University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is the classroom experience. I am placed in a smaller classroom where the students and the teacher can get to know each other to build a positive and concrete learning enviornment. This allows me and others to feel comfortable to express themselves and learn to the best of their ability. To me, this is much better than being in a pit class where you dont get to know many people and the instruction is not diferentiated.


The best thing about my school are all the opportunites that are available for students to become involved in. I am currently the volunteerism programmer for undergraduate students and coordinate different volunteer activities for both them and the community. This is only one of the many opportunities available at UW Oshkosh. There are also many leadership conferences, sports clubs, ethnic clubs, and student organizations. All of these allow students to make new friends and become involved on campus.


I think the residency halls do a great job at preparing the Community Advisors to be a resource in many different areasto incoming freshmen.


I feel that the best thing about my school is that is it a place where acedemia and fun join seamlessly.


UW-Oshkosh gives ample opportunities to be involved. For a campus of its size, there are a plethora of activities, clubs, and organizations that students can be a part of. Especially helpful is the fact that these organizations are well publicized. If someone wants to be involved at UW-Oshkosh, they will surely find something they are interested in. If they truly can't find something, it is a simple process to start your own club!


I think the people on campus are some of the nicest most caring people ever!


I consider the teachers and the advisors the best thing at my school. They are very straight-forward about explaining things to you. Also, they don't "sugar-coat" anything. You have to ask for help, but they are more than willingto provide it once the have acknowleded that you are needing it.


The fact that there are some many opportunities to get involved either with sports or in clubs. The students here are all willing to help eachother with classes by forming study groups or trading notes.


The best thing about the University of Oshkosh is the learning experience you are able to recieve. Around campus there i a lot of fu things to do suprisingly and you can always do these things while recieving great education.


I really love the campus. UW-Oshkosh is the number one fair trade school so we care about our environment. The campus had beautiful landscaping and rennovated buildings.


I love the size of my school. It is big but it is small enough that I can still recognize people walking on the street. However, I still have the chance to meet new people in every class and social activities that the school provides.


~ The learning disability program Project Success.


Their are many things to do to get involved and to meet people. Their are clubs based on your major, your religion, your race, your political views, frats, sports, loving movies, .... pretty much everything.


The choice you have in majors. There are plenty of them and you can easily find something that you like.


The criminal justice progam is what I would believe is the best quality this school has to offer. Majority of graduates are able to find jobs in the state and out of the state. One of those students is a cousin of mine, who currently serves on the Atlanta police force. This program is nationally reconized and one of the best in the nation


The enviornment. Because in order to feel comfortable you need to feel welcome--that is exactly what this campus does.


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is the diversity of people who attend it. There is always someone new to meet and get a different perspective on things. There are people here from all over the world. Most people on campus are also very friendly and willing to help others.


I think the best thing about UW-Oshkosh is its diversity. There are many groups and events that allow students to learn more and experiece other cultures. If a student was not intrested in making the commitment of joining a group. Students can go to the group meetings and enjoy the activites without properly joining. There are also annocements all over campus for certain activities put on by the group.


The friendly atmosphare.


It is pretty affordable and offered me good financial aid.


The small campus and friendly atmosphere


I like the arangement of the school, the campus is not too spread out but in a nice sized area. It never takes too long to get to class from whatever dorm you live in. There is also plenty of off campus living that people can live in, but you have to be atleast a junior or have 48 credits to live off campus.


University of Oshkosh has a beautiful campus with small class sizes which allow for more student teacher interaction. It is a campus that is not to big, but not to small. The students and faculty are nice which allows for a comfertable environment. Majority of the faculty are helpful with the students best interest in mind. It is a university that I recomend.


the new workout faclities are the best thing because they provide a place for all the students to work out in a safe and encouraging enviroment.