University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee?

Is University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee a good school?

What is University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee known for?


Not sure first semester is Fall 2015


It's good, but it's cold here! Lots of people live just off campus in the nice neighborhoods, and we walk the tree-lined street to get to class. It's beautiful in the spring and fall, but freezing in the winter!


I will tell you, I ended up here through a series of unlucky events, but in the end UW-Milwaukee worked out great for me. UWM is a good school, with great teachers, and amazing people. If you are driven and looking to learn there are always people around who want to help you. I got a ton of 'real life' experience through my programs. It is also in the middle of Milwaukee so there is always something to do or somewhere to go. Over all it was a great 4 years.


My overall opinion of UWM is positive. I think that the University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee's best asset is it's teachers. Although I am only a freshman, I have been very impressed with my professor's love for the subject they are teaching. I think that the University has so many resources for students to explore things they love. There selection of clubs is wide, and if you can't find one it is very easy start one of your own.