University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very diverse individuals with unique perspectives on life!


My classmates are hardworking students who want to get a good education but also want to enjoy life at the same time. Everyone here takes school and studing seriously, but they also are social and very friendly.


My classmates are driven, hardworking, fun-loving students who want to have a good time and get a great education at the same time.


My classmates express active thinking, helpful, and involved characteristics.




The majority of my classmates are easy-going people who are sure to get their work done, and who love to have a good time outside of the classroom.


My classmates are alot like me. I am enrolled in a lot of Kinesiology classes, so we all have the same interests or at least want to study in the same area. We all strive for our best, unlike in high school when some kids did not want to be there. Everyday we come with the attitude to learn and we try our hardest to obtain the information that we are learning. By practicing our skills outside of class, we gain more knowledge of our current area of study.


My classmates are driven, productive, intelligent, kind, and good people.


My classmates are helpful.


My classmates are helpful.




My classmates are mindful.


My classmates are understanding and very willing to help a peer who is struggling.


The saying is that, the people you meet in college are your best friends for life and that’s true for my classmates/friends. The classmates here at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh are you friends in arms per say. If you need help while in class or you need a little extra help to study just ask your classmates they will help you. Asking for help you would think might be the toughest thing you ever had to do but in most cases that person you ask to study with you, turns out to be your best friend.


Students at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh are very dedicated to their studies and helping fellow classmates achieve their highest possible potential.


I am an transferred student from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and so Oshkosh is new to me. Even so everyday is like a new day to me. The people around me and in my class are very friendly, very supportive, and can easily talk with with comfort level. To be honest, though I only attend UWO less than a year, I find UWO to be more pleasing and to my liking than UWM. There is nothing wrong with UWM, it's just that I feel more at home and at ease at UWO.


My classmates are quiet, respectful, studious, and helpful in the classroom and they are loud, funny, kind, and caring outside of class.


My classmates are amazingly fun, friendly, and they can help me if I feel the need I need help.


My classmates come from local and afar unlike high school classmates and have made a positive impression upon me through their unique and diverse expericences, opinions and backgrounds and I enjoy and look forward to the daily contact I have with them.


Students at UW Oshkosh are friendly and considerate of others, and always willing to lend a hand to another student in need; I can honestly say I have made so many life long friends here.


Typical midwestern college students.


Classmates tend to be open and confident when comfortable with their surroundings.


My classmates are relatively friendly if you talk to them, easy to get along with and some can be helpful in class.


Between the upper classmen and the freshman, there are no differences. Everyone is treated equal, unlike highschoolers. There aren't any clicks or discrimination between races. I feel like an average, accepted college student.


Helpful and driven, my classmates are there to help me and one another through college, and help make the college experience a good one.


Class size doubles on exam days.


Going to college has made me a more tolerant and culturally aware person. You meet people from all walks of life and that makes you a better person for knowing someone who might not be just like you.


They are very social.


Everyone that I've chosen to be around are very similar to me. They're very education oriented and know when fun time is and when study time is and that usually helps me differentiate between the two. During finals week, we all get together and have a study party in the library and my sorority sisters really help me focus on what's important about school.


My classmates are dedicated to their work, but know how to have a good time when it's appropriate.


My classmates were from all different backgrounds, some liked to drink and others were studiers.


My classmates are fun and helpful and definitely became my friends within the first week of class.


They are very friendly and eager to meet new people!


Friendly, willing to work in groups, helpful.


My classmates are very diverse: lots of different races, genders, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, etc. and yet all these differences does not cause them to be judgemental; on the contrary, they are respectful and nice!


My classmates are very helpful, studious, and ordinary people that basically share the same interests with me.


Students at the university of Oshkosh are easy-going, calm and pleasant.


Most of the students here are between the ages of 18 to 25 and are here because they want to be, which makes learning a lot more fun.