University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a great UW school.


A lot of student to be friends with and many different types of people.


I have no idea.


This school is best known for the high graduation rates every year. The alumni are able to help the undergraduates with passing their classes and the next steps that are needed to be taken to move on to the next level. The professors here also expect a lot out of the students but if the student is hard working, the classes are going to be easier.


It is best known for its business school, water sciences, and architecture programs


I believe my school is best known for their academic classes. Also they have a variety of great international clubs that students can participate in. They also provide many festivals such as Pantherfest and more to come.


What I know my school best for is that it is one of the top ten architecture schools in the mid-west, which is one of the big reasons I chose this school. Having an education that was rated as one of the bests in the country was a very big plus for me. I want to get all that I can out of my education.


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is best known for having the nation’s number one freshwater College. This is very important as water is an essential that we all need.


The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is best known for its college of Letters and Science since it is the biggest of all the schools on campus. It is also known for is diversity in the student body. In recent years it has been growing in the areas of Engineering, Math, and Science. Most of all the University is well known for its close comunity and its contribution to the comunity surrounding the campus.


My school is best known for its wide major choice and great campus.