University of Wisconsin-Parkside Top Questions

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The class sizes at Parkside are smaller than many other colleges in the UW system, which makes it easy to form relationships with not only peers but also professors. We have a diverse student body and faculty staff.


It is inexpensive for general education but I plan on transfering to University of Wisconsin Milwaukee next fall.


UW-Parkside has a large variety of electives that are offered. I considered many different art schools, but I decided I would like to be well-rounded, rather than concentrate only on art. Also, Parkside was the only school that offered Digital Arts as a major, paired with Web Design as a concentration. My education here can on design as well as the technical aspect of using computers in conjunction.


It is a fast paced envirnment that mimics some of the issues that may have to be dealt with in the real world. Also, the staff is very well connected to employers outside of Parkside. This not only includes teachers but also coaches. The best part about the school though would have to be that people seem to know when it is time to work and when it is time to play. Both activities which are taken very seriously.


Easily the most diverse group of people.


My school is a small, close-knit school with a warm and friendly atmosphere that was very different from some of the bigger schools I considered. Also, the faculty/student relationships were close and open which is important to me.


What's unique about my school is the community based learning projects that many classes take advantage of.


Parkside is a small town school with a big city mindset. The location of the campus is very peaceful, but inside the classrooms, everyone's working very hard to earn a valuable education.


Price and flexibility allow for all types of students


Parkside is unique in the sense that we are almost our own community. We have two major cities on either side of us, but we are nestled right next to a National Park. We also are halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, so we get a highly diverse class every year.


It is cheap. It has a digital arts major. It allows for some massive resume developement, because so many students do not try to get into leadership positions, if you want it you probably get it. For the most part the professors know what they are talking about. The class sizes are from 12 to 30. I have a close relationship with almost all of my professors. The campus is in a woods, its gorgeous, but alone. Not a whole lot to do and on the weekends its empty.


Parkside is a smaller campus than the other schools I considered. It also has a better program for my degree than most of the others I applied to. I love the close relationship that I can form with my professors (even the classes in the big lecture halls) as they usually have very accessable office hours, or are willing to make special appointments to meet with you if you need it. Classes have the atmosphere of the professor speaking directly to you, and only to you.


They have alot of pride and are school is considered top one diversity school.