University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Parkside are a diverse group committed to learning


My classmates are people that I have gotten to know and they are also people who have helped shape me into the person that I currently am.


My classmate are very kind, supportive and social to others and myself.


Willing and understanding, but very noisy.


There is an array of characters in my class which leads me to describe them as eclective.


My classmates are supportive, energetic, smart, and unique.


My classmates at Parkside are hardworking, dedicated, and goal- driven. They push to achieve the highest standards.


My classmates are very diverse, but all work very hard to understand the concepts that are presented.




My classmates are fun, out-going, excepting of other students views, not out-spoken and kind.


UW-Parkside general education students tend to be unmotivated and uncoachable; nursing, art, theatre, and music students seem to be different.


Most students at Parkside are very friendly and the ones that aren't generally keep to themselves.


Very ingaged and anxious to learn more.


My fellow students are energetic, concerned about the future, and working to make their futures successfull.


Classmates are serious, driven, and career focused.


My classmates are a diverse group of people that understand each other and get along well.


My classmates are very energetic, good friends to hand out with and do the homework. My classmates are very important to me because i learn about them and them about me.


The students that I've had courses with are very open minded, relaxed, friendly, and respectful, which helped me make more friends then I did at high school.


Independent groups of individuals that, based on thier own personal goals take whatever they choose away from parkside. Some are very motivated and push themselves further. Others are not and scrape by without any drive or motivation. Its a diverse population that in some cases is extremely open minded, and in others very close minded. A lot of students are here simply to get a degree, others are using parkside as a cheap place to get an undergraduate degree so they can go on to grad school and still have money. Huge commuter population that saps any school spirit.


My classmates tend to be focused on school but it does not seem like the most important thing to them. A lot of the students at Parkside are nontraditional students that have families and children to worry about.


Some need to mature. Some are great supplementary resources for class material.


My classmates are a lot of fun, very helpful whenever I need it, and never judgmental about my questions or personal convictions.


female, young,nice


My classmates in my degree program are people that I can relate to of whom have the same interests as me, and these are people that I hope to have made lifetime friendships with.


They are energetic, smart and the best people to know.