University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing isn't the classes, it's not the student body, it's really not anything academic at all. It's the breaks. Oshkosh has a unique break system where you get six weeks off for winter break, but you have the option to take a three week course, and there are options for different courses, but the week breakdown is frustrating. You go home for break for two weeks, then come back for three weeks, then go home again for another week. The timing is frustrating.


There isn't anything that is terribly frustrating. The parking could be closer. The parking lots are all over and you have to be shuttled to some. There are no grocery stores or convenience stores close to campus. If you need something you have to take a bus or ask for a ride if you don't have a car. Having a car on campus is very expensive. Also, I love sporting events and the students don't seem to attend or care about the games. Other than the few inconveniences, UWO is a great school.


WE have very little school spirit, I really wish people would be more active on cmapus!


The most frustrating thing about Oshkosh is the way you register for classes. The system they use can be very confusing, but after you figure out how to understand how to register it gets easier.


My school has a bad reputation for underage drinking, and most people shy away from the campus because of it.


The most frustrating thing about school is the cost of tuition because it is very hard to keep up with the costs of books, other class materials, laundry, gas money, room and board, and everyday necesities.


Lack of parking. I am a commuter student and I can never find a parking space.


The most frustrating thing about my school is mostly likely for me the social atmosphere. There are not a lot of extracurricular activities. My community college is 350 miles from home so I am not really familiar with the area and have not meet a lot of friends down there. Although I love my school I think more extra activities would help me be exposed to mor epeople and make more friends.


The school has very poor snow removal services, and they don't ice the sidewalks very well when it snows. I have seen a lot of people fall over because of this and it frustrates me to see people on crutches or in wheel chairs have to deal with the ice and snow that isn't being taken care of by the campus.


I feel this school is very liberal and that a lot of the teachers are liberal. It is hard to be conservative in a place that is liberal. Also, it seems that it is getting harder and harder to complete college without going over 4 years.


Well i would have to say that if you not used to the whole parking situation here that would be a bit frustrating to most poeple.