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What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


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The area. Milwaukee is known for crime.


I have been to two other colleges before UWM, and both offered an excellent education. But one thing I noticed about the instructors here is that they rely too heavily on power-points. It makes for a dry class, with a lack of teacher to student interaction. I can understand using power-points due to the sheer number of students in some of the classes offered here, but the classes I'm talking about only contain about 15-30 people. They need to engage with students more, especially in classes that are for your major.


Personally, the thing I disliked the most about UW-Milwaukee was the lack of helpfulness. Every professor I went to, or Advisor I met with couldn't give me a straight answer. Rather, they pointed me in someone elses direction. It was completely frustrating, and discouraging.


The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is brutally cold, especially this winter, and having to always walk outside on campus to various buildings becomes quite cold.


the campus is quite large and the classrooms are hard to find


Some unhappy professors take out their frustrations on students.


The only major obstacle I have run into with this school is the prices of some of the services. I will not be able to go home very often, because my family cannot afford for me to get a parking pass on campus, so I can't bring a car. The school does offer free bus passes to students, though, so I can travel for free within the city limits. Ultimately, it's really important for me to be able to go home when I need to, and the cost of parking spaces makes that almost impossible.


The worst thing about the my school is that it has turned into a hugely research based school; which has led to certain other programs suffering from a lack of funding . As a result students are choosing other schools over this one and the enrollment numbers are lessening.


Sometimes I feel as though the school is more focused on receiving money than it is worried about the students that it has. There have been some administration problems regarding housing that made it pretty bad for some of my friends and myself. The administration does not seem to care that much about its students in my opinion, but that my change depending on who it is assisting. Also, the shuttle system for the off-campus dorms is not very effective. Sometimes it takes a long time for the shuttles to come and you could be late for class.


Its very easy to get off the school path and head more towards the social path. The area in which school is located is very social lots of bars and other places to be social. And school in general promotes a lot of social interactions with other students. And of course its always easier to put off homework and go hangout with friends.


The worst thing about the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is it's size. Although the campus is seems fairly condensed due to it's city location it is actually quite large and it is easy to get overwhelemed or lost in the crowd.


Possibly access to resources, but I have not started yet.


I don't know if this is the worst thing about my school, but the dorms are suite-style dorms which are great. The bad thing is the residents tend to stay in their room or suite and don't get out and talk to other people. It makes it harder to meet everyone on your floor unless you happen to meet them another way. It almost seems as if each suite is isolated from another. So the only thing that I didn't like was not knowing anyone outside of my suite.


Despite how much I love my school; there is one thing that I’ve noticed in my short time attending there. My school is very segregated. I say this because you usually see people of the same race clustered and separated from other ethnic groups. I understand that some races choose not to mix because they don't want to lose their customs, but this is America; the Melting Pot. Being a young black male raised among many nationalities, I absolutely despise the sight of such a thing. I have no racial preference in my associates.


The worst thing about the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is distance between the dorms of Cambridge and Riverview to campus. Although the university provides a good mode of transportation to and from the campus and academic buildings, it is sometimes difficult to experience all the campus events when living farther from the main campus.


The food in the cafeteria isn't the greatest other wise I love the school.


Some of the buildings (like Bolton) are a tad bit out-date. There's poor lighting, loud vents, small rooms and older material. The desks are falling apart and the professer has nowhere to present his/her lesson.


The worst thing about this school might be the danger factor. Frequently students get mugged around the campus at night. Therefore, it is important to be careful and take precaution when going out at night.


I'd have to say that the worst thing about UW-Milwaukee is the extensive use of alcohol by students. The school isn't extremely academically difficult by any means, but there are many students that still struggle due to problems managing their priorities.


The majority of dorms could be bigger...most recently opened dorm/apartments have addressed these issues. Also, too much fast food places on campus and cafeteria food is not the best. Would be nice if they offered more fresh, healthy choices.


The worst thing about the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee would be when classes are graded by the teaching assistants and not the actual professor. I find this difficult as a student because the teachers expectations are often different than that of a teaching assistant.


The worst thing I consider about my school is COST. Everything is so high from the food, clothes ,ectera to the Tuition and Resident Hall living; that is why right now I am looking for many scholarships to help me. I dont want to be i dept once i graduate about 7 years from now!


The fresfman students. They have a high school mentality.


Academic advising isn't always the friendliest and many teachers grade far to harsh. Also, for student who have transfered it can be very difficult to make friends. Unless you have attended freshman orientation, getting to know people can be difficult and take time. There are not many hand-on group projects in classes so, it is also harder to get to know people in your classes until you start to work strictly on your major.


The amount of drinking that occurs as well as the spurt of neighborhood crime that has been going on lately


I would say the scale of the campus is pretty large. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to get between classes, and when its -3 degrees outside its even worse. Thats not even mentioning if you are carrying a large amount of books that day.


Dorm food. I don't mean the taste of the food but the size of your portion and the price for that portion. The quality is decent but the price you pay is too much compared to the qualitiy of the food. Being an athlete its hard to eat all the food that my body needs while still not spending a ton on dorm food. A typical dorm dinner for me will cost $8 which I think and many others think is way too much.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the recreational choices students make. There is a massive amount of drinking on campus, and there have been a few instances of pharming parties. During one such party in 2009, a freshman died due to overdosing on a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. Many students also choose to party and drink rather than study. I often feel that many of my peers are not very interested in learning, and view college as a time to simply have fun. This is not what college should be about.


The worst thing about UW-Milwaukee would probably be the amount of classes a student is required to take that do not seem necessary. These requirements can become bothersome especially when a student it focused on graduating as fast as they can for financial reasons, etc.


It's quite easy to get lost in the crowd if you only take one or two classes with each professor in your department or transfer in later in your academic career.


The majority of the freshman and sophmore classes have over 100 students in them. This can be a big problem because most students here do not develop any sort of relationship with there professors, which makes it harder to communicate with them if they have problems and also gives them less insentive to do the required work.


One thing I'm disappointed in school is the class atmosphere. Many people kept to themselves, barely talked to others. When I did try to make conversations, many times people would only either just smiled, or gave short replies. This made me dread to go to classes since there were nothing much exciting to look forward to, other than the subject of the class.


The cost of tuition is steadily rising which makes it increasingly difficult for me to afford.


I don't know. I can't think of anything negative to say.


The worst thing about the school is the elevators in the dorms and the cliques that occure right away. However, in the beginning people are very out going and anyone will be your friend pretty much!! So, go out and make friends early!!


It's placement in the largest city in Wisconsin. It's kind of distracting to my studies... I want to do other things besides study sometimes. It's a beautiful city & there's a TON to do... but studying IS more important.




The worst thing about UW-Milwaukee is the Math Department. The instructors/professors are from other countries and can barely speak any English. The students that struggle with Math in general then have to struggle with trying to understand what the teacher is saying. I have heard from many people that if they could only understand the teacher maybe they would have a chance in their Math class.


The research and labs are reserved for a very select few students.


Safety has been a major issue at UW-Milwaukee especially over the past few years. With the falling economy we have noticed an increase of crimes especially ones targeting college students on and around campus. It is defiintely something we need to improve on because safety should be a top priority on and surrounding campus.


There are way too many people who think that to have a good time, students have to drink alcohol.


Large class size; sometimes TA's aren't properly prepared or even speak the language well enough to effectively teach.


I would describe the parking scenerio at UWM the worst thing. However, they do offer many alternatives, like free shuttles placed around the city. That is the only bad thing I can say right now, I am completely satisfied with my education and surroundings at this school.


It is one of the more expensive schools to attend


I consider the lack of school spirit to be the worst thing about my school. Our sports teams have no fan base, and students are not willing to go out to the events. The best time for our school to come together does not exist.


The Teachers pile on quite a bit of homework, if your majoring in the arts. It's sometimes stressful to keep up a social life and when you are always doing your homework. Many hours are spent on campus in the art labs, or off-campus doing art homework.


The worst thing about UW-Milwaukee is the fact that students tend to get lost in the general population. It can be very hard to schedule an appointment with an advisor from your program and often times they don't give very good advice. I was told to take a few courses that didn't even count toward my degree and I felt like I was wasting time and money.


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