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The most unique thing about UW Oshkosh is its extensive Nursing program. The college has so many people going into nursing and with the strong emphasis on medical things, the science field is really well developed. If I were going into nursing, I would be ecstatic with the amount of resources involving nursing around campus.


Obviously school spirit is going to be present at any university you attend, but Oshkosh takes it to the extreme with our Titan pride! When looking at colleges, I was looking for a track team I wanted to be a part of. When I chose Oshkosh, I had no idea how much involved with cheering and supporting the other teams I would be. From dressing crazy to banging on drums, it's a great environment to be a part of, and it shows in our athletes' performances.


The professors and administration are extremely flexible and open to new ways of doing things in and outside of the classroom. Not only are they open to these new ideas, but they are supportive in implementing them.


The University of Wisconsin is a tight knit community due to the size of campus, events and programs. One program is the University Studies Program in which two classes are paired with the same group of students. This is a unique way to promote community and make new friends.


The unique thing about my school is, its business school is fully accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation for business programs called Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Also, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is one of the first colleges in the nation to require that undergraduate business students should have 100 hours of professional work experience to qualify for graduation. Furthermore, our school has the most successful Model United Nations Program in the world, receiving 25 consecutive Outstanding Delegation awards at international competitions.


I think my school is unique because we try to represent a diverse group of people. We have a great LGBTQ center and Women's Center on campus. We have clubs and organizations for just about everything. Our staff also really seems to be genuinely interested in our student population, always wanting them to succeed and help them with anything they need.


The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is very well-known for their nursing program. When citizens of surrounding communities hear me say that I am going for nursing at UW Oshkosh, they instantly respect me a bit more because they know and have heard how rigorous the nursing program is. It is very competitive grade and personality wise. The nursing program at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is very unique to every other school in the State of Wisconsin.


Our student involvement is unbelievable. With over 130 student groups and organizations on campus, it is almost impossible to NOT find a student org. or club that is directly beneficial to one's specific field of study. Moreover, the sheer amount of things happening on campus at any given time is incredible. As a freshman or a transfer student, you don't need to sit in your room all day and study! If someone finds a group or org. on campus, they are bound to be successful in their field of study.


Honestly the professors are the nicest caring people you will ever meet. At other schools I have heard that they do not care for you they are just there to teach you their topic. The students on campus are all from different backgrounds making the campus very ethinically different. Everyday there is something on the campus to do so you never get bored.


Oshkosh offers my program as an online option. This means that I am able to take all of my core classes as well as elective strictly online while living in my home town. I have never stepped foot on campus, but I love it! I love that I am able to live at home in order to save money and the online option also allows me the time to continue to work full time!


I chose UW Oshkosh over other schools I considered for many different reasons. The biggest reason why I decided to attend Uw Oshkosh instead of any other schools is because of the incredible faculty members. Every time I came to visit Oshkosh, they were all so nice and welcoming. Another reason I chose Oshkosh over any other school is because of the fantastic Nursing program they have. There are a ton of reasons I chose to come to Oshkosh than any other school I considered but these two reasons are the biggest reasons.


It will be my first year attending my local community college and although i am sure there are many unique aspects about the school, what attracted me the most was how helpful everyone was. Everyone is friendly and willing to give advice in order to benefit your future.


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is unique in that our ties to the community are very strong. Oshkosh is a city of roughly 60,000 people, which could be considered small by most standards. That being said, the campus tries to branch out and sponsor events around the calender to engage students in the city in which they live. Also, compared to the other schools I considered, the feeling of community here felt right from day one. The students and faculty here are lovely people, and it is a great place to receive an education.


UW Oshkosh offers Human Services Leadership degree online. This is beneficial for me because I am a stay at home mother of 3children. I'm looking forward to this program that is offered to achieve my dream of getting my degree. Other schools that I considered did not match the criteria that I needed.


When applying to schools, I didn't tour the campuses so I can't provide any information for this question.


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a smaller school, with exceptional faculty. They have exceptional sustainability.


I like the location of the campus and the variety of programs and minors the school offers. It is also unique because of the size of the campus; it is not too large, but large enough to have quite the diversity. I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and attend the same college he did.


In the recent school year of 2013/2014 UW-Oshkosh started a University Studies Program that attempts to connect two classes mostly in the first and second year at the institution. These classes allow for students to also go out into the community and get involved and experience new things on campus; it gives a push to the freshman who may be hesitant to participate in activities on campus. UW-Oshkosh is a guinea pig for this program and if it is successful it will be implemented in multiple colleges/universities.


What is unique about my school is it has an acedemic schedule that includes interms. This is where students take only one class for three weeks during winter break and/ or summer break. It allows students to take a class and be able to focus on it individually. Another cool thing about it is that interm is already incorporated into tuition so it does not cost students extra money.


My school is close to home.


The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh has something for everyone, whether you like sports, on campus clubs, or just relaxing. There is something here for everyone. You will have no problem fittin gin, especially if you choose to get involved in some way. Living in the dorms is a great experince too and it also gives you a chance to meet new people. The transition from high school is a breeze, especially at UWOshkosh.


The school spirit and how everyone just gets along.


UW-Oshkosh is unique because you really get a sense of home when you walk onto the campus. I toured a lot of different universities and UWO was the only school that I really felt a sense of pride for. The people whom attend the university care about what is happening on campus and want to succeed in their futures. Now I know many other universities have this same motto, but UW-Oshkosh was the only university that I really felt that at. The staff and students are realistic and want you to succeed.


The classes for education majors are fairly small and most of the professors remember your first and last name on a regular basis.


I am pretty sure my school has more opportunities for education majors. I also believe that schools like to hire graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh over other schools I considered.


Oshkosh is that perfect in-between size school. Coming from a small town, I looked for colleges that were big enough to be fun and exciting but small enough to provide a sense of community and security. Oshkosh fit the bill. It's the perfect mash-up of small town and big city. It has all the big city ammenities, like malls and fine dining, with a small town feel that prevents it from being overwhelming. I am definitely going to love living there for the next four years.


The school is large enough that there is diversity and opportunity for those who want it. It is small enough that there is an opportunity for those who CHOSE to make the most of their career; though, I feel, the simple age mentality of most students means not all make use of this (I feel this statement can apply to most 18-24 year old college students, as well).


There are a lot of nursing students at UW Oshkosh due to its unique nursing programs, and a lot of teaching students because of Oshkosh's teaching programs.


Oshkosh was a one of a kind school compared to the others. Once I stepped foot on that campus for my tour I felt like I had lived there my entire life, almost as if everyone knew who I was. Every where I went on campus I felt welcome, whether it was faculty or even other students they were there to share a welcoming smile and a helping hand.


There are really no cliques. I've become good friends with people involved in greek life as well as varisty athletes, although I'm neither of those. Students are just as friendly and approachable as the professors.


I was planning on going out of state to go to school and the places I visited did not give me a "homey" feeling. I wanted a place not too small and not to big and my school gave that to me. Also I wanted to be close to home but not too close and I get that from UW-Oshkosh coming from Milwaukee, WI.


I love UWO for the great College of Business. Our Dean walks through the halls when they are busy and loves to meet students. There are numerous study rooms when you have breaks between classes, and everyone is friendly to share when they are full. The best thing about UWO is I don't feel judged when I walk down the halls like I did at my previous university.


What's unique about the school is that the class sizes are just small enough that you can form a close relationship with your professor while not making the class feel empty. It really has more of a high school feel rather than a college.


The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is unique in the sense that while it is the third largest campus in Wisconsin, it is very connected. The campus building are located closesly together as well as the students. There are so many friendly people you run into and it's not like UW-Madison where you'll only see someone once and then never see them again. At UW-Oshkosh, you have the opportunity to connect with people through various clubs and sports. There are so many outgoing and friendly people to meet and the new frienships you made are endless.


The thing that is really unique about my school compared the other schools I considered is that it offers great programs without having huge class sizes. I do not feel like just a number at UWO, I feel like an individual student.


Our new general education program, the University Studies Program. It combines interesting classes like the History of Pirates with smaller class sizes, a peer mentor, and engagng educational opportunities all while staying in 100 level classes. Three essential questions are the basis for three of the core classes, sustainability, cultural competence, and civic engagement. This assures that all students get a well rounded college education full of opportunities and engagement.


The unique thing about our school is the amount of life and productivity being displayed on campus. Students are out and about whether it be intramural sports, studying in the library, eating at the commons, or just sitting outside have a good time. The energy given to school sports, and the excellency of the professors. The safety on campus with the police station being down the road and the Campus Security Officers who are also students in training to become police officers. Pretty much anything you can think of happens at UW-Oshkosh


My school is unique compared to other schools to me, because it is fully devoted to our education. There are so many resources out there for you when you need help. There's tutors, advisors, study sessions, and many more things for you to take advantage of so that you can do your best in your academics. It has really helped me a lot.


The thing I find most unique about UWO compared to other schools I considered is that it has this friendly, welcoming, enriching atmosphere and environment. Of all of the other schools I visted/considred, they did not have the same feeling/atmosphere. Other places either felt too intense (like you could not have a social life because the academic pressure was too high) or it just did not have that friendly feeling.


UW Oshkosh has been incredibly supportive through the process of returning to school as an adult student. The professors in my program are extremely involved to ensure that I receive exceptional education and that I graduate instilled with the principle to always push myself. I couldn’t have asked for more compassionate instructors that embody the philosophies of caring, integrity, and generosity. And on top of the grade-A professors, my classmates are dedicated, extremely intelligent and constantly push each other to try harder! It’s been a great environment that will help me to become the best nurse possible.


UW Oshkosh was a good choice for me because is was close to home and less expensive than a private university.


This school is just big enough, but not as big so that a person would need a bike or car to get around. All classes are within walking distance. In addition, there are dorms designated only for freshman, which makes it easy to interact and makes friends with fellow classmates that are the same age.


UW-Oshkosh is completely centered around what exactly each student needs, and strives to provide it. This can refer to the numerous clubs and organizations that exist, or the various majors that are provided. Also, the school offers wonderful recreational and sports facilities as well as excellent advising services for classes and other aspects of campus life. It offers a safe and secure environment, which is unlike any other in that it strives to offer each student exactly what he or she needs to be successful.


My school is unique because it is a larger populated university in the state of Wisconsin, however, every aspect of my college experience has been very individualized. I feel as if I am not just a number and that the one on one attention that has been given to me has made such a difference in my learning experience. My school has presented me with so many extracurricular opportunities and I feel like at a larger sized school I would not be given these opportunities.


UW Oshkosh really wants you to succeed and there are plenty of people who are there to help you succeed. The campus is only a 10 minute walk from one side of the campus to the other side and the dorms are relatively close to the classroom buildings. UW Oshkosh is becoming a green school and encourages to recycle correctly. Their safe walk is also an amazing asset to the school. If you don't want to walk home late at night by yourself use safe walk and a CSO (police officer) will walk you back to your dorm.


the campus is close to the river and is generally very quiet. There is a city bus that stops at many convenient places that is free to students with their ID cards. The campus is small enough to walk to anywhere on campus in ten minutes or less, and the dorms are conveniently located on the campus.


UW Oshkosh is unique to other colleges because for me it was closer to home, but still felt like I was away at college. UWO is one of the biggest public schools in Wisconsin, but don't let that scare you because most of the students on campus are very friendly and open to talk to. One major plus about UWO is they are always building NEW buildings for students such as dorms and lecture halls, so the campus is getting newer and newer every year.


My school requires internships to graduate with a business degree. They help place students in one and they want students to do more than one. They also allow students to take interim (classes over break for three weeks) at no extra cost. It is a great way to be able to take 18 credits during the semester, without having to actually handle them all during the semester. My school was very excited to have me come here, versus the other schools I was considering. I loved how much they wanted me here, it has been a great fit.


The University of Oshkosh is a great school to attend. It is unique in the aspect that it offers online degree courses. The ability to attend college from the comfort of your home has never been easier. The online programs offer students the flexibility to work at your own pace. The course information is easy to understand and the workload is acceptable. The professors are very accessible if a problem should arise.


UW-Oshkosh is very focused on being a "green campus" and is constantly improving how the buildings and students effect the environment.