University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


If you decided to live off campus take advantage of Milwaukee's amazing public transportation system. UWM provides FREE bus passes to all of it's current students and there's nothing better than getting dropped off right in front of the school and not having to find parking. If you do live on campus, try and get out into the surrounding neighborhoods via the bus system! It's a great way to get to know your new home and try out some of the amazing things Milwaukee has to offer.


I wish someone had told me how little sleep i would get. in high school i always though an all-nighter was something you did with your friends cause you were having too much fun to go to sleep.In collage, there a little less fun due to the fact that you are forced to stay up to finish homework that is due the next day. Although they are a little rough, any all-nighter pulled my freshman year was worth all of the work i had gotten done. it helps if you skip those few naps after and class and finish homework early so you can sleep when you should be sleeping!


Personally, I wish I would've known how helpful the professors actually are at UW-Milwaukee. For the majority of the year, I was afraid to speak with professors with concerns I had, and that made it extremely hard for me to be satisfied with certain courses. However, I finally seeked help and then realized EVERY professor I had was extremel helpful.


I wish I had known how confusing it can be to navigate the social aspects of such a large school.


More options about housing


When I first moved here I knew that it would be easy to make new friends, but I wish someone would have told me that I shouldn't try to impress all these new people. I'm constantly worried about how people see me and I always try to please everyone. By the end of 2nd semester that got me into some trouble with friends. Also: I don't think freshman should try to get into a serious relationship within the first few months of school. Give it some time to get to know people. No need to rush.


More about the financial aid options.


I wish I had known how to be more talkative around new people. There are so many people and I wish I had hung out with more of them, especially in the residence halls. Doing homework all day by yourself can get boring and lonely after a while. It's good to get out and meet new people. There are many activites to get people together, especially through University Housing.


I wish that I would have known the campus itself a little better. What I mean is I wish I would have taken a tour of the campus before attending because the first day I got lost and was almost late to my first class.


I wish I had known just how easy it was to take courses online here...