If you're unmotivated, you definitely should not come to this school. Sure, everyone procrastinates, but if you don't have a desire to do well in a class, then you will probably fail. Yes, they say it's a big party school, but nobody really parties when they know that they have things they need to get done. Academics always come first, so make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.


One who wants to breeze through their education. If you want to graduate from here, you REALLY have to earn it.


Shy introverted person.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a very outgoing and goal oriented personality. A person who is going to college soley to have fun should not attend this will not make it. You have to be very motivated to teach your self a lot of the material needed and know how to manage time wisely and responsibly. If you need help you need to ask for it. You need to pursue help and any other academic or personal aspects you want from this university. The faculty here feels you are an adult and treats you as such.


A person who wants to be in a small, conservative school. Also, someone who is not very social. Another type of person would be someone who wants to be in an artistic conservatory.