University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


For me the most frustrating thing about school in general is trying to juggle a full school load and work full time. Both require alot of time and attention and managing both can be a struggle.


I don't really have any complaints about this school. It does a great job of including all students and offers help to those who seek it.


the amount of money needed to attend


The most frustrating thing about UWM is dealing with the finaical aid office.


The most frusterating thing would be my advisors. I always get told contridicting things and that is very frusterating.


The lack of mixture between my field and other fields. Being an architecture, I rarely socialize with people my age of other majors.


How hard it is to chose classes, it'd be a lot easier if someone walked you through exactly what to take and options.


I don't believe I have that many problems here in Milwaukee that would be any different if I went to a different school. I wish that I knew all the extra fees that I have on my account. I feel that I already am paying a lot for tuition and housing. It frustrates me that on my account it says that I have an "admin fee". I don't understand what that means. I would like to know what I am paying for since I have mutliples of those for both semesters.


The most frustrating thing about school is while working in groups. It can be very hard to manage other people and making sure they participate within the group.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the expenses. I hate that it costs so much to get an education, and i feel that since this is something we need for our country (U.S.) to continue to grow then it should be affordable to everyone.


How bug and unpersonal the school is, you can get lost there and feel llike no one will even notice. It also seems liek the teachers hardly care, and when they do, its only because they dont like you.


The financial aid office. They do not care about the student and their needs, they irresponsibly forgot to send my loan through so I waited months to get the loan I was approved for long ago, which hurt my chances of getting into the classes I needed and it hurt my credit because I had payments that I needed to make and was depending on that loan money. The academic advising is nothing to brag about either, advisors act as if it is not their job to help you find your classes.


personaly i have not encountered anything worth calling frustrating.


Tutoring schedule doesn't coincide with my classes and it's very difficult for me to get tutoring.


The professor make a lot of mistakes.


There is very limited surrounding houses or apartments to live in around campus that is affordable. Also, I feel financial aid is not distributed in a timely or fair manner to every student who needs it, especially the availability of work-study or on-campus jobs.


Well for me right now, is gaining money to go to school, and i have not recieved my financial aod yet from the school. I have filled exactly 86 scholarships and still have not gained any yet.


The most frustrating issues about this school is, when teaching assistants are not qulified for their jod causing your grade to be faultered.


There are so many students in public places, like the Union, that sometimes it's hard to move around and quite crowded.


The most frustrating thing about school is when I feel like I am being held back. I understand the need for certain general education requirements and competency requirements, they do serve a purpose, but sometimes, I feel, the need to fulfill certain requirements are not benefiting me and, therefore, are wasting my time. These are classes that don?t challenge me, and I am taking them, primarily, just to fulfill a requirement set by the University. Furthermore, it is frustrating when these classes have nothing to do with the major I am trying to pursue.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the class size. A lot of my classes have a large amount of people due to the school. This allows little hands on time and very few one on one times with the professor.


The most frustrating thing about my school is sometimes it's hard to meet new people.


The most frustrating thing about my school is is their policy on late work. I have never had a problem personally with late work, but they are not sympathetic for any reason for missing a class or handing in a late assignment. If it's not life or death with a doctor's note, you will not receieve any special treatment.


One of the most frustrating things about UWM is the lack of common areas for students to gather together in and study. In law school, one of the most inspiring aspects of our campus was the quality and quantity of common areas for students to study in. It was motivating to walk around school and see so many people studying in these common areas. The amount of colleagues studying on campus was both visually stimulating and inspiring for other students, who, without these common areas, might otherwise be confined and limited to studying by themselves in their rooms.


Finding a place to park around campus without getting a parking ticket or paying


I do not believe there is anything too frustrating from my school besides its neighboring armed-robbery incidents. Though I am not majorly influenced by these armed robberies due to having morning and afternoon classes, I do feel that it makes it un-safe for my fellow classmates and friends whenever they wish to go out at evening hours. Though, there are things being done to stop these robberies, such as more officers walking around the campus area at various types of the day.


School spirit. At my school we have most sports but we don't have a football team so on saturdays in the fall there isn't very much to do so people go home on the weekends. Since I'm on the swim team I see that this affects attendance at other sporting evernts since the students aren't excited for school sports since we don't even have a football team to cheer for. I think we have the potenial to have tons of spirit but its just not there yet.


In my university what perhaps frustrates me the most would have to be the parking. Its impossible to get good parrking the shuttle busses help but they take 20 minutes to get from the campus and back. With the parking structure rates going up every year I spend more money to park then I actually get to eat.


The most frustrating thing about my school are the times when the classes are scheduled. We need more classes with times for people who have part-time jobs.


Something frustrating about my university is the winter time. There is a lot of snow which makes it difficult for those who commute as well as students who live on campus. Other than that, there really isn't anything that is too frustrating about this university.


I have not had an experience with anything frustration about the school, except for midterms my first semester. But that was just because I was beginning to get use to the college study habits. When I first started the school I was afraid about the big number of students in a class. However, that really doesn't affect you because when you are committed to learning, being focused, and getting prepared, nothing should get in your way.


A lot of professors like to email assignments last-minute... like the night before class. It gets really frustrating, especially if you don't check your email before bed and not get the assignment until you actually go to class.


The only thing that I get frustrated about is the parking situation. Several students commute and there is limited parking around campus. Therefore, you might have to park a long distance from you class, and it could cause you to be late.


There was a great focus on inner city urban health disparities. Frustrating at times my specific program.


I wish the student body was comprised of a more broad of interests for the future. There are a lot of students going into more pratical, career-based fields. Being someone who is going to college with the intent of graduate school and continuing education for the rest of my life, those who take education as training aren't in sync with what I see as valuable.


The most frustrating part about my school is getting in contact with the people I need to talk to. For example, it usually takes me several days to final get in touch with my advisor or with someone who knows anything about my financial aid status.


The campus wasnt all that friendly. As a new student you expected people to be more open and welcoming.


The most frustrating thing about school is seeing fellow students not put in as much effort as I do in my studies and still come up with the same or better grades.


Sometimes I feel as though I'm not really learning anything - that I just memorize things for tests and then regurgitate the information.


Getting taught by TA's instead of professors in upper level classes


Nothing is frustrating to me.


There is a great deal of crime in and around the campus. The University Police Department sends out Campus Alert e-mails almost weekly with news of a new robbery or break-in around the area. I never felt safe walking alone after dark and sometimes not even during the day. While I was living on campus my car got broken in to and my CD player and CDs were stolen. This type of atmosphere was not very welcoming for new students.


The amount of students that attend here are way too much because of the size of campus. Over 26,000 students packed into a 3 block radius will get very crowded in a hurry. And the dorm situation and set-up is very interesting but not accomadting enough for students to enjoy. And we also need to invest in a football team fast!! It adds to the great school spirit of UW-Milwaukee, and we could compete with other teams!!


Living situations and bad neighborhood.


Not always knowing what classes should be taking


Not living on campus. Not having many friends. Not all courses on D2L.


Finding proper housing and financial aid. We are overpopulated and the University is trying to find new areas to build more dorms, but for now they are cramming in students the best they can. Financial aid seems to help, but prices at UWM are among the highest in the state of Wisconsin.


The cost of off campus housing.


Unfortunately, the crime rate is pretty frustrating. Students are being targeted around campus, late at night. The UWM police have on-foot officers patrolling the area at night, and there are emergency phones everywhere but even then, students are notified weekly about muggings and physical altercations around campus.


The lack of finacial aid. even after FAFSA I still owed the school almost $1500 a year plus the cost of books for both terms.