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What makes UW-Milwaukee unique compared to other schools would definitely be the relationship the entire Freshman class has. When I first got to UW-Milwaukee, I felt overwhelming welcomed by a ton of students. I also asked others how they felt, and they agreed. They also felt very welcomed, especially for UW-Milwaukee to have such a large student body.


The pleasent smell of home is always right around the corner.


I think that it was a big university with a small time feel.


I fell in love with Milwaukee the moment I first visited it. The city and lake are just beautiful. I love how diverse this school is compared to any other school I have visited.


This school is much more diverse compared to the community college that I previously attended. Though the campus is not the biggest, it satisfies any student to complete their undergraduates degree and more.


Well UW-M is defiently in a different area and more diverse then the other schools i considered.


The unique thing abour my school is that it displays diversity.


The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has a very diverse population. That being said it is very easy to become integrated into the campus community and connect with piers. Also that school allows students to commute or live on campus, thus saving students money by being able to live at home and go to a major university


It is close enough to downtown, but far enough away to not feel too compact and busy.


The location is awesome. right next to the beach, a mall and a lot of nice areas to go such as downtown milwaukee. The people are all very friendly and helpful and you never feel like you don't belong