University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee?


I think UW-Milwaukee would be a great school for anyone looking to meet new people from different countries and states, get support on what you decide to do in life. UW-Milwaukee is a great school for those wanting to see the world from a different perspective. To be honest, I feel that UW-Milwaukee has something for almost everyone out there.


The only person that might not want to attend this school are those who are not serious about there studies. Professors want to see you succeed but if you don't put in any effort then you will fail. This school does its best to include everyone and has many events and activites to encourage social interaction between students.


The kind of person that is really conservative and doesn't like change because this school exposes it's students to different cultures, activities and expects the students to respect other people's choices. Enrolled students should be prepared to try new things and be open to learn things not in their curriculum or else they won't get the full experience that the school tries to provides.


I think UWM fits most people well. There are people of all ages and backgrounds at the school.


I think the person that should not attend this school is someone that is looking for a small town personal experience. Though the professors are very friendly and willing to help a lot of the classes are very large and unless you attend office hours it would not be possible to have a relationship with your professors. The campus is also in a very large city.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the kind of person who doesn't like to socialize or a lot of people.


Neither people yet to graduate high school nor people who are already successful in their life goals or careers should attend this school.


someone looking for a football career


Someone who thinks that they are going to be able to not go to class and still get throught. Although I would not say that this school is extremely demanding, it does require attendance for many of its classes.


Anyone who is afraid of diversity, shouldn't come to this school! UWM is a very diverse school. There are are people with a wide variety of backgrounds. Also a person who isn't comfotable with a lot of people.